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Daily Angel Guidance March 15

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Deck: The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Cards By John Holland

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 

Card 1: Just Breathe

Key Words: “Step back, reconnect, rest, recharge.”

So much time and effort can be expended in maintaining current relationships or in creating new ones that it is easy to forget to just stop and breathe once in a while. This life is also about connecting with the Divine and your Higher Self. This is a good time to take a break from your personal relationships and reconnect with your spiritual self. Set aside a few minutes every day to sit quietly and just “be”.

In addition to caring for your spiritual self, look after your physical body. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise. Treat yourself to a movie, or take a walk in nature. Step away from any cares around matters of the heart, and just breathe. By taking time for yourself, you will recharge your emotional batteries and have more energy to invest in your relationships.

Did you set your intentions with the new moon last week? If, not this is the perfect time to reassess and prepare for the Full Moon on March 23! We have had some powerful cosmic energy over the last few months, and this is the perfect time to reconnect with ourselves and check in with where we are focusing our attentions.

Have you spent a lot of time lately worrying about your loved ones and neglecting your own self-care? Spring is the perfect time to make some necessary changes in your diet, exercise and spiritual practices. Take a look at your current lifestyle. Are there some changes that could be made to maximize your energy? Are you getting enough quality sleep? If not, could you try to get to bed early, take a break from the media and electronics and give your body the rest it requires to rebuild cells and maintain optimal function? How is your diet? Are you nourishing your body with high quality, whole and natural foods? Preferably organic or local? Are you mindful of your salt and sugar consumption? Limiting your alcohol and caffeine intake? Being aware of artificial sweeteners and food additives? Your body will thank you with each of these vital steps to improve your well-being. Hydration is also crucial for us to process and release toxins, rebuild and repair tissue and also makes a huge impact on our energy levels. Pure, filtered water is essential to all life!

Finally, are you really making time for your spiritual evolution? Ascension is serious business! It takes time and patience and silence and contemplation. It takes dedication and commitment to yourself. And it is worth every moment spent. How can you carve out a little extra time every day to connect to your higher self? How can you get outside and breathe some fresh air and commune with elementals and the nature spirits? How can you incorporate yoga and meditation into your life as routinely as you do brushing your teeth or getting dressed… as something non-negotiable?

Take some time to reflect on ways that you can improve your own health and wellness. Know that as you do so, you will also help those around you to make healthful decisions. This will raise your vibration and provide you with the best possible foundation to assist you in your journey to raise your consciousness.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 

Card 2: Dreams Coming True

Key words: Contentment, receive, gratitude, indulgence

This is a card of contentment and wishes being fulfilled. It suggests that you are now entering a time of peace, joy and satisfaction. Be clear about what you want your relationships to look like, because your desires will be granted soon. Remember to be open to receiving all that the Universe is sending your way and express gratitude every day, especially when your dreams come true. Then sit back and enjoy!

This card is also about feeling good, both emotionally and physically. Engage in activities that bring you pleasure. Take a friend to an upscale restaurant, share a luxurious bubble bath with your partner, or enjoy an ice-cream cone with a child. Activities that make you happy will tell the Universe to send you more joyful abundance. This will aid in your wish fulfillment. So go ahead, indulge yourself!

Abundance has found you…are you ready, and willing to receive it? What have you learned about the Law of Attraction over the past few days or weeks? Have you learned that in order to have the life that you so desire unfold before your very eyes takes courage and commitment on your part? Courage to leave both your past and your present reality behind; taking an enormous leap of faith while envisioning what you would like your life to look like? Commitment to the daily, hourly and moment by moment belief and trust that you can create your dreams with the help of the Divine and the Universe, no matter where you may be right now? Are you really ready to see the limitless and infinite potential available to you?

When you are using the Law of Attraction to your advantage, when you understand that focusing solely and with passion and positive emotion on the things, people, opportunities and events you would like to see in your life as if you already have them in your present reality, miracles happen. When you focus on your past, mistakes, heart aches, traumas, betrayals and hurts, seeing only what is right in front of your nose, it stops you; blocking all progress. Imagine driving your car or bike, or even walking, while all the while looking only in your rear view mirror or out the window at the passing scenery? Would you get where you wanted to go if you were only looking either over your shoulder or right at your feet? What if you decided to look up, and you saw a lookout over the ocean, would you take the trail that looked like it was going in the right direction, keeping your eyes on the lookout as you climbed up towards it? Imagining all the while the breathtaking vistas awaiting you? That is life!

