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Yipee! its March 3rd (3.3.) which in angel numbers means: You have a strong and clear connection with one or more ascended masters, who have answered your call and your prayers. Keep talking to them, as they’re helping you with your present situation.

Number 3 is the essence of the Trinity - mind, body, spirit and is the threefold nature of Divinity. The number 3 symbolizes the principle of 'growth' and signifies that there is a synthesis present – an imagination and an outpouring of energy in action. The number 3 represents the principle of increase, expansion, growth and abundance on physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual levels.

The card I pulled for guidance today: Lakshmi ~ Flow Of Prosperity! This card indicates that your prayers about finances have been heard and answered. Tap into your manifestation power by focusing on abundance instead of worrying about money. You have nothing to fear. A new flow of prosperity is supporting you and your loved ones.

Additional meanings of this card: Stop worrying about money; worries only attract more money problems. Everything is going to be OK, especially with respect to your finances. You have the support to make a desired life change right now. Visualize and affirm prosperity daily.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity who helps us overcome financial fears and tap into the river of abundance that is available to everyone. It is helpful to put a statue or painting of Lakshmi in the financial corner (according to Feng Shui principles, this is the left rear corner of your home or office as you stand looking inward from the front door). Call upon Lakshmi to help transmute money worries into financial flow.

Deck:Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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I do love this book All About Angels by a great author C. Leslie Miller. It is very uplifting that the author here tells all about angels as persons, protectors, energizers, avengers, angels in prophecy, in evangelism, in healing. This is really a very interesting book to read.


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