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Daily Angel Guidance March 11

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Deck: The Fool’s Wisdom Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

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Card 1: The Stress Fool
The stress fool bursts onto the scene to call your attention to the amount of stress you are presently under. Do you realize the toll it is taking on you? Welcome the Stress Fool by assessing the amount of anxiety you are dealing with and the ways in which it is impacting you. It is important to recognize the Stress Fool when he shows up, but make sure you don’t let him get too comfortable in your life. He is a welcome messenger who lets you know when the pressure is becoming too great for your own good, but he can never become a permanent houseguest.

Pay attention to what is causing you stress right now. Is it physical in nature, such as having poor sleep habits, not enough exercise, or eating an unhealthy diet? Perhaps your stress originates from the pressure to please others, especially those who exercise a degree of power over you, such as a demanding employer, an anxious parent, an unhappy child, or a frustrated spouse. Stress relationships can be relieved if you develop your listening skills, talk less, and create healthy boundaries. It also helps to pray and know what you are and are not responsible for. These are quick tips to use right now to relieve some pressure. Try these and feel your stress level go down.

Stress may also be arising out of the fear of tomorrow more than the challenges of today. Your ego loves to worry about things that are not even here yet, instead of the present moment. Know that the best way to alleviate the stress of tomorrow, is doing your best today. Separate what you can address from what you cannot, and focus your full attention on making positive changes.

Be decisive, and do your absolute best right now. Don’t put things off any longer. Your stress level increases whenever you put off what requires attention right now. It isn’t worth it! Reduce stress by making timely decisions and then sticking to them. If you feel overwhelmed, pace yourself by breathing deeply throughout the day.

Stress is here as a messenger, do not let it become your roommate. Do not be afraid of the Stress Fool; just be aware of his presence and keep him under control. Never allow the pressure of life to control you. You are in charge and you shouldn’t allow stress to rob you of that power. Do what you need to do, and everything will work out. Relax… you’ll see.

The Fool’s Wisdom: Breathe

Card 2: The Art Fool
It is the Art Fool who now surprises you, calling you to express your creativity for the satisfaction it will bring you. Without artistic expression, your soul has no voice; and you risk becoming lost in the harsh, sterile world of the intellect. What is your art? Remember and reclaim it. Is it writing, painting, speaking, storytelling, cooking, singing, dancing, or gardening? Everyone possesses talents. Uncover yours and find a way to express it today.

Do not concern yourself with what others think of you. Some will appreciate you, others may not be as enthusiastic, and there will always be those who may not get you at all. That’s not the point, though. The purpose of artistic expression is to allow yourself to communicate with you and guide you on your path. The more you allow your creativity to flow, the more you will make direct contact with your spirit and align with your authentic self. The more faithful the devotion you bring to your art, the stronger this interconnection will be.

Rather than asking others for direction, pick up the tools of your art, and let your soul speak directly to you. Strum your guitar. Sew your outfit. Decorate your space. Sing your songs. Paint your canvas. Work your garden. Listen within as you create. Only fools consider art an unnecessary indulgence, for this is the gateway to your inner truth. Claim your artistic expression and then release it into the world.

The Fool’s Wisdom: Be Creative.

Card 3: The Faith Fool
The Faith Fool is confident as he visits you today. All will turn out well, even though it is difficult to believe it. Stay true to your path and listen to your heart. Follow your intuition, as it will silence your fears and help you remain confident in a positive outcome no matter how unlikely things appear in the moment. Have faith in your efforts and prayers.

Many a saint has been called a fool for having faith in the unthinkable. But miracles do happen, and one is in the process of happening for you right now. Resolve that anything that may challenge your trust in the outcome will fall upon deaf ears. Do not allow so-called experts to try to wrestle your miracle away from you with their “expertise.” Be mindful not to sabotage your faith by soliciting the opinions of those who are not open to accepting the mysteries of life.

Simply because the intellect cannot explain something does not mean that it is impossible. Such perspectives only reflect the limits of the person who is sharing them – not the absolute truth. Protect and build your faith by remaining silently steadfast in your confidence that the Divine forces hear you and are now responding. Be patient and grateful for the miracles coming your way.

The Fool’s Wisdom: Have Faith.

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10/15/2016 10:34am

I come back to these every time I am hacing bad days in my life. This one, in particular, I find really effective for myself! I am so thankful to you for enlightening us with such poweruful words!

11/29/2016 2:17am

I want the Card 2: The Art Fool. I will let my art stand out now. I will make arts that will satisfy me and make me happy. I will nourish my skills and talent. I will not make an art to please others but to make myself proud. Arts is my way of expressing my feeling and ideas, i will not let anyone ruin my art. Thanks for this guides. I am really encouraged by this.

02/28/2017 4:58am

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