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Daily Angel Guidance March 19

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Deck: Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 

Card 1: Yvonne

Animals respond to your kind and gentle heart.

You have a special understanding of them. You can relate to the innocence and trusting nature of animals, and you feel a call to help them. Yvonne is one of your guardian angels, and she is here to tell you of the beautiful ripple effect that your relationship with animals has created. Your love for animals has also forged a deep bond and appreciation with you and the nature angels.

All of the animals whom you have ever loved continue to be with you like guardian angels. Your love for them keeps these animals at your side forever. Your pets in Heaven are happy, spiritually healthy, playful and affectionate. Your pets on Earth are surrounded by angels who bestow miracles upon you and them. In many ways, the animals act as angels for you and your loved ones. You are someone who truly appreciates the angelic qualities of animals. You are able to communicate wordlessly with these wondrous creatures, and your special bond with the animal kingdom is opening new doors for you right now. Embrace the healing unconditional love of a fur baby animal into your life.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 2: Oceana

Dive right in!

There’s no need for more research or time. You can trust your feelings on this one. Oceana will guide you through the actions that are necessary, considering the circumstances. Your main concern is to avoid procrastination at all costs. Break the situation down into small steps so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Then, take those steps in regular intervals.

You already know what to do about this situation, and now is the time to make up your mind to take action. Oceana is here to validate that your decision is aligned with the path of Light. Although there might be some temporary hard work, this will soon be replaced by a lightness of spirit akin to gently floating wind on a summer breeze.

Sometimes you may feel too emotional or tired to take action. That is because you’re unsure of the ‘correctness’ of your decisions. Usually, unfounded guilt is the culprit that is draining your energy and happiness. This is when it’s very important to call upon the angels to shore up your faith. Notice how the doors open smoothly with each step you take. That is one more sign that you’re taking the best course of action.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 3: Shanti

You have been through turmoil, and your physical body may feel tired.

Your mind craves peace and quiet, and Shanti is here to help you with that desire. She will give you new opportunities to spend time alone, where you can relax your mind and heart. She will bring tranquility to your life so you can mirror the peace of mind that is your true Divine nature.

Like the angels, you are able to hover within the eye of any hurricanes that may swirl around you right now. Through breath and intention, you can stay centered no matter what’s happening in your life. This inner foundation of peace has a powerful healing effect. Your outer life soon reflects your inner peacefulness. Smooth roads are ahead for you, and the worst is behind you now. A peaceful outcome to this situation is assured.

❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
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10/08/2016 10:13am

I love your site! I read it everyday for guidance and understanding. I loved what it said about Oceana, truely an amazing site you run!


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