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Daily Angel Guidance March 13

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Deck: Fairy Tarot Cards By Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

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Card 1: Eight Of Autumn
Learn everything you can! It may be time to return to school or get more training in the skills you seek. This could involve taking seminars, furthering your professional development, or even going back to college. Perhaps you’ll gain skill as an apprentice or provide instruction as a mentor. If you’d like to change careers, now is the time!

The energy that you put into your job is recognized and appreciated by everyone, including the fairies! The Law of Attraction returns your energy to you in the form of prosperity, abundance, and advancement.

A little girl fairy learns a trade from her grandmother, who is also her mentor. She is careful to write down everything her teacher has to say.

Additional meanings of this card: Education. Excellent craftsmanship. Being paid well for high-quality work. Long-term projects. Work that represents who you are. Doing research.
Card 2: Two Of Spring
You’re off to a wonderful start. It’s as if you have the whole world in your hands! Choices about the short-term future now appear, and the most important thing to remember is that it’s safe to take chances. If you had every possible resource at your disposal, what brave new steps would you take? Evaluate the situation, and then move forward quickly. Many more opportunities are on the way.

The possibility of forming a partnership with others may present itself. This can be a wonderful way to move mutual dreams forward as you encourage each other to continue to follow your passions. Just make sure that you’re truly on the same page with anyone you consider pairing up with.

Our two fairies have worked together to build a beautiful boat that is nearly finished. All they need do is install the purple butterfly sails, and their journey to magical Avalon will be successfully under way!

Additional meanings of this card: A bright future. Joint creative endeavors. Success through hard work. Great progress being made. Gay relationships or friendships
Card 3: Queen Of Autumn
Consider this Queen to be like a fairy god-mother. She cares about everyone and cannot wait to swoop in to save the day. She is generous and giving and loves to make dreams come true. She adores luxurious and beautiful things. She could probably spin straw into gold if you asked her (and she’d certainly love to give it a try!).

Her family means the world to her, and she has the ability to run a small company and a large household without so much as breaking a sweat. She also has a very keen eye for decorating.

Her motto is “Form and function, dearie. Form and function.” Her tastes are also expensive. (Very expensive.) She’s discerning and picky. Fortunately, she’s good with money, because she spends it like crazy, and she tends to marry well.

The Queen of Autumn sits on her throne. She may appear inactive, but magic swirls around her. The rabbit by her side symbolizes the prosperity and creativity at her command.

Additional meanings of this card: The ability to make anything more beautiful. Being extremely sensible. A love of gardening. A wonderful parent.    
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