Healing Angel Guidance
Daily Angel Guidance for Thursday, January 7
~by Loving Light~

Deck: The Voice of Knowledge  by Don Miguel Ruiz

Card #1: I acknowledge and accept my feelings

The angels would like you to affirm your feelings and love yourself. There is nothing wrong with whatever you feel. There are no good or bad emotions. Even if you feel anger or hate, there is always a reason for feeling it. Every emotion comes directly for the integrity of your soul. Allow yourself to feel and emotion so you may then release it. If you are having conflicts with other people: the angels recommend that you accept and acknowledge the feelings other people express whether you believe that they should feel that way or not. Remove your expectations of how you or anyone else “should” feel or act. Allow things to unfold and accept the circumstance just as it is. When you accept, it will be easier to release your attachment to the emotions.

Card #2 Everything in God’s creation is perfect.

The angels want you to remember who you really are! You are perfect in every way because you were created in the image of the Divine Creator. If we don’t see our own perfection, it is because the lies in our story keep us from seeing the truth. The truth is that every human is born perfect because only perfection exists in the Love of God. The angels want you to let go of the fear “story” you are telling about yourself and others. When you tell a fear “story” about an injury, sickness, illness, or trauma you are living in the past. By telling this fear story you allow the past to take hostage of your present. In this moment, in the present, you are perfect. Today the angels are asking you accept this truth and lay down your past burdens. The fear stories we tell can be as small as “I’m tired” or “I’m cold” or “I’m so busy” or “This is hard.” None of these fear stories are in alignment with your true Self.

Check out the message for card #3 which talks about how to write your story using only Love.

Card #3 I choose to write my story with Love.

Love is the material that comes directly from your integrity, from who you really are. In truth, the only thing that really exists in your story is Love. To move beyond fear, you must focus on Love. The angels have brought you this card because they want you to remember your true Identity – as Light, Love, Spirit, One with All. You are the Light of the world and you are not alone. Embrace Love as the only truth in your life. All things rooted in Love will help you grow and develop along your soul path. Remind yourself each morning of this truth so that every action will be based in Love instead of fear.

Marianne Williamson spoke about this topic in her Monday Night Lecture this week. She said "Shit happens...within this world, things happen that are not always wonderful. Enlightenment does not mean getting to the point where you are in some world where those things do not happen.  Enlightenment is developing the ability to extend our perception beyond, by standing in the midst of that reality and KNOWING there is a world beyond this.  Salvation does not lie in trying to change the circumstances that make up that drama....Enlightenment lies in reinterpreting the circumstances that make up that drama." Transform your perceptions with Love.



11/19/2016 10:55am

I really love this site, and i love the guidance that you guys provide me with everyday, you may not know it but that really does mean a lot to me, so thank you so much, hope your day goes as well as mine did and please always keep providing me with such guidance!

12/06/2016 9:06am

Guides like this can truly help us on our daily lives. The only person who knows you best is yourself. That is the reason why we should be true to ourselves and accept what we have and do everything with God. If we build everything with God, we will never go wrong. He is our savior and the source of our strength. And of course, we must know how to love ourselves in oreder to properly shower other people love.


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