Healing Angel Guidance

Daily Angel Guidance Monday, January 4
~by Loving Light~ 

Deck: Saints and Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

#1 Card: Move

Today the angels are asking you to take actions with movement as new beginnings are being made available. You are being guided to pay attention to loving and supportive signs sent from Heaven. The angels are guiding you to stay steadfast and focused with your vision. You are divinely protected and supported throughout your life!

This is a clear message about moving whether it be to a new home, changing a job, or getting more physical activity. If you are moving to a new home or thinking about relocating, do not worry about how it will happen. Trust and believe the Universe has a plan for the best possible outcome. If your intuition has been telling you to move to a new home, this is a clear message from the angels. It’s time to move. Begin your search for a new home, or take the appropriate action steps now. If you are not happy with your job or career it is time to take action to find something that fits your life purpose.

The angels are also encouraging you to adopt a healthy lifestyle with active exercise. Be sure to schedule time for exercise. Some suggestions: walking, hiking, dancing, sports, and playing with your children. The angels are giving you a clear nudge to get up and move for your health and happiness. It is through movement that we are lighter, more relaxed, and more willing to be open for assistance and support. All this movement allows for new beginnings. Give all your concerns and cares over to God and the angels. Release fear and allow your faith to flourish!

#2 Card: Emotions

 If you have chosen this card, Saint Dymphna, has come forward to offer you a message: “The answer to your question involves emotions – either yours or those of the person you are inquiring about. This is also a message for you to pay closer attention to your emotions. It is safe for you to admit your true feelings to yourself.”

Saint Dymphna can help you find solutions to any emotional upsets. She is a loving saint who specializes in helping you achieve emotional and mental health. The lantern that she carries helps you better see where you are going and assists you in avoiding obstacles on your path.

Allow St. Dymphna to illuminate your journey. If you notice any unwanted patterns in your behavior, or if you are about to sabotage yourself, call upon this powerful saint for immediate assistance. This card is also a message for you to trust your feelings, especially as they guide you to make positive changes. Your feelings are the voice of Heaven speaking through you, and you have a right to them, even if others disagree with them. You can also release any upsetting emotions to God, St. Dymphna, and the angels for healing and guidance.

A little history <3 St. Dymphna, was a Celtic girl who fled from her homeland after her widowed father made advances toward her in his bereavement. She and St. Gerebernus traveled to Antwerp, where they founded an oratory. Eventually Dymphna’s father found her, and when she rejected his inappropriate affections, he murdered both her and Gerebernus. Dymphna’s relics and the location of her death are said to heal epilepsy, insanity, nervous conditions, and possessions. Today, a mental health facility stands on the place in Gheel (near Antwerp) where Dymphna passed away. She is the patron Saint of mental health and mental health workers, and you can call upon her to help you, a loved one, or a client with emotional and mental upsets.


#3 Card: Activist
Saint Mother Teresa

If you have chosen this card, you are being guided to champion a cause (for example: a social issue, a charitable group, or a person in distress).  Like St Mother Teresa, you can single-handedly make a positive difference in the world.  She’ll act as your guide in this matter if you will ask for her help.

Notice which issues arouse your passion or anger, and make a commitment to serve in some capacity to heal those situations.  Your soul wants to express itself and to make your opinions known. Use your expertise and life experience (such as business skills, writing abilities, or speaking talents) to help your chosen cause.  Donate time or money to related charities and agencies.  You’ll feel energized by your activism.

A little history <3 St Mother Teresa live as an example of how much good work one individual could do.  She was born in 1910 in Albania under the birth name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.  She became a nun at age 18 and took the name Teresa out of respect for St Therese of Lisieux.  When she was 36 years old, Teresa received a Divine calling to ‘serve God amongst the poorest of poor.’  Within two years, she began a ministry for the impoverished people of Calcutta, India. She and her sister nuns cared for the starving and dying citizens.  Today, mover than 500 missions and centers worldwide carry on the legacy of her words: “faith in action is love, and love in action is service.”



Upon searching about St. Mother Teresa, I found this blog, and I find it really helpful. I already have a niece and I cannot wait to share it with her, because as much as possible I want her to be close to God and for her to become God fearing. I prefer the card "Activist" because like Mother Teresa, I wanted to be helpful and see beauty in the eyes of every people I meet. It is true, you will really feel energized by being an activism. When I earn on my own I promise to spare for the needy.

06/22/2017 9:56pm

I can relate my current situation to card number two which talks about emotions. There was a point in my life where I had doubted God because thing weren't going my way. So if you are having doubts just like what the author has posted in this post, I suggest you turn to the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation is my favorite book in the New Testament which helped me a lot during the time I was in pain. It talks about the struggle between the people of Christ and Rome. Even before then, people always found a way to be torn apart. Just like today, people are divided based on what they think is right and wrong but no one really cares about the “right” thing. All people care about is who gets to be superior than the others which is such an absurd thing. The Book of Revelation tackles issues like this one and shows that the only way we can ever be happy and be at peace is through unity.

11/16/2016 2:55am

I really love this site, and i love the guidance that you guys provide me with everyday, you may not know it but that really does mean a lot to me, so thank you so much, hope your day goes as well as mine did and please always keep providing me with such guidance!


I love visiting this blog. I am learning from the advises you are telling. I love the idea of using a game type in sharing the spiritual stuff. It catch the attention of the readers. It makes as wait for more updates.


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