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Daily Angel Guidance February 25!

Hello Lovely Lightworkers! The angels have guided me to let you choose which deck to use for today's daily angel guidance.

Comment below with the card deck you are most drawn to. I will also pull some individual cards for people in the comments section later today.

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Loving Light

Loving Words from Jesus
Message: “Nothing will be impossible for you”

I was so happy the angels guided me to let you choose the card deck for today's message: Loving Words from Jesus!

This newly released card deck by Doreen Virtue just arrived in the mail so I was super excited so many of you were commenting with requests to connect with Jesus today! Yippee!

Jesus is here as a non-denominational loving guide and companion to you. He is with each of us, regardless of religious affiliations. He is a master of love, forgiveness, miracles and a beautiful example of being fully connected to our Divine Creator. He is here to remind us to live each moment in gratitude and service. He asks us all to be radically available to receive Divine instruction from Source.

Jesus is reminding us that we have full access to the unlimited gifts of the universe. We are absolutely deserving and worthy of everything beautiful gift this life has to offer. He reminds us to have faith and with this faith we find our internal & eternal power. You are powerful and you are loved! This power comes directly from God/Source/Love. Jesus is here to say it is safe for you to embrace this power. Claim it. Own it. When you allow yourself to be open to accepting this powerful Love with faith and prayer, nothing will be impossible for you.

Mathew 17:20 speaks of being able to move mountains if you have faith as small as a mustard seed. You are a miracle worker and a lightworker guided to be of service while on this planet. You are here to be a beacon of Light and Love. Jesus is here comforting you and guiding you like the child in this photo. He will show you the way if you allow Him. Remember in spiritual truth, you are innocent in the eye of Jesus and the angels. These light beings love you unconditionally and you are worthy & enough exactly as you are in this moment. You need not do anything to receive or deserve God’s love and miracles. Just allow yourself to be willing to accept and remember in truth you are already perfect, whole, and complete.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡
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02/27/2016 11:00am

Life Purpose deck is calling to me right now definitely.

12/03/2016 10:14am

It is indeed amazing that the February days are coming again and this would really help me then as well! I love how you are so motivating and healing with these sweet words of yours. I am truly grateful to you for making such a difference in my life and of others too.


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