Healing Angel Guidance
♡ February :  Full Moon Eclipse  

During the next 48 hours it is very important to keep grounded in positive thoughts and align with a high vibration of gratitude. Remove yourself from drama and self-criticism because the manifestation energy is very strong. Stay focused and open, allowing the foundation of your dreams to be built. Find and celebrate your uniqueness. Use your creative intelligence to understand how your priorities—practical and spiritual—fit into the chaos of the outside world. Recognize the answers of your true identity and soul purpose can be found within. Take the time to quiet the mind and be an empty vessel for divine guidance. If you are feeling energetic reach out to your circle of like-minded individuals, to keep you connected in a positive, reinforcing way.  If you are feeling tired, honor yourself by spending some time alone.

Archangel Haniel can help you develop your intuition and clairvoyance, as well as any aspect of sacred feminine energy. It’s very effective to call upon Haniel during the full moon, especially if there’s anything you’d like to release or heal. If you would like to receive clear communication from the archangels, I am offering a special discount until Feb 14.
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My Gift to You: 

1. Special Offer on 1hr Angel Session: $55
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2. Full Moon Cleansing and Releasing Meditation

3. Full Moon Reiki 

2pm Pacific Time on February 11, 12, & 13
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I am sending you healing Reiki to help with the releasing process. Dedicate 15 minutes of your day to sit in stillness and embrace this healing. Grant the angels permission to work miracles on your behalf. I have infused the meditation and the photo below with Reiki healing energy so you can receive at any time by simply listening to the audio or focusing on the images.

4. Full Moon Ritual:

❣Tear a piece of paper in half. 

❣On one side write down everything hindering your spiritual growth. 

♡Anything you would like to release, forgive, and cleanse. 

❣On the other side of the paper write down everything you plan to manifest and attract into your life.

♡ Be specific and positively affirm each statement as if it has already happened. 

♡ Ex: “I am grateful for the supportive financial abundance flowing into my life every day.”

❣Spend some time under the moon light grounding and shielding. When you feel ready, say your first list out loud. Then burn the paper with everything you would like to release. 

❣Now state out loud the specific things you would like to manifest and bury this paper in the ground with a few seeds. 

♡This act is a physical manifestation of your dreams and a way for you to ground your aspirations into this physical 3D reality. You can water this spot regularly and treat this location as sacred space.

Sending you lots of love and gratitude,
❣ Sara Ann ❣ Loving Light ❣
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Lovely Lightworkers! Thank you for standing in your Truth! Here is my Full Moon Meditation Gift to you! I am sending you unconditional love and gratitude ❣

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