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Daily Angel Guidance March 16

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Deck: The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Cards By John Holland

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Card 1: The World

Bravo! It’s time to take a bow, as everyone is so very proud of you and the progress you have made. Recognize your own successes as a way to reinforce just how powerful and creative you are. Like your fairy friends, you have the magic touch right now. Be fearless in choosing your next big accomplishment.

This is the time to move forward in your spiritual development. Continue your journey along the path of enlightenment, as it’s also the path of joy!

Our fairy from The Dreamer card has made it successfully to the end of her journey! She wears the sign for infinity in her crown and on her shoes, indicating that she can now begin a whole new adventure if she desires.

Additional meanings of this card: A journey that’s now at an end. Great achievements. New beginnings. The freedom to go in any direction. A sense of completion.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 2: The Wheel

Delays are over, and it’s time to get moving again! The fairies are setting the stage for a magical time coming up for you that will allow you to make some hoped-for changes. This card heralds happy synchronicities, fortune smiling on you, and all-around good luck! Remember that the fairies may have gotten things started, but you have to keep the momentum going.

Your sudden movement forward may bring with it the need to do a little more research. If you are compelled to seek out answers to unanswered questions, do so with speed and optimism. Surround yourself with positive people who can cheer you on and who applaud your success.

A fairy sits at a spinning wheel, creating beautiful strands of gold. However, in this case, the magic of The Wheel creates waves and waves of golden hair for the fairy—a very personal symbol of the prosperity that is to come.

Additional meanings of this card: New doors opening. A lucky break. The forces of positive change. Making progress. Staying optimistic about your plans. What goes around, comes around. A new car or travel.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 3: Six of Summer

Ah, the magic of childhood! When seen through the eyes of a child, the world abounds with joyful and amazing moments. This card asks you to get in touch with that bright outlook that still lives within you. Memories or people from your past can reemerge in your life, bringing enchanting surprises with them!

Experiences from childhood or younger days may unexpectedly provide inspiration for your current situation. Think back to times in your life that are similar to what you’re facing now. Make notes about how you handled those events and how you might apply what you learned to the present. Take special care to see the past accurately, without putting a positive or negative spin on it.

Two young fairies sit together, enjoying the stories they share. Perhaps they are happy memories from years gone by . . . or they could be events that just happened moments ago!

Additional meanings of this card: Children or childhood. Pining for the past. The rekindling of old friendships or romances. Events that bring back memories. Childlike innocence. Becoming fast friends.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
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I love this site and the guidance I get from it. I love what it says especially about the world. I love the effort you guys put into this, keep up the good work!

12/27/2016 12:33am

Some of the angels will be guided on the first time in our life. We can present and perform with the help of guidance. It deals with the full of new values and conditions as well. This is also known as the good development as well.


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