Healing Angel Guidance
♡Daily Angel Guidance March 25♡

Deck: Saints and Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

The angels are asking you to be open to receiving these messages as it is given with pure intentions and unconditional love without any specific religious affiliations. Saints are often associated with Catholicism, however Saints come to assist any person with any belief system. Just as Jesus will come to help anyone who calls, as he is an Ascended Master who loves us all unconditionally. The angels are here to deliver loving guidance to you with the help of Saints and Divine Love (God, Source, Universe...by whatever name/terminology you connect with most).

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Card 1: Believe – St. Hildegard of Bingen

To heal and improve this situation it is important for you to believe. Have faith in miracles, the power of God’s healing love, and the essential goodness within people. This is an important factor in determining the outcome of this situation.

St. Hildegard of Bingen demonstrated that to bring God’s message to the world, you must believe in yourself. You are qualified. You are ready and prepared. You can do it.

This saint overcame tremendous self-doubt and became a multitalented author, musician, and healer. This was especially remarkable, considering that women in her era (1098-1179) were not expected to accomplish worldly deeds. Born the tenth child in her family, she was sent to live in a convent in order to reduce her parents’ financial burdens.

Hildegard began having spiritual visions as a young child, and she was eventually called upon to write books about them. She overcame tremendous self-doubt about her literary skills and later wrote: “But although I heard and saw these things, because of doubt and low opinion of myself and because of diverse sayings of men, I refused for a long time to call to writs.” St. Hildegard is also known for orchestrating rich musical chants and for her two books on bringing about physical health by using items found in nature.

Belief, like love, starts inside us and radiates out. Believing in your worthiness to see, feel, and experience the Divine in yourself and everything around you is essential to raising your consciousness; you must be open to receiving unconditional love in every aspect of your life. When you are open and receptive; the signs, the messages, the synchronicities, and the miracles come into focus. It’s not a matter of having them spontaneously “appear” as such, it’s more about you being open and able to see and feel them.

Imagine your energetic body as a set of bunny ears on an old fashioned television set, or the antennae on a radio. If those bunny ears, or that antennae is not facing the right way, you would never even know that a television or radio station signal could come in crystal clear. Once you start experimenting with moving them around a little, “miracles” occur! Suddenly you can see or hear a broadcast, literally out of thin air!

So how do you help yourself be the best “antennae” you can? Meditation and yoga are the techniques that have assisted me with finding balance and centering myself daily. In combination with music, working with crystals, learning about Reiki and spending time (preferably alone) in nature or with animals. All of these will raise your vibration, while simultaneously raising your consciousness so you can experience Namaste consciousness throughout the day. Sending and receiving love, concentrating on being a “conductor” of love between you and the Earth, all of her creatures and the Universe and the Divine. Know that you are connected; know that you have a message to share, and know that you are fully, unconditionally loved, supported and accepted by Divine Love.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light❣
Card 2: Mother – Mother Mary

Beautiful! Thank you Mother Mary for showing up to support and guide us during this Easter weekend!

Mother Mary says she will remain by your side, and if you grant permission, assist you with your family relationships. Mother Mary would like to help you with any issues with your own mother, whether she is present with you on Earth or in the spirit realm. She can aid your healing from long-standing patterns between the two of you. As you do so, you’ll also be made well in other life areas. For instance, healing mother issues improves your relationships with other women, especially powerful ones and those in authority. It helps you to be more open to receiving, since feminine energy is receptive. If you’re a woman, reconciling any mother issues can improve your self-love and self-esteem.

If you are a mother or caregiver, Mother Mary would love to help you in this life area. She’ll alleviate any guilt or stress that may be interfering with the joy of parenting. If you’d like to help children in general, ask Mother Mary for a Divine assignment. She has so much love for children that she gladly helps their caretakers so that they’re better equipped to help little ones in many ways.

All of us are tasked with the soul mission of loving children unconditionally, including our own inner child. If you are noticing past events in your childhood are effecting your thoughts, beliefs, confidence, etc. in your present moment, call upon Mother Mary and Archangel Michael to heal any past events blocking you from fulling embracing abundance in all forms.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light❣
Card 3: Healing – St. Padre Pio

This is a powerful card as it signifies the power of prayer. Your requests regarding healing have been heard and answered. The situation is surrounded by God’s rejuvenating love and is resolving itself in a miraculous way. Your prayers are particularly powerful, so keep them vibrating with pure intentions. You may also want to enlist the devotion of others (such as a church prayer group) to amplify the process.

This is also a message about your healing abilities and a call from Heaven for you to use those talents to help others in a more powerful way. If you elect to follow this calling, God will open the doors for your career. St. Padre Pio who both heals and helps those who follow this path, He will inspire and protect you as you make and necessary life changes.

St. Padre Pio was a tireless worker, devoted to personally helping the thousands who visited his church and hospital in Italy. In addition, his mystical experiences and healing are legendary. Many people have reported having visions of St. Padre Pio and miracle healings and protection from harm associated with these visits.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light❣
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