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Daily Angel Guidance March 10 

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Deck: Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

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Card 1: White Buffalo
Abundance and security are falling into your life. All things are possible. Balance and harmony prevail. You may be called upon to stand up for others, and you can do this because you have the support of the spirit realm.

Your Native Spirit want you to know: In Native American traditions, there are prophecies about the coming of the White Buffalo, especially along the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota. There’s a legend that the White Buffalo Calf Woman, a mystical being, came to the people a very long time ago, when they were out of balance. She gifted the people with a sacred bundle containing the White Buffalo Pipe to help restore the balance. Upon leaving, the White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesied that she would return at the end of an age, and that she would appear as a White Buffalo Calf. In recent times, white buffalo calves have been born, leading many to believe that this is the beginning of a new time. When this card chooses you, it is an honor. This card speaks of a time of miracles and balance in all things. You are a channel for the greater forces the Universe. With their help, all is possible, but without it, things can be a struggle. Surrender to support from the Great Spirit; you do not need to do everything alone.

The Journey: Shape shift into the white buffalo, and the energy this card brings will multiply tenfold. Imagine that you can feel the power in your muscles and the earth beneath your hooves. Feel the weight of your horns and the warmth of your fur. This calls the deeper energy of white buffalo into your life.

With this card the angels are offering you a message of support and guidance. You’re being encouraged to surrender your worry, doubts, and concerns to the Universe. Relinquished control and the need to be in charge. Embrace the abundance and miracles available to you. You have been given the sign that all the miracles you have been praying for are completely available to you now. You have the support of many light beings in the spirit realm. Be grateful for the support and send gratitude daily.

Card 2: Wound Healer
Healing energy, vitality, and life force energy are flowing through you and to you. You are a healer, and you provide healing for others, even if you’re not conscious of it. Whatever needs healing in your life is being resolved. Your so-called faults are becoming your virtues. No matter what happened in your past, the past does not need to equal the future. It is true; the cracks can be where the light enters the soul.

Your Native Spirit want you to know: The wounded healer is a tradition in native cultures that asserts some of the greatest healers are those who have gone through hardship and survived, or who have been wounded and healed. It is believed these individuals can provide great solace and can instigate profound healing for others. You may have been wounded in your life, or you may have gone through challenging times, but the roots go deepest where the wind blows strongest. You are a healer in the most profound sense of the word. Healing energy is surging through you. Whatever in your life needs healing, is being addressed in the inner realms. Your strength lies in the difficulties you have overcome.

The Journey: write down each of your wounds or challenges from the past. Then next to each one, write down what came out of that situation that was of benefit. Additionally, repeat again and again, “I am a healer… I am healed. So be it.”

The angels are here to tell you that you have the power to heal your physical body and your life. Whatever area of your life needs healing, send love and light to that area. If you feel your finances need healing, spend time sending love to your bank account or wallet. Spend time blessing the money you do have.  If you feel your physical body needs healing, then spend time sending love to each organ, muscle, and cell. If you feel your love life needs healing, send love to your heart and your current relationships. You are a powerful healer, with full access to the infinite healing power of the Universe. Humbly and gracefully accept this healing power into your life now. Your angels are here to assist you!

Card 3: Storyteller
Live larger than life. Make the most of every experience. You can change the meaning that you give an event. Find an interpretation that empowers you, rather than diminishes you. Be the storyteller and the hero of your own life. Give your personal story empowering meanings.

Your Native Spirit wants you to know: Around the evening campfire, clan members always look forward to the storyteller recounting events of the daily happenings of the tribe. Even the most mundane event took on a vibrancy in the expert hand of an experienced storyteller. The storyteller card chose you to remind you to be the champion of your own personal myth; be the central character. Don’t live life according to the needs and expectations of others. Don’t be a small player in your own story.

 The Journey: Take an event in your life that you gave a disempowering meaning and find a way to re-script it so that the interpretation of the same story is one in which you are the hero.

The angels are here to remind you that your perspective on each event dictates your reality. You have the choice to view each moment from Love or Fear. The past only exists in your mind. You can go back into the past and rewire the perspective to allow yourself to be the hero of your own life. Life is not happening to you. You are not the victim. You have the power to co-create your own reality. Stand in your power now. It is safe. You are protected. Call on your angels for support, protection, guidance, and love.

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My chosen card is the second one which is the wound healer. I chose this not because I need my wounds to heal, but because I want to be able to heal other people's wounds. I believe that it is more fulfilling when you know you have been a part of other people's lives especially through the hard times. In times like that, they will be needing people who are strong enough to help them get through the obstacles they need to go through. Be someone who heals wounds and God will soon repay you for your kindness.

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