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Daily Angel Guidance, Wednesday January 27, 2016

Deck: Archangel Michael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Card 1: Prayer Will Help This Situation

Archangel Michael reminds you that prayer improves every situation, while worry does the opposite. Praying works because it allows God and the angels to offer assistance, since they cannot violate your free will. They can only intercede with your permission and at your request, which is what prayer is.

Although your prayers may be answered differently from your expectations, rest assured that you’re being heard.  The Divine mind knows the perfect solution for everyone involved, so your role is to ask for help and then follow the guidance as it is given.  God and the angels are in charge of how your prayers are answered, which is usually in ingenious ways beyond the scope of human imagination.

Possible Meanings of This Card:  Connect with a prayer group – the more prayers, the better • Give worries and fears to God and the angels • Have faith, for there’s good reason to be hopeful • Be open to solutions that may differ from your expectations

Prayer: “Dear God and Archangel Michael, I ask for your Divine intervention [describe the situation].  I welcome your help, and I trust and follow your guidance with gratitude and grace.  I need a miracle and ask that you send one to me and this situation quickly.  Thank you and Amen.”

Namaste Loving Light
Card 2: This is Your Life’s Purpose

Archangel Michael has a specific message for you: “I have come to you because you asked the Universe for safety and protection, and because you asked about your life purpose. Since you are a lightworker, I am overseeing the fruition of your Divine life purpose. You have been a lightworker for a long time, and you have felt different from others, isolated at times. Be assured that you have never been alone, and that you never will be alone. When you feel pushed to make a change at work or at home, that may be my influence, encouraging you to make your life's purpose a high priority. I can rearrange your schedule and support you in other ways to make your path smooth and harmonious. Simply ask me, and it is done. I will also help you feel safe and comfortable during your life's changes.”

Archangel Michael has heard your prayers and he is guiding you in the direction you were born to go. You already have idea about a career that would bring you joy, excitement, opportunities to help, and financial security. There thoughts are indicators of your Divine purpose. You are meant to be engages in worth that brings you and others happiness! This card is validation that the career you are dreaming about is your life’s purpose. As such, the universe will support you and open doors for you. Move forward confidently! Angels are watching over your finances, it is safe for you to feel secure.

One part of your life’s purpose is to learn to see the blessings in your life and to teach others.  You can help to bring light into the darkness, and lift up the world. This card is here to remind you that Michael is available to help you to see the blessings in your life, and also to help you to identify and follow the path which leads to your life’s purpose.  Just ask for help from him.

Prayer: “Archangel Michael, you know the details of my Divine life purpose, and I ask you to help me be aligned with my goals. Please clearly guide my actions so that I’m taking the best steps to fully manifest my wonderful and meaningful career.”

General Angel Message about Everyone’s Life Purpose:

Each and every one of us has an equally important purpose. When we are working towards this life purpose, all aspects of our lives become healed. We feel happier and healthier. Even our finances improve! In contrast, when we are not working on this calling, there is a chronic low-level sense of anxiety because we unconsciously know we are missing the mark. This often leads to addictions and other unhealthy behaviors. Before you were born, you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that would help others. This role also ensures soul growth for you and comes with a guarantee that you will be completely supported as you fulfill your soul mission. Everyone's mission has the same underlying elements of Love. In essence, we are all here to learn, remember, and teach this powerful emotion. Every action that we take demonstrates either fear or love. When we choose the path of Love, we grow spiritually, help others, and balance our karma. The question you need to answer relates to which form your path of love will take. Will you be a healer, teacher, artist, parent, caregiver, and so forth? Archangel Michael knows who you are and knows the details of everyone's life purpose. He is the overseer of each life purpose. He is like an orchestra conductor who ensures that all the main musicians are playing their parts. You, are one of the musicians in the orchestra. You are needed and your contribution is just as important as anyone else's. We are each playing a role in the Universal plan of peace. Fortunately, your life purpose involves actions and topics that you are already interested in. Usually it is centered on an activity that you would engage in for free just for the joy of it! If you're not sure what you're passionate about, ask a trusted loved one. This person has observed which topics and pursuits excite you. These passions are the basis for your life purpose. Your life purpose is so exciting and rewarding that you will wake in the morning invigorated about the day ahead. Abundance will flow to you because you will naturally spend so much time on this endeavor. Your excitement will drive you to become very proficient in this topic. Embrace your intuition and loving guidance from your angels as they guide to you make steps toward fulfilling your soul mission.

Namaste Loving Light
Card 3: Detach from the Situation

You have become embroiled in a situation to the point where you cannot see it objectively. This card indicates that it is time to step back and obtain a bigger view of the picture. Archangel Michael asks you to detach from the surrounding emotions, and he will help you to do so. Michael will also guide you in depersonalizing the experience so that you don’t take offence at others’ behaviour. This will prevent you from reacting defensively – instead, your actions will stem from love and wisdom.

Give yourself permission to take a time out, away from the people involved. You do not need to know the solution right now, as the angels are taking care of the details. What is important for you is to access a sense of inner peace – a feeling that will lead to new and helpful insights.

Possible specific meanings for this card: Do not take on other people’s arguments – let them work things out for themselves. Be compassionate without carrying someone else’s burden. Ask Archangel Michael to clear your energy. It is time to leave an unhealthy situation or relationship.

Prayer: “Archangel Michael, I ask you to use your flaming sword to cut any attachment to fear or drama so that I may be centered in the knowingness that peace is everywhere within me and this situation.”

The angels are here to help you release and be free from any person/situation draining your energy. Remember: You are Light. You are Love. You are Spirit. You are safe. You are protected. You are divinely guided. You are beautiful. You are enough. You are perfect, exactly as you are in this moment. Your life is perfect, exactly as it is in this moment. Trust your intuition and respect your inner guidance. Love yourself enough to follow your Heart’s Desires. The angels will support you at every step. You are not alone.

Namaste Loving Light


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