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 August 15: Fairy Guidance 

I am a certified Fairyologist. If you would like to receive clear communication from the fairies about how to manifest abundance, heal your pets & connect with Mother Earth, 1-on-1 Angel Guidance Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions available! I am grateful for the opportunity to present your specific questions/concerns to the fairies and receive accurate messages for you.  

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Card #1: King Of Autumn

The King of Autumn is an odd bird. He certainly has the Midas touch in entrepreneurial endeavors. However, unlike so many in the business world, his Midas touch affected his own heart—and it turned to gold. Now he’s out to save the earth! He can manage hundreds of people at once and still take out the recycling while calling his congressman to give him an earful. He is charming to a fault and will help anyone who asks. Hurt an animal and you’ll find yourself on his bad side. (And you don’t want to be there—trust us.)

This King loves the finer things in life and therefore tends to work very hard. Too hard. Where’s your spouse, you ask? Oh. He’s at the office. He’s on the road. He’s at that protest march. Don’t worry . . . he’ll get back home. Eventually.

In the card photo: the King of Autumn sits on his throne, with fully mature grapes hanging all around him. The grapes symbolize the abundance he has created, while the German shepherd at his side reflects his ability to safeguard his prosperity.

Additional meanings of this card: A generous and compassionate employer. A natural business sense. Fighting for what’s right. A thriving career. Nearing retirement.  
Card #2: Nine Of Summer

This is a very magical moment! You have drawn the card of wishes coming true. Allow your heart to be filled with childlike wonder and awe, picture what it is you desire, and then make a wish! You may want to write it down and then imagine white light shining on the paper. Place the paper in a special place known only to you, and then release the “how” of the wish’s fulfillment to the Universe.

Allow life to be playful! Enjoy the simple things. Go spend time with friends or family in lighthearted and uplifting activities. Have fun!

In the card photo: a fairy godmother gifts a young maiden with her fondest wishes come true!

Additional meanings of this card: Dreams fulfilled. The end of worry. Abundance and prosperity. Good fortune. Joyfulness.
Card #3: Nine Of Autumn

It’s time to reward yourself for your wonderful achievements. You’ve accomplished a great deal, and you deserve a little relaxation, nurturing, and peace! Enjoy the fruits of your labors. Do something that feels truly luxurious and self-loving.

You’ve worked very hard. It’s healthy to honor yourself in some small (or large!) way as an incentive to keep your forward progress going. After all, you earned it!

In the card photo: a very successful fairy enjoys the beautiful music from her harp, while the fruits of her labor ripen around her.

Additional meanings of this card: Being happily self-employed. Creating a beautiful environment. Enjoying the finer things in life. Cherishing your time alone.
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