Healing Angel Guidance

Daily Angel Guidance January 22, 2016

 If you would like to know more details from your guardian angels about your specific life purpose, please schedule an angel reading.

Sending you my love and sincere gratitude,
❣ Loving Light ❣

Deck: Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Card 1: Talk to Your Angels

Instead of worrying, ask for Divine guidance. This card serves as a reminder that you can ask your angels for help and guidance in any area of your life, including your career and finances. You most likely drew this card because you have been worrying or complaining lately. The angels teach that worry never improves any situation, and can actually worsen things through the Law of Attraction. Fortunately, you can turn any worry into a prayer. That is, change a low energy worry – for instance, “I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills” – into a positive prayer such as: “Thank you, Divine Creator for helping provide for my family’s needs,” or “please guide my steps so that I make money in meaningful ways.”

Prayers allow God and the angels to intervene on your behalf while still honoring your free will choices. First, they will boost your mood and faith, which will help you feel happier and more peaceful. Then they will lend you aid in miraculous ways, such as giving you intuitive urges to take certain steps. Together, you and the angels co-create the answers to your prayers. Please always remember that your Creator wants you to be happy, healthy, and safe, just as any loving parent does. You, like everyone, deserves to be helped so that you have the time and energy to devote to your life purpose.

The angels are asking you to be humble and grateful for the blessings you have been given. Wake each morning with a grateful heart and end your day by listing all of the things you are grateful for. By keeping your mind focused in gratitude and love, you will be able to shift your perspective from ‘lack’ to abundance. You are being guided, supported, and protected by the angels. Release all fears and hand over all worries to the Divine Light of the Universe.
Card 2: Infinite Abundance

 You are fully supported as you devote yourself to your divine life purpose. This card provides the reassurance that as a focus upon being of service and following your inner guidance, your needs are taken care of. The more you can let go of worry and trust the universe’s infinite abundance, the faster your flow of abundance comes to you. Always remember that prayer and positive feelings improve situations, while worry worsens everything. You can give any concern over to God and the angels for healing.

The abundance comes to you in unexpected ways, so you needn’t waste time or energy trying to guess how your needs would be met. Instead, devote your thoughts and actions to following the voice within you. This is your career partner and manager, as it is the voice of your answered prayer. All prayers are heard and answered; listen especially to the response that comes to you in the form of intuition.

Hold positive visions and feelings of being financially secure. Affirm that this is your truth, right now. See and feel yourself completely supported… and it is so! You will be given specific directions as to how to enact the answer to your prayers. It is essential that you create quiet time to listen to this inner guidance, then act upon it without delay or hesitation.

The angels are working on your behalf, behind the scenes. You have complete access to infinite abundance in all its forms. You must open your heart and your mind to accept the miraculous gifts waiting for you. Accept help from your angelic team of angels with loving gratitude. Ask Archangel Michael to cut any cords you have to fear-based thoughts and behaviors that are preventing you from fulfilling your Divine life purpose. You are not alone. You are being guided and protected now and always.
Card 3: Builder

The angels are telling me that the people were drawn to this card are being guided to build a life around love. The angels are asking you to construct each moment with peace and gratitude. You’re being guided to tear down any walls you have made out of fear. It is safe for you to open the doors of your heart and mind to the truth: you are Love, you are Light, you are complete, you are perfect, you are whole, you are holy, you are protected, and you are healed! Perfect happiness and perfect healing are your Divine right! Claim them now!

For some this card speaks to your passions and interests: Your innate ability to build and create brings you a deep sense of accomplishment. You are naturally inquisitive, and you want to understand the mechanics and engineering secrets behind everything. To you, a beautiful building is a testament to humankind’s creative abilities. Your soul longs to create because your sole purpose is to build.

You love new projects that you can think your teeth into, especially when you can merge plan with creativity. Even if you are not involved in literally erecting a structure, you may enjoy building automobiles, computers, gadgets, airplanes, or the machinery. You’re also good at starting new ventures, and you enjoy a healthy balance of leadership qualities along with teamwork ability.

You drew this card as encouragement to explore new ways to be a builder. For example you can build a successful business from scratch. For your inner guidance may direct you to build muscles as you get more involved physical fitness. The sense of accomplishment you receive from building something is your soul’s reward. The angels are asking you to use your natural innate talents, to build a better world for us all.


08/24/2016 2:32am

My aunts used to tell me to always pray to my guardian angel. They will help me through anything and everything. I never believed her until one time, I was in a near life and death situation and I played so hard to my guardian angel. I got home safe and nothing happened to me. Ever since then I started believing and believing that my guardian angel was my brother and my grand mother, watching over me every single day.

12/01/2016 10:11pm

Guardian angels are always there to guide us. We might not see them, we feel their presence in some instances. Sometimes, our relatives who passed away are also our guardian angels. They watch us and protect us from danger every single day. They even talk to us through signs.

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