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Daily Angel Guidance March 17

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Deck: Lisa Frank Tarot Cards!
Yipee! I am so excited to see these beautiful loving Lisa Frank images joined with traditional tarot! Yay! These cards fill my heart with joy and remind me of how much fun I had as a young child with Lisa Frank stickers and coloring books! Did you enjoy Lisa Frank as a child? Dancing bears, green aliens, unicorns, and rainbow kittens ...yes please! 

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 

Card 1: The Hermit

Take a break from society. A commitment to your spiritual growth.

You are never alone! Even when it appears that way, you are actually surrounded by Source, the angels, and the fairies, who want to help you. You can ask them for assistance at any time, and they will illuminate your path to peace and happiness. 

The angels are confirming the energies on the planet have been intense this week. They are here to comfort us and provide us with support. Call upon Archangel Michael to shield you and help you remain grounded. Take a break from social media, news, politics, or any situation & relationships filled with drama...just for a little while. Rest. Recharge. Recover. It is important to connect ourselves with pure Light and unconditional love vibration first thing in the morning. At our core, we are all One. We are all connected. We are Love. The angels are here to remind us today so we can be filled with the pure loving light of Source.

It’s important to always shine your light so that other people can follow in your footsteps. In this way, you are a beacon of inspiration for them. Emulate the kind of person you admire so that others may learn from you as well. It may even be time for you to begin teaching or acting as a mentor to those in need of direction.

Our Hermit holds a gilded Star of David, symbolic of celestial guidance and the lineage of biblical King David.

Additional meanings of this card: Taking a peaceful break from society. Pondering the mysteries of life. Searching for enlightenment. Reconnecting with Source.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 2: Temperance (Balance)

Now is the time to be open to compromise and cooperation with others. The perfect resolution is one in which each person’s input is taken into consideration and blended into a win-win that everyone can feel good about.

It’s time to pause, take a few deep breaths, or even go for a quiet walk with the fairies in nature. Ask them to remove any anxieties you’re experiencing so that you can return to a place of peace. This time of reflection can help you become aware of new and creative solutions. Be open to unique ideas that can be mixed together to bring about unanticipated and exciting results.

Our fairy stands before the mighty lion at the mouth of Chalice Well. Blood-red iron ore in the water represents the feminine energy, while the white water represents the masculine force. Together, they are collected into the Chalice, and symbolize the balance of the male and female strengths within each of us. The two energies are equally important for creation, health, success, and happiness.

The angels are encouraging us to balance our male and female energies. They are reminding us that  a balance between giving and receiving plays a major part in living each moment in peace. Stand from a place of pure unconditional love today. Allow yourself to give freely of your time and resources with any expectation of return. Allow yourself to receive the unlimited abundance flowing easily into every area of your life now. 

Additional meanings of this card: Moderation and self-restraint. Merging viewpoints to create a superior opportunity. Taking your time and not rushing. A reaction that’s appropriate to the situation.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 3: The Star

Look to the future with hope and optimism! The power of faith to move mountains. Happy changes that bring relief from challenging times.

Now is the time to believe! Challenges fade away as the joy that comes from true faith lights your way like a clear, starry sky. Life has wonderful, magical things in store for you. There’s no room now for self-doubt.

Look to the future with hope and optimism. Divine Love, the angels, and the fairies can help you manifest whatever you need in order to move toward a happy life or career. Trust in yourself and your abilities. Allow your faith to grow. Like the constellations, it will guide you to rich and fulfilling spiritual insights.

Our fairy is opening the Chalice Well and releasing the ancient healing and manifestation energy for you.

The angels are here to support you in every step you take. You are being Divinely guided by Source. You have unlimited access to every gift this infinite Universe has to offer. You are intimately connected to Divine Love. Keep your thoughts positive and focused on the best possible outcome. Stand strong in your faith and trust you are being Divinely supported. Be open to receiving intuitive guidance from your Higher Self when making important decisions or life changes.  

Additional meanings of this card: Faith to move mountains. Believing in your future. Good fortune. Light at the end of the tunnel. Suddenly knowing what to do next. Spiritual joy.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
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I find it so spirit lifting and soothing to read! It really helped me introspect and discover my realationship with God! I really liked reading your work and would love to read more in the future.

02/24/2017 8:39am

It is a necessity to take a break from the bustle and hassle of our society. Yes, we all need to work to earn a living. We are to provide for ourselves, however, we are also entitled to pause and relax. Relaxing isn't all about travelling, it could be in different forms. I want to encourage all the hardworking men and women to live a life of balance.

08/25/2017 12:26am


08/25/2017 12:48am

The illustrations in the cards are so beautiful. The meaning behind those cards really impressed me. The messages you stated in your blog truly enlightened my mind. I also believe in angels, even though my friends tell me that angels are not real. For me, they give balance to the life of a person. I know that they are guiding everyone to something good and nice. I really appreciated your post, I would really love to read more of your post in regards to this matter.


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