Healing Angel Guidance

Daily Angel Guidance for Wednesday, January 6
~by Loving Light~

Card #1: Affirmations

Deck: Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

These Magical Fairy Messages are absolutely beautiful! The angels and fairies are guiding your to use positive affirmations to uplift your thoughts and energy, and to attract what you desire. Thank you loving fairies for this gentle reminder!

You chose this card because there is something you desire right now (you already know what it is). To increase the speed of your manifestation, it is important to lift up your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to a higher level. Positive affirmations can increase your self-confidence and faith. These are two magical ingredients involved with manifestation. This card is a message for you to say or read positive affirmations; and to boost your faith, optimism, and effectiveness in bringing about your desired results.

Begin each day with something beneficial such as praying, meditating, or reading from an uplifting book. The morning is a precious time to find your center, ground yourself, and connect to Source. Embrace the idea of finding your inner peace each morning before you check your phone, get on Facebook, or read your emails. Shielding yourself with positive energy in the morning will help you navigate each day with Love and avoid fear based behaviors.

Card #2: Ask for What You Want

Deck: Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

These Magical Fairy Messages are absolutely beautiful! The angels and fairies are guiding you to let the Universe and other people know what you need. This card serves as a reminder of the important of asking for your desires. The Universe is receptive and open to your desires. If you were drawn to this card, your current situation calls for action on your part. First, spend time clarifying your desires; then tell the Universe clearly what you want. Always qualify your request with the prayer, “or something better…” so that you don’t unwittingly limit your potential. Once you have clearly stated your desires, release them to the angels. Allow the angels to work miracles on your behalf and arrange everything in perfect Divine timing. Trust the angels with the “how” of your desired outcome. All you need to do is be willing to listen and act when the angels tell you the time is right. You are being divinely guided and protected, today and always. Thank you fairies and angels for this lovely and encouraging message!

Card #3: Assertiveness

Deck: Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Assertiveness – “Stand up for your beliefs, and only say yes if you really want to.”

These Magical Fairy Messages are absolutely beautiful! The angels and fairies are guiding you to be assertive. One reason why the fairies are so happy and peaceful is because they are assertive with each other. This trait is very different than aggression, which denies the rights of others. Assertiveness, in contrast, honors everyone’s rights (including your own). Assertive people are easy to get along with because you always know where you stand with them. Your current situation calls for you to be assertive. Speak your truth with love. Let go of unhealthy, old communication habits (especially since we are entering into Mercury Retrograde). Thank you fairies and angels for this clear and valuable message!

Artwork taken from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards,  Artist: Marius Michael-George



06/01/2016 11:52pm

I enjoy to continue to update the most recent information and also articles so that we do not saturate when you visited this blog site.

06/20/2016 8:41pm

Little kids do believe in fairies so as my sister Vanessa, she is an adorable 3 year old girl. She loves to watch shows with fairies in particular, that thing gives her so much joy. She even dressed like a fairy on her 3rd birthday that happened last 15th of January. She watched something about a tooth fairy last night. After that show she asked me if it is true, most likely as a brother i will say yes, because it will be a wish of my sister and if i can provide her wish i will be her tooth fairy that will grant her wish.


I'm always begining my day with medication and praying! It's very good beginning, I think!

11/17/2016 11:35pm

Well, what do you know? January 6 is the day that I came to this Earth! It's a surprise for me to see this and it made me curious already as to what the angels are telling me. I must use this as a guide on how I should act and react on certain situations in life. This will be very useful. Thanks and have a nice day!

01/12/2017 5:12am




The Lord is everywhere. He is omniscient that we will not be able to find a place where His spirit doesn't exist. He created and He also created angels to be the human's guide. There is also a verse in the bible that tells that whenever one soul accepts Christ as his God and Savior, thousands of angels celebrate. The appearance of Angel Gabriel to Mary and to Joseph. Everything in the bible tells about the fact that angels do exist. It's not a myth. They were created by God to worship Him.


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