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Daily Angel Guidance March 14

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Deck: The Psychic Tarot Cards By John Holland

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 

Card 1: Wisdom
or today’s reading I have drawn the card Wisdom, this is the 5th card of the Major Arcana, from the Psychic Tarot deck. This card is equivalent to Hierophant, (Taurus) in a traditional tarot spread. The number 5, in angel numbers, indicates: a significant change is occurring, always for the better. It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.

Wisdom represents a leader of a community, the wise old man, the shaman, the pope, the elder who shares his wisdom with others. When the student is ready the master appears. Look for leadership or a mentor to help you grow. Keep your eyes peeled for a teacher or guide, bringing just what you need to move forward more quickly and confidently. People often turn up in our lives just when we need them, especially if there is a certain lesson we need to learn from them. This person could be someone who has the knowledge and ability to integrate spirituality and its laws into the constraints of the physical world.

The angels would also like you to remember you have valuable knowledge and wisdom to impart on others. Be available to stepping into the teacher role to impart your knowledge and wisdom to help someone else as well. Remember you are a compassionate person who offers guidance and inspiration, and you are so much more that a physical being - you are a spiritual being with unlimited potential. Allow yourself to be open and available to your soul tribe. Reach out and join an organization or group of like-minded souls, where you can share your thoughts and get valuable feedback.  This loving environment of souls can infuse you with positivity and encourage you to be all you can be. Kindred support helps you live life to your higher ideals, finding the true inspiration and enlightenment that is part of your soul.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” Confucius

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 2: Light
For today’s reading I have drawn the card Light, this is the 19th card of the Major Arcana, from the Psychic Tarot deck. This card is equivalent to The Sun in a traditional tarot spread. The number 19, in angel numbers, indicates: This is a message for you to believe in yourself and your life purpose. The angels want you to know that you are qualified and ready to follow your dreams. Stay positive, and take action without delay.

WOW!!! I’m so excited about this card, often seen as the Sun card in traditional tarot. It’s a card that I hope to see with every reading, but of course, it only comes up once in a while to announce something fantastic! What more could you possibly ask for, and how can it get any better than this?

This card reassures you that this is your time to be in the light No matter what is happening around you, prosperity and bliss are promised. The qualities of this brilliant card are pleasure, happiness, contentment, growth, success, joy and illumination. The light always brings forth new birth, a constant renewal of life. This is one of the best, if not the most positive, cards in the deck – and it is yours!

This is now your moment to shine! The radiance from within will be there for all to see. As people become attracted to the rays of your spiritual light – and by being compassionate, generous, inspiring, and a leader – many will benefit as they feel the warmth emanating from you. Be discerning, but also be open to whatever or whomever you are attracting, for your rays reach far and wide.

The Light card reminds you that because of its power, nothing remains in the dark. Through its illumination, truths and certain paths begin to emerge and can be surely seen. Using the energy of positive thoughts and continually thinking about the happiest and most joyful of memories will light the path before you even more brightly and attract exactly what you are emanating. Keep on shining!

Reap the rewards of your hard work, immerse yourself in the abundance of living in the present moment, seeing all that life has to offer you. Bask in the glory of truly manifesting your desires and see the connection you have to the Divine in everything that you do. Take time to meditate, work on being open and be receptive to the messages that are coming to you each and every day…. listen, you can’t miss them if you slow down and give yourself time to just be. Connection starts with ourselves and radiates out, like a pebble tossed in the ocean. We are all part of something bigger, we just need to slow down long enough to see it, feel it and believe it. Faith starts with you. Lead yourself in faith and you can empower others to do the same.

This will change the world. Peace starts with you, you can make a difference. Remember you are Love. You are Peace. You are Light!

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 3: Temptation
For today’s reading I have drawn the card Light, this is the 15th card of the Major Arcana, from the Psychic Tarot deck. The number 15, in angel numbers, indicates: As you go through changes in your life, stay positive. Your optimistic thoughts help you manifest the best outcomes with respect to these changes.

This card comes to you as a warning that your material desires and pleasures may not in balance. This is the time to take a closer look and identify self-limiting behaviors and to see if we are exercising self-control. Take the time to become aware of when you may be exhibiting addictive behaviors. This imbalance usually occurs when we consciously or unconsciously pull away from our connection to the Divine and spiritual matters. We start to nourish our soul through material and mundane things. This is the time to remind ourselves of what is truly important in life and to realize that you have the power within you, to free yourself from any unwanted behavior. It is the time to break free and reconnect with a truly nourishing deep connection with the Divine. It is not always an easy task so call on your angels for assistance. You can do this! You will gain strength and character as you overcome this challenge.

Looking at today’s card, I see a man being torn in two different directions. He’s pushing away a key which at one end shows an enclosed heart and at the other end, I see a portal to the stars. Perhaps you are attempting to ignore your internal connection to Divine Source in exchange for more material worldly pleasures. Temptation can represent your fears, addictions, and other harmful impulses. When you become disconnected in this way it creates that painful feeling of separation, a void which you may try to fill with substitutes. These substitutes can come in the form of drugs, alcohol, food and/or codependency. The angels are also indicating procrastination, complaining, and victim mentality may be blocking you from embracing pure joy.  The ego mind may try to trick you into believing that you are being controlled by external forces when in fact you have the power to free yourself from any fear based thoughts, actions, feelings, or behaviors. Call upon Archangel Michael to help you release and step into the Light of freedom. You are not alone. You have infinite abundance waiting for you in every area of your life. You have unconditional love and support from the angels. Take some time to pinpoint the behaviors which may be blocking you at this time.

Try asking yourself the questions: are there people in my life that are draining me? Where in my life am I suffering from addictive behavior? Am I being so negative that it’s draining my life-force energy? Why do I feel like I’m being pulled in two directions at once?

Allowing yourself to recognized and be aware of your fears and your doubts is a beautiful learning experience. If you can be an impartial observer of your own thoughts you will see the root caused for any emotional suffering or pain. Once you identify and clarify your emotions about a person, event, or past experience you can choose to change your perspective. You have the power to shift your thinking from fear to love. Gaining the knowledge that the physical world teaches will help you transcend to a higher spiritual awareness.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
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I never believed these cards and predictions before. I remember one time, my friends wanted to try it so I just went along. The cards predicted all what would happen to us in the next few days and it did happen that week. We were all speechless and amazed by it. She said something about love and problems and some things that we should do too. I start believing after that.

11/10/2016 12:41am

Healing angel guide provide great instruction about wisdom and its effect on our society. This article is the main source of give some authentic info which is easy and quickly to understand. I am happy to read this article because I get many important information to change my life in a positive way.

06/02/2017 12:37am

I am always fond of fortune reading. I would love to study it and perform some fortune reading with my friends. I wonder where can I find those cards and how much would it be. Is there someone who can teach me how to use it? I will be really happy if someone will give me some lecture about it.

06/12/2017 12:12am

Divination through tarot cards originates from ancient cultures. The pattern in which the cards are placed while reading the past, present or future is known as tarot cards spreads.


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