Take the trail to the most beautiful place you can find! Make time for the things that you love in your life, express gratitude and appreciation for all the wonderful things that you already have in your life, and expect more, and more and more! Before you roll out of bed in the morning, set your intention to have the best day ever. Even if it seems ludicrous, keep doing it and keep looking for the amazing things. Keep a gratitude journal, and write down all the awesome things you get to experience every day. Breathe, open your heart and get ready to receive. All your dreams are coming true! Are you ready for miracles…because they are ready to enter your life right now!

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 

Card 3: Share the Love

Key Words: “Friendship. celebration, rejoice, community.”

You are entering a period of joy and tranquility. However, this card speaks of friendship rather than romance, suggesting this is an opportune time to connect with friends. For the time being, let go of any desires, anxiety, or stress around romantic relationships. Instead, focus on your relationships with your friends. Turn to them for support if you need, it and find reasons to celebrate with them. Rejoice in the fact that they will always be there for you, and you for them.

Community is also important at this time. Get out of your house and away from your own concerns. How can you positively contribute to your community? Reach out to your neighbors. Is there an activity group or support group that you have thought about joining? Do it now! This is a great way to meet new people who could turn into lifelong friends. Feel the joy of connecting with others and sharing your love in that way.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you need to seek out likeminded people to help you balance your life. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar values and interests to you will help you broaden your own horizons; they just may introduce you to a new passion; whether it’s a person, hobby or skill! There is also a great deal of joy and raising of your vibration when you enter into a new friendship. It is exciting to see this new person, a breath of fresh air in your life; particularly if it is feeling stagnant. There is no pressure to face; such as there may be in romantic relationships, and you can enjoy getting to know this person with openness and receptivity.

Expanding your friendships also takes the pressure off of partnerships where you may have gotten so entangled in each other’s lives that each expects everything from the other person; fun, romance, a shoulder to cry on, inspiration. One person simply can’t be everything to another, it’s not healthy and it’s not possible. Having freedom and independence within a relationship will keep it healthy and moving forward.

So how are you going to get out there and meet some new people? Look into MeetUp online to find activities you might be interested in. Is there a class you can take; maybe an exercise class or a new skill? Is there a group that meets for your favorite past time or hobby? Can you form a regular meetup, such as a book club, dog walking club or coffee after yoga group? There are also cooking classes, local business mixers and poetry readings. Really, whatever floats your boat!

We gain new perspective by getting out there and coming face to face with people. Away from screens, out of the house, and into the new. Jump out of your comfort zone; you never know how far it will take you. Share the love by getting out there and sharing your light. Meeting you could be the best thing to happen to someone out there just waiting to be inspired.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
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Thank you for your daily dose of guidance, I read it almost anytime I get. Love your site and your work. Keep it up!

02/16/2017 2:14am

Thank you for sharing this wonderful guidance. I put the keywords on my note so I can remember the words and the meaning of it. I was so down right now because there are a lot of things happened to me. I'm really lucky to see this post and was so inspired to go for a new challenge. I will share this post to my friends as well like sharing the love.

05/23/2017 9:43pm

I want the card 2 and 3. I chose card 2 because I am contented on what I have. Also, card 3 because I love to share the love. Sharing and receiving love is important to us. It makes us feel special and important. So, everybody should love somebody.

The card that I relate to the most is the Just Breathe card. I find myself always rushing to finish things. I am always busy doing something. I never have the time to take a rest because I feel like I'm always running out of time even when I'm not. The card is best fit for me because I feel like I need to take thing slow or else time is gonna pass by so fast and I won't even realize the things I have missed. Time is gold, indeed, so I better use mine wisely.

04/19/2017 7:46am

Enjoying the people around you without expecting in return is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give. No matter how strong the person is or difficult to love, you still have to love them. I have somebody that is so special to me, I love her, no matter how difficult she is I still love her. Even though she doesn't love me, it's all right, I just want her to be happy always. I never needed her to love me back, I just want her to do what makes her happy and I'll give and do anything about that.

10/23/2016 8:41am

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04/03/2017 12:18am

Wow! These all angels cards are really awesome and little girls are want that type of cards. These cards are the sign of love peace so that’s why every age or people are like these cards.


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