Healing Angel Guidance
Begin by grounding yourself. Create a sacred space by calling upon the archangels, your guardian angels, spirit guides, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, Source, Jesus, God (whoever you feel connected to most and comfortable working with). Ask the Archangels Michael and Raphael to shield you in a protective bubble of healing light.

Say the following Prayer: “Dear God, Please teach me to forgive myself and others. Remove the walls that keep love out, behind which I am prisoner. Heal my guilt and remove my anger, that I might be reborn. Make gentle my heart and strong my spirit, and show me how to love. Amen” ~Marianne Williamson

❣Forgiveness Practice❣

♡ Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye visualize a person who irritates you.

♡ Try to perceive a light within this person; a little glimmer which you have never noticed.

♡ Meditate on this spark of brightness and allow the light extend until it completely covers their body. If you find this difficult, ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords of negativity between you.

♡ Next think of someone you consider a dear friend (you can imagine your best friend, diseased family member, God, Archangel Michael, or anyone whom you love unconditionally).

♡ Imagine a golden light shining brightly within your 'friend' and allow this light to expand outward until it completely covers both your friend and your former 'enemy.'

♡ See both entities unite in love and bless you with the same light you saw in them. All three of you are filled and surrounded by light. Now are you one with them, and they are one with you.

♡ Perceive them both as more than a friend, for in the light you are all One - connected in Love.

♡ Now have you been forgiven by yourself. You are healed. You are whole. You are complete.

❣ Conduct this practice for every person in your life who has ever caused you the slightest irritation, working your way up to the person who has caused you the deepest pain. ❣

Principles from A Course In Miracles: Lesson 121

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