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Daily Angel Guidance February 9, 2016
♡ Archangel Metatron has a message for you today! ♡
♡ Place your hand on your heart. Close your eyes. Connect to Source. Comment below with the card you are most drawn to. ♡

❣ Each day this week we will be connecting with one specific archangel to bring you encouraging guidance for your soul journey. If you would like to connect with me and receive clear accurate guidance from your angels please check out the 'Services' tab above.

Namaste Loving Light

Working with Archangel Metatron:
Metatron is one of two archangels whose names don’t end in the -el suffix, which means “of God.” That’s because Metatron and Sandalphon were both human prophets who lived such pious lives that they were rewarded with ascension into the archangel realm.

Archangel Metatron utilizes the Merkabah cube for healing and clearing away lower energies. The cube spins clockwise and uses centrifugal force to push away unwanted energy residue. You can call upon Metatron and his healing cube to clear you. His aura coloring is deep pink and dark green. As the scribe of God, Metatron, with his sacred geometry, is a teacher of esoteric knowledge. If you’re trying to grasp high-level concepts, Archangel Metatron is a wonderful teacher to call upon.

Archangel Metatron teaches esoteric wisdom to children and adults. He seems to take a special interest in highly sensitive young people who are misunderstood or even medicated because their spiritual gifts make them socially awkward. If you, or your child, need assistance in adjusting to socialization at school, work, or home, Metatron can help. Although Archangel Metatron is a high-level being, he is very accessible to us all because of his dedication to teaching the practical application of esoteric wisdom.

“Thank you, Archangel Metatron, helping me balance my material and spiritual pursuits. Thank you for bringing peace and understanding to all issues related to past lives and balancing all karmic issues. Thank you for nurturing my relationships and encouraging me to grow in Love. Thank you for guiding and supporting my career as a healer and teacher who helps highly sensitive children.”

Card 1: The Dreamer

Deck: Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Archangel Metatron: “A leap of Faith, Follow your dreams. Unexpected opportunity.”

The angels bring you this card because you are entering a new and exciting phase of your life. It’s important that you believe in yourself and know that the benevolent Universe wants you to succeed. Now is the time for faith, and commitment to your dreams! Take any necessary steps to move forward with confidence.

Listen to your own inner guidance about following your dreams, but be open to information from others regarding the detailed steps to take. You may need additional input or guidance from an expert before proceeding, but do not let this stall you forward movement. Actively seek the insight you need.

Additional meanings of this card: Leaps of faith. Creative solutions. Unexpected opportunities. Asserting your independence. The need for optimistic approaches to challenges.

Archangel Metatron is the overseer of those who are new to the spiritual path, and to young people who are spiritually aware. He is a wonderful guide to call upon to help you overcome awkwardness and fully commit to taking action and moving forward toward the fruition of your dreams. With Metatron’s help, you can retain childlike awe and wonder while making your way in the world

Taking a leap of faith and following your dreams takes courage, strength and belief. It’s scary yet exhilarating, but sometimes it’s the only way to get out of your rut and get the snowball rolling! Faith is our ally when fear is holding us back. We need to put our faith in Divine guidance when we are doubting ourselves. Know that your angels and guides are waiting patiently for you to just ask for help and guidance. Tapping in to your own inner guidance and intuition is connecting to the Divine.

Be sure to keep your mind and heart open to receiving. Open your eyes and your heart to new opportunities, focus on your dreams, use visualization, meditation and journaling to laser focus on your desires, without worrying about when or how they will manifest into your life. But most importantly? Expect miracles, because you are worthy and deserving!

Please check out the ‘Services’ Tab above to access a healing meditation to support on your soul journey and new transition into spiritual awakening.

Namaste. Loving Light.
Card 2: Prioritize

Deck: Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Archangel Metatron: “Focus on your highest priorities. I’ll help you get organized and motivated.”

What’s your calling? What makes your heart sing? When you focus on these areas, your joyful energy increases, which benefits everyone. Take charge of your schedule, and spend more time on projects and activities close to your heart. Make choices that honor your priorities and support your life’s mission.

Working with Archangel Metatron: Metatron is one of two archangels who once walked upon Earth as human men (the other one is Sandalphon). Metatron was the prophet and scribe, Enoch, who ascended after his exemplary Earth life. He continues working as a scribe and record keeper in heaven. He helps people develop organizational and record-keeping skills as well. When you call upon Metatron, he motivates you to organize your priorities.

Please check out the ‘Services’ Tab above if you would like to book a personal meditation or healing session where we can clear your energy blocks and work with Archangel Metatron to help you get motivated and organized.

Namaste. Loving Light.
Card 3: Chakra Clearing

Archangel Metatron: “Call upon me to clear and open your chakras, using sacred geometric shapes.”

Metatron uses sacred geometry shapes to clear and align the chakra energy centers in our bodies. Mentally ask Metatron to open your chakras, and he’ll gently send his “Metatron cube” (the shape pictured in the card illustration) through the crown chakra at the top of your head. The cube rotates downward, cleaning psychic toxins from your body and chakras. When your chakras are clear, you’ll feel more energized and have increased intuition.

Working with Archangel Metatron: Metatron’s aura is beautiful violet and sea foam-green stripes. The crystal aligned with Metatron’s energy is watermelon tourmaline.

We are constant clearing mode, but then that is because we are constantly re-birthing ourselves into who we truly are as Beings of Divine Love. With each little bit of clearing out of the old, we are making space for the new energies that are helping us to re-member who we are. Love is All There Is.

With the process of releasing the old, our energy centers are being overworked and they need constant care to ensure they remain clear of blockages. Blocked stale energy in your chakra’s will cause you discomfort, anxiety, pain etc., and if left unchecked will eventually cause dis-ease in the physical body.

For this purpose we call upon the Archangels for their assistance in clearing and balancing our chakras. Archangel Metatron is perhaps one of the most potent healers in the angelic realm and he loves to clear and balance your chakras. Call upon him to do this and he will use his “Metatron cube” through your crown chakra at the top of your head, rotating it downward through your chakras clearing out old energies that have caused blockages. Remember to be in a state of allowing as these old energies are being released for your highest and best good. It is of no use to hold onto these old energies and old ways of being. It is time now to release the fear and embrace the new. Allow yourself to expand and grow into the New You that is being re-birthed. This recent New Moon in Aquarius offered a great cosmic opportunity to release the old. Allow yourselves to make full use of the moon’s gentle and clearing energies.

Please check out the 'Angel Readings' tab above if you would like to book a one on one session with me to help you tap into the new moon energy for manifesting your dreams.

Namaste. Loving Light.
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02/09/2016 10:14pm

thanks u for this very helpful really needed this today bless u & all ur talent & help & for helping others. I appreciate this beautiful card & ur webpage. bless u & ur help & talent u share with others. U made my day better the last week has been bad for me & this is a blessings. lisa

06/20/2017 6:51pm

I relate the most with card number two because I always like to prioritize things. I want to make sure that I have everything in place because I hate being unorganized. I make sure that I always keep track of all the things I should be doing so that I won't be neglecting my responsibilities. Being organized requires that we know what to first prioritize. And those are the important things in life like family, education, and God.


The way of you are sharing the information that is having the lots of benefit’s for us this is very interesting form you. With the reading of them we are getting lots of benefits related to our healing of the different things.

05/22/2017 6:13am

Another post from your blog and I'm so happy again to be a reader. I picked the card Prioritize and it really fits me. I got a hard time to prioritize things these days and your advice are really great. I will surely be visiting your site once in a while. Thank you very much for your hard work in sharing your talent.

06/20/2017 6:48pm

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