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Daily Angel Guidance February 20

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Loving Light

I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with each of you today and bring you energy messages for the upcoming weekend. The Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor are designed to indicate our present energy as well as future possibilities. Since we know that the Universe exists in a constant state of flow or flux, we must realize that all readings, whether with cards or through psychics, reveal the energetic potential of things. Therefore, it is very liberating to know that as we shift our consciousness, we can also shift the events that come our way. For this reason, we can use these cards not only for predictive purposes, but also (and perhaps more importantly) as tools for significant change, both within ourselves and in our outer experiences that reflect our inner energy. With this reading the angels are giving you an opportunity to reflect upon your current energy at this time. 

The angels are asking that you prepare yourself for the Full Moon and reflect upon what energy you would like to present to the Universe. Keep your focus on positive outcomes so that you will be able to manifest positivity into your life. Remember to frame your prayers and affirmations with gratitude and positive terminology. When I am praying for assistance or guidance I like to speak to the angels with gratitude as if the situation I am asking about has already been resolved. For example, I will say “thank you angels for bringing miracles into my life today and for providing me with health, happiness, and abundance.” By framing your request in this way, you are recognizing that in spiritual truth everything you need has already been provided and you are simply accepting it into your reality now. This allows you to focus on the positive, instead of using phrases like “I want, I need, I wish,” because these phrases imply a space of lack and scarcity, as if you do not already own the thing you are asking for. In spiritual truth, you have infinite accessibility to the gifts of the Universe at all times. You must simply release yourself of the fears and energy blocks that are preventing you from accepting these gifts into your current reality and frame of mind.

Namaste. Loving Light

Card 1: Goddess of the Moon

Intuition, Going Within

Beautiful message to prepare you for the Full Moon coming February 22. This card shows an eternal spirit holding the bright, reflective moon and standing in front of the crystal clear waters of a sparkling waterfall. Her arms are stretched upward, receiving the light of the moon, the light of inspiration. This card is all about intuition, the ability to receive insights from your soul's point of view. Receiving the card upright tells you that you have the power to get intuitive information on all types of issues, and now is the time to use it! The goddess of the moon brings you all sorts of information, from the mundane to the spectacular. For instance, you could get the urge to take a different route home from work and find out later that you have avoided a three-hour traffic jam. Or you might have an idea for a great invention, a stock investment, or a spellbinding novel. This card could indicate a significant blossoming of psychic ability and mediumship – even on a professional level. You are always blessed with this ability to connect, but this card is telling you that now is the perfect time to open up. Get ready for the amazing inspiration this brings!

The angels are asking you to be open and willing to receive intuitive guidance during the upcoming Full Moon on February 22. This upcoming week has the possibility of being very positive in the angels are encouraging you to use this cosmic energy to release yourself and clear all blocks preventing you from fully embracing Universal Love. Take the weekend to prepare for this cosmic shift, and write down some ideas about what you would like to release and during the full moon event on Monday you can burn this list. You can ask Archangel Michael to use his sword of bright light to cut all cords to fear-based thoughts, behaviors, and actions. You can ask Archangel Raphael to free you from all addictions, or negative behavioral patterns. This is the perfect opportunity for you to be cleansed, cleared, and released of all cords, blocks, and attachments. Be sure to take advantage of this cosmic shift and shield yourself at the beginning of each day so you will only absorb loving energies.

Affirmation: I have a strong intuitive voice. I freely received guidance, and I understand and trust the messages I received.

Namaste. Loving Light
Card 2: Magician and the Mirror

Knowing and Using your True Power

This card upright represents the accumulation of your personal and spiritual power at this time. In the magician’s left hand is the flame of passion and action. In his right hand is a vortex of water and the light of reflection. This highly beneficial card is telling you that you are the magician, and within your grasp are the amazing forces of the earth and spirit. The water is the energy of Yin, the power of spirit and clarity of thought. The flame is the energy of Yang, bringing direction and creativity. Together they give you the magnificent magic of transformation. The mirror stands beside the magician reflecting the outer world’s response to your choice to use (or dismiss) the true power within you. The silver reflection reveals the future in a mist on the horizon, ready to be magically formed! When you receive the magician card upright, you are put on notice that an important and powerful time is at hand. You are the alchemist of your life, and just as an alchemist turns base metals into gold, you are now able to transform your difficulties into great blessings. This is true in every area of your life. Claim your power and embrace your intentions in your heart and in your daily life. Direct your destiny, and the mists of the future will clear into brilliant reality.

The angels are guiding you to stand in your power and to take your place as a co-creator of your own destiny. You are being guided and protected in all ways. The angels are here to help you with every step forward, all you need to do is call upon them and give permission for their divine intervention in your life.

Affirmation: I have all the power I need to create the destiny I desire. Magic happens when I live in consciousness and my eternal truth.

Namaste. Loving Light
Card 3: All Tied Up

Lack of motion or sense of personal freedom.

This card shows a woman tied up with vines around her wrists, body, and arms. Receiving this card upright represents a situation in your life where things seem to be severely stuck. A major drama may be going on around you, stopping you from moving forward. Or it may be that some technicalities are blocking your way – perhaps you are waiting for a contract to be signed or an agreement to be made. Whatever is holding things up, the restrictions may be feeling quite oppressive at this time. If this isn’t technically the case for you, what is tying you up is your own personal stuff. Look at your life and see how you can be your own jailer. Are you tying yourself up in some emotional angst – or in a negative habit that you refuse to deal with? If so, it’s time to cut the vines and make some serious changes now. You need not live in your own self-imposed jail any longer.

The angels are guiding you to use the powerful cosmic energy of the upcoming Full Moon to release yourself from the chains tying you down and holding you back. You can be free in this moment. Your freedom and peace will come with a change in perspective and a new state of mind. Allow yourself to view everything with the lens of love and gratitude. 

Affirmation: I release stuck energy, old habits, and restrictions. My life is opening up. I am free to choose my reality.
Card 4: Adjacent Possibilities 
(Card at the top of the deck)

Many Unconsidered Options

Sometimes the force of habit keeps you stuck and unaware of potentially healthier and happier choices at hand. Yet every moment gives you the option to open a different door and take a different course – whether it’s in your thoughts, behaviors, or major life decisions. Unlike the indecision card, which indicates confusion and vacillation about which course to take, the adjacent possibilities card is here to tell you that you have many options, and it’s time to take a wider look at things. As you consider the many life choices available, you will feel more and more empowered and motivated to make decisions that bring happiness, strength, and forward motion. In terms of your goals, this card could indicate unknown possibilities in previously unconsidered ideas. Perhaps there is a marketing tool you haven’t thought of, a connection you haven’t tapped, or even an entirely different direction that would be more suited to you. Be conscious, be aware, and be flexible and willing to take new and different action now.

Affirmation: I am open and willing to take my life in new directions. I am becoming more aware of my many options for harmony and optimism in my thoughts and in all my choices each day.

Namaste. Loving Light
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11/05/2016 11:54am

I really love this site, and i love the guidance that you guys provide me with everyday, you may not know it but that really does mean a lot to me, so thank you so much, hope your day goes as well as mine did and please always keep providing me with such guidance!

11/28/2016 9:59am

The information that you share to us is irreplaceable. I have been wanting to read stuff about this and it's crazy how I bumped in with yours. You possess a gift that only few of us have and it's great that you are sharing it to us. This things can be the perfect guidance for us but we must believe and be prepared to for our betterment. Thank you!


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