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Daily Angel Guidance February 2, 2016

Each day this week we will be connect with one specific archangel to bring you encouraging guidance for your soul journey. Also, remember to check in on the Loving Light Facebook page each night at 10 pm PST to receive free distant reiki.

If you would like to receive additional support from the angels regarding your specific questions/concerns please book an Angel Reading or Healing Session. Thank you!

Connecting with Archangel Jeremiel: Archangel Jeremiel’s specialty is developing an understanding of spiritual visions and clairvoyance; conducting a life review so you can make adjustments with respect to how you wish to live. Archangel Jeremiel is said to help newly crossed-over souls review their lives before they ascend to Heaven. He can also help those who ask to review their present life. In other words, you don’t need to wait until your physical passage to have a life review. Archangel Jeremiel can be of assistance as you take inventory of your action and adjust your future plans accordingly. Jeremiel is a mentor and teacher who clearly guides us to see ourselves and others through the eyes of love.

“Dear Archangel Jeremiel, thank you for helping me have clear spiritual visions of the Divine guidance that will best lead me along the path of my life’s purpose.”

Namaste. Loving Light.

Card 1: All is Well

Archangel Jeremiel: “Everything’s happening exactly as it’s supposed to, with hidden blessings you’ll soon understand.”

Sometimes, what appears to be a problem is actually an answered prayer in disguise. When we ask for help, Heaven may dismantle the old to make room for the new. During this time of change, practice relaxation methods such as yoga, deep breathing, exercise, and meditation. Ask Archangel Jeremiel to make your transition smooth and harmonious for everyone involved. And know that this change is for the better!

Working with Archangel Jeremiel: Each archangel has a specific aura color. Jeremiel’s aura is deep eggplant purple. When you see sparkles of dark purple light, this is one way to know that Jeremiel is with you.

Each archangel has a particular type of crystal aligned with their energy, and for Jeremiel, that crystal is the amethyst. When you wear an amethyst, you may feel even closer to Jeremiel’s kind and loving energy.

Namaste. Loving Light.
Card 2: Overcoming Difficulties

Archangel Jeremiel: “The worst is now behind you, and you’re surmounting any previous challenges.”

The challenges you’ve faced have made you stronger and have taught you new lessons. Instead of becoming bitter, you’ve opened your heart with compassion toward people in similar situations. You’ve let go of any blame or feelings of victimhood. This is why you’re now overcoming your previous challenges. Your positive outlook is attracting a loving solution and new situations at a higher level of spiritual understanding. Stay positive!

Working with Archangel Jeremiel: Jeremiel’s name means “Mercy of God,” and when you call upon him, Jeremiel delivers mercy to you and everyone involved. Jeremiel guides you and others to act in loving ways. He also helps you adopt a merciful outlook, which enables you to consistently treat yourself with respect and tender loving care.

Namaste. Loving Light.
Cards 3: Life Review

Archangel Jeremiel: “Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that’s unbalanced.”

It takes courage to look at your life. Yet, if done with compassion and a sense of humor, you’ll grow and learn from a life review. Archangel Jeremiel will help you take stock of where you’ve been. He will help you look at what you’ve learned, and how these lessons are a valuable asset for today and tomorrow. During this life review you will also notice life patterns that aren’t serving your highest good, and Archangel Jeremiel can help you take steps to release those patterns.

Working with Archangel Jeremiel: One of Jeremiel’s purposes is to help newly crossed-over souls review their lives. He also helps those who are still living to make life reviews. Take time soon to be alone, and ask Jeremiel to help you review where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, what patterns you’re ready to release, and what you’re grateful for in your life.

Namaste. Loving Light.
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I understand that angels are really real. I am overwhelmed to the post. I believe that God is doing something tonight. I know that God is waiting for us to come. God is waiting for you, to reveal His burning heart of passionate love to you and embrace you in His arms of mercy. He has a great plan for your life and longs to show you what His dreams are for you. I believe that everything will be fine. I want to see the angels for real. I know that it takes a lot of time.

07/17/2017 5:43am

A truly courageous heart allows itself to be broken repeatedly if that’s what’s required for the soul to learn the lessons necessary for its evolution. In this regard, we’re all heroes. Keep going and follow the stream of your life. It leads one into the profound depths of meditation, states of rapture and union with the Divine, dissolution of self and the direct experience of the infinite spaciousness of Being. The journey continues, and I am grateful for the opportunities for learning that it brings.

10/16/2016 12:33pm

Quotes are so attractive on the post and I love to read that type of posts. Sending quotes in message is my hobby and this post really helped me to send more.

06/28/2017 12:48am



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