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Daily Angel Guidance February 28, 2016

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The Five Keys to Happiness Oracle Cards by Gordon Smith

This deck is designed to help you understand your emotions and develop an awareness that will open up your consciousness and guide you through difficult emotional times. It’s because we lack awareness in the present moment that we fear the future, and our minds become clouded and confused. The cards are keys that will open up the closets of your mind and free you from past experiences and emotions that still effective the present. They will uplift your mind to a point of clarity that will enable you to recognize happiness. The natural elements have inspired this deck: earth, air, fire, water, and space. In this respect it is similar to the system used by the Tibetans and other societies whose aim is to encourage people to bring balance into their lives for recognizing the lack or overabundance of any one element. Too much or too little will cause disharmony or stagnation in a person’s life.

For instance, if you have too much of earth element, you may become lazy or overtired; or if you have too much of the water element, you may become too gushy and allow your emotions to pour out all over the place. Too much fire may cause you to become overly passionate about your ideas, making you angry or overbearing. While too much air will strain your mind with too many thoughts. An overabundance of the space element could leave you feeling spaced out. Seeing yourself as a combination of these natural elements helps you gain a greater comprehension of your emotions. Use the cards as a guide to help you understand your emotional self and learn how to be in control of it, which can bring balance and contentment to your life.

As you read the messages for each card allow yourself to be open to the positive and the negative side of each element (overabundance vs. lack). Today’s message will provide you with the positive (balanced) and the negative (too much or too little) aspect of each element. Ideally we strive to find the balance within all elements. Similarly we work toward perfect balance within our chakra system. Too much of something or too little of something will cause unwanted results. Therefore we must strive for balance in all things.

Description of the Elements

Earth: the color of the earth family is golden yellow. The earth element is stable and solid.

Water: the color of the water family is blue. The water element is reflected and adaptable.

Fire: the color of the fire family is red. The fire element infinite light.

Air: the color of the air family is green. The air element is fearless action.

Space: the color of the space family is white. The space element is the illuminator.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light

Card 1: Trade Winds (The Air Family)

“You are resolute in your movement toward an object or outcome, driven by a massive energy.”

Two people are journeying together, each with a set of wings on their left ankle. Like Hermes, they are messengers of compassion and wisdom, male and female.

Positive: your focus is clear and unclouded; you can now communicate with clarity. Your abundant energy allows you to carry your message of truth and love to many people.

Negative: you may notice that your mind is becoming fanciful and flowing in all directions. There may be times when you’re completely unfocused. You may feel suspicious and even jealous of people close to you. Try not to become preoccupied and oblivious to the emotional needs of those around you. Now is a good time to communicate with your loved ones.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡
Card 2: The Water Dragon (The Water Family)

“Higher wisdom allows you to be in control of all that is beneath the surface.”

A blue Dragon with a white mane stakes his way across the surface of a vast ocean. He is holding lapis lazuli (a bright blue metamorphic rock consisting largely of lazurite), which he protects.

Positive: your deeper emotions are now at the surface, and you’re able to swim freely in Light. You are aware of your anger, and can deal with it in your own time instead of aimlessly throwing it at others. You have learned to smile and keep silent even when provoked. This is a huge step forward in your spiritual development.

Negative: remember that you must look in the mirror for the answers to your issues with anger.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡
Card 3: Sunrise (The Fire Family)

“There’s a promise of an awareness that is able to discriminate between positive and negative actions, just as the light of the sunrise settles upon the shadows of the night, allowing us to see clearly.”

An embryo is curled up in the sun. Light rays radiate from this ball of fire, giving out energy in the form of warmth and compassion.

Positive: you have begun to discern the real qualities of people around you and appreciate their individual work. You are learning to give and receive love. It is important that you remain open to allow others to draw close to you and bask in your light.

Negative: take care not to become cold, dark, and unresponsive to the people around you. Remember to have compassion for yourself. Your light may be burning beneath the embers of your defensiveness.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡
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