Healing Angel Guidance
Daily Angel Guidance February 18, 2016

♡ Archangel Azrael has a message for you today! ♡

♡ Place your hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Connect to Source. Comment below with the card you are most drawn to. ♡

Namaste. Loving Light

Working with Archangel Azrael: Azrael is the “angel of death,” in the most beautiful and healing sense of the word. Azrael is a grief counselor who lovingly guides souls to Heaven after their crossing. He then consoles the survivors and helps them heal from grief.

Azrael is sometimes confused with the similar-sounding name Azazael, who is considered a demon or fallen angel. Yet their personas, missions, and energies couldn’t be more different. Our Azrael is a pure and trustworthy being of God’s light.

Azrael helps with all aspects of loss, death, and transitions. If your heart is heavy with grief, call upon Azrael for healing and support. Loss can take many forms, and grief is the normal reaction to any kind of ending. Fortunately, Archangel Azrael is there to catch us whenever we fall.

In addition to the grief stricken, Archangel Azrael helps those who perform grief counseling. At your request, Azrael can guide your speech as you talk to a bereaved person so that you choose comforting words. Azrael can also help you deliver a beautiful eulogy.

If you’re a professional counselor, then you know how often unhealed grief morphs into emotional and relationship issues, addictions, and other psychological maladies. So it’s a good idea to invite Azrael into your healing practice.

“Dear Archangel Azrael, please heal my heart and help me move on in my life.”

Card 1: Hello From Heaven

Archangel Azrael: “Your loved ones in Heaven are doing fine. Let go of worries, and feel their loving blessings.”

Your loved ones aren’t far away; in fact, they’re quite near. In your quiet moments, you can feel their presence. These really are true visitations, and I ask you to trust your intuition. You may notice dream visits from deceased loved ones. Know that your loved ones are happy, free of all suffering, and want the same for you. Your loved ones want to work with your guardian angels to help you be peaceful, so watch for other signs from Heaven.

Working with Archangel Azrael: Azrael is known as “The Angel of Death,” since his primary role is to help people cross over to Heaven at the time of their physical death. Far from being a morbid role, Azrael surrounds the newly crossed-over soul with loving light to make the experience uplifting and comforting. Azrael helps deceased loved ones make contact with their living family members and friends. You can ask Azrael to bring you a message or dream visitation from your loved ones in Heaven.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡ 
Card 2: Counselor

Archangel Azrael: “You’re a natural counselor, and many people benefit from your guidance and reassurance.”

One of your soul missions involves counseling people in ways that uplift, motivate, comfort, heal, and inspire. You’re a true spiritual counselor, and people find you to be a trustworthy confidante. You may find yourself being the person all your friend go to for advice. Embrace this role and if you feel called, expand your counseling work to the next level, because you’re about to help greater numbers of people. Call upon Archangel Azrael for guidance and support.

Working with Archangel Azrael: Azrael’s name means “Whom God Helps,” and he helps those who are helpers. He’s particularly interested in helping counselors who work with the grieving or dying. Ask Azrael to guide your words and actions during counseling sessions, and he’ll help you remain patient and compassionate. He can also help you enter the counseling profession and guide you toward schooling, internships, and a wonderful counseling practice.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡ 
Card 3: Comfort

Archangel Azrael: “I’m with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal.”

Even the strongest person experiences upsetting situations, and there’s no shame in taking time to heal your heart. This is a good time for quiet reflection upon your true feelings. Write them down in a private journal, and then call upon me to bring comfort to your heart and mind. I can help you sleep better at night, and put your mind at ease.

Working with Archangel Azrael: Azrael’s aura is a beautiful shade of vanilla cream: a very pale yellow tone. He surrounds grieving and dying persons with this loving light to bring them comfort. When Azrael is around, you may see eggshell-colored twinkling lights in the room. The crystal, creamy yellow calcite is calibrated to Azrael’s energy, so holding or wearing this crystal may lend additional comfort.

Archangel Azrael says: “Death, like life, is constant. Everything in existence is constantly dying and being reborn – from the cells in our bodies to our thoughts and feelings, to the constant shifting cycles of nature. Like most aspects of nature, the human psyche also goes through larger cycles. The Earth has her days, nights, 28 day moon cycle, 12 month sun cycle just to name a few.”

We also have cycles and more often than not they are in complete attunement to the natural cycles. Whether that be through day, night, the weather, seasons or astrology, we have cycles and rhythms that are in tune with nature, regardless of whether we choose to be conscious of it or not.

The part of the cycle coming up here is death. At this stage we deal with a release and a surrender. We must at this stage release some aspect of our life and our self. Beyond that we must release the ego; the part of ourselves that is attached to identity, to itself being seen, being right, the part that buys into the illusion of believing that we can ever truly know the unknowable. At this time a surrender must occur. A surrender to God, to life, to Source Energy, the Universe, and the higher intelligence that exists in Love.

Once this occurs, a new kind of freedom is achieved within the psyche and the spirit and we become a clean slate for a new phase to begin. A death phase can be exciting, terrifying, ecstatic, devastating, or even all of the above, depending on what is occurring for you. Humans are generally petrified of giving up the ego self. This is why we are afraid of death. But the ego must now be released in order to experience new life.

Ultimately, all that can be done is too process whatever feelings are coming up and surrender to this divine and natural cycle of consciousness. Inability to surrender will only result in this part of the cycle being a longer, more drawn out and difficult process than it necessarily has to be. Above all, a true sense of liberation now awaits you. A new phase. Change is occurring now, embrace and surrender to it. Embrace the change. Move through your fears. Accept, receive, and breathe.

Your angels ask you to have faith and surrender to the Universe. Your highest good is taken care of; you are loved and supported and it is time to let the fear and doubt go. There is a bigger plan here than you are seeing presently, and by resisting the changes necessary, you are putting your abundance on hold.

Make sure you are breathing deeply, letting your breath flow through you; opening and balancing your chakras. Listen to some beautiful, calming music, go for a walk outdoors, do yoga, meditate. Take some time for you to deal with your anxiety regarding change; for soon, you will see this change as the best thing that ever happened to you. Ask your angels to support you, and ground yourself with your inner strength and courage. Black tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, rose quartz and clear quartz are all beneficial at this time.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡ 
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Loving Light