Healing Angel Guidance

Daily Angel Guidance for Tuesday, January 5
~by Loving Light~ 

Card #1: Eight of Thought

Deck: Guardian Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue

If you have chosen this card the angels have given you a very specific message: remember your true Identity. You are Light. You are Love. You are Spirit. You are One with All. Everything else is an illusion. You may feel as though you’re restricted by the circumstances you find yourself in, but that’s just an illusion. Make a promise to yourself to refuse to be stuck in a situation that’s making you unhappy. Don’t wait for someone to come to the rescue when you can free yourself!

In Angel Numbers 101 Doreen Virtue writes: “The number 8 signifies abundance and prosperity. The endless loops in the number signify an infinite flow of money, time, ideas, or whatever else you require (especially for your life purpose).”

Do you often feel trapped by your current circumstances or by a situation that you feel you have no power to fix? This card is a reminder that we do have the power to get ourselves out of any circumstance or situation that we may find ourselves in. We need to remember that we are not the physical body. We are Spirit. We do not need to be pushed, shoved, or blown about by the winds of fate. We create our own destiny, our own futures, by the very power of our thoughts. Every moment you are creating your future reality. It is your responsibility to think positive thoughts, to place your focus on truth, and design your own future.  You have an infinite supply of ideas and resources at our disposal to manifest miracles.

You are a powerful creator of our own reality.  If don’t like what has been showing up for you, then claim your power now. Transform your perceptions of the past. Change your outlook on the present moment. Remove the worldly veil of illusion from your perception. You have the power to set yourself free from any situation or circumstance that is no longer serving you. All you need to do is be willing to change. This willingness is enough. Invite the angels to intervene on your behalf to create the best possible outcomes with your highest good in mind. 

Card #2: Admit the Truth to Yourself, and Act Accordingly

Deck: Archangel Michael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

You've received this card because there's an important feeling that you've been trying to ignore.  Yet try as you might to push it aside, this feeling urges you to be honest with yourself.  Archangel Michael says that facing this truth will be healing, and it will give you the direction and guidance you seek. 

You've tried to disregard your inner urging because you are afraid of taking the leap. Archangel Michael reassures you that he's guiding you and making sure that your needs are met and your relationships stay healthy. Trust in Divine guidance. Allow yourself to remember the truth of who you are. You are a perfect Child of God. You are Loved and protected. It is safe for you to admit the truth to yourself about every circumstance in your life.

 Possible specific meanings:  Heal or leave an unhealthy situation*  Don't compromise*  Face your fears*  Hold loving thoughts about yourself and this situation.

Prayer: “I appreciate your support in helping me face my feelings with grace and acceptance so that I can be lovingly honest with myself and others.  Thank you, Archangel Michael, for giving me courage and strength.”

Card #3: Books

Deck: Angel Therapy Oracle Card by Doreen Virtue

 “Your life purpose involves writing, reading editing or selling spiritually based books.”You drew this card because you have been asking about your life’s purpose. You already know that you have a deep affinity for sacred and spiritual books. This card affirms that you would be very fulfilled by taking your love of books to the next level. You are aware of what this involves because you have dreamed of immersing yourself in good books.

This card also means that the answer to your question is within books. So pay attention to titles that are recommended to you or books that mysteriously fall from shelves, as they contain guidance for you. This card is a call for you to take definite action toward your book-related dreams. Whether you desire to write a book, open a bookstore, or read more. Take the next step without delay. The angels are assisting you with this endeavor.

Action Steps: Archangel Gabriel is the “messenger angel,” who helps writers, teachers, and others involved with delivering spiritual messages. Either silently or aloud, say: “Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now. Please help increase my courage and confidence to move forward with my book-related desires (tell Gabriel about your dreams related to books). Thank you for motivating and organizing me so that I spend time every day devoted to my heart’s true desire, allowing my dreams to be manifested in Divinely perfect ways without delay."



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Is it just me that feels like every card fits my personality? I'm beyond amazed that these three cards just fit and organized together. Lately, I've been holding back by not doing the things that I wanted to do because I'm afraid that my family will not accept me. The truth is, I can't even accept myself that is why it's hard for me to show my true self even to those who love me. The card is right. I have to accept the truth and just let go and act accordingly.

07/07/2016 11:41am

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