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Daily Angel Guidance January 21, 2016

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 Deck: Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Card 1: Express Your Love

Go ahead and make the romantic gesture.

This card urges you to take the initiative in your love life! That may mean contacting someone to whom you are attracted and asking that person out on a date. It could also mean sending flowers, text, or gifts to your beloved. As you express romance, these feelings pour through you. You actually become the biggest beneficiary of your romantic displays, as you enjoy how they make you feel to an even greater degree. The more you give love, the more you experience it. Of course, do make sure that you are also open to receiving the love that comes to you from God, the angels, and other people.

You are beautiful and worthy of true romantic love. You are secure and safe. The Romance angels are here to protect you and guide you! See through the lens of Love and open your heart to receiving. The angels shower you with unconditional love in this moment. Please your hand over your heart, close your eyes and drink it in. Breathe in the Love. Breathe in the Light.
Card 2: It is Safe for You to Love

Open your heart to give and receive the highest energy of all.

This card indicates that you’re protecting your heart from hurt because of painful relationship experiences. However, the angels can only bring as much romance as you’ll allow inside. If you have a shield around your heart, how is love to get in? A closed heart repels the sensitive partner you’re trying to attract.

Following your inner guidance will protect you and simultaneously allow you to feel loved and loving. Trust your intuitive senses with respect to other people’s trustworthiness, and open your heart to those who are kind and gentle. Ask the angels to bring caring individuals (including a romantic partner) into your life, and they’ll do so… provided that you listen to follow their guidance.

You are safe. You are protected. You have unlimited access to the Unconditional Love of the Universe. Be conscious of your thoughts and limiting beliefs. Be willing to release all fear based thoughts surrounding love and romance. Be willing to let go of your worries, doubts, and fears holding you back from receiving Divine miracles.

Card 3: Free Yourself

It’s time to take back control of your life. Like the unicorn in the image on this card, you may be feeling trapped. Perhaps you’ve relinquished control to someone else, or maybe you feel smothered in your career or relationship. As you tune into yourself, you’ll sense the specific areas where this message applies to you. You can even ask yourself, “In what ways do I feel limited or constrained?” Trust the answers you receive!

This card comes to you from the Romance Angels because they’ve heard your call for great love. To experience passion, though, you must first allow yourself to feel deep emotions. In doing so, you may come up against areas of your life where you harbor discontent. Simply by acknowledging these areas, you bring light to the situation and allow room for the angels to help you. As you commit to taking back control of your life, your feelings will naturally thaw and reawaken. This leads to a great capacity to love yourself, your partner, and your experiences.

Even the smallest light will cast out darkness. All you need to do is be willing. Be willing to embrace your inner truth and knowingness. Be willing to accept you are worth of great romantic love. Freedom and Love is your Divine right. Claim it now!


11/11/2016 3:12am

That photo of romantic couple is really interesting but i want to say only one thing here. I think true love don't need to express because it expresses by itself even we try our best to hide it.


Wow. Thank you for this advice. I have chosen the card number 3 and it says that I should free my self. Well perhaps it is so true. I am now a prison of self. I caged my self to my negative thoughts and now I wanted to free my self from it. Thank you for this post.


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