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♡Daily Angel Guidance March 30♡ 

Deck: Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper

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Card 1: Prosperity

Archangel Ariel is here with you: “Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.”

Archangel Ariel is pouring a cornucopia of prosperity upon you and your life, and ask that you open your arms to receive. Some of the treasures will come in the form of brilliant ideas, and some will come as opportunities. You will work together with your angels to realize your highest dreams, and Archangel Ariel asks that you give any worries to God. The Archangels love you very much, and are happy to help you in this way. They know that you’ll pass along the goodness to others as well.

Working with Archangel Ariel: Ariel is involved with Divine magic, which means instant manifestation of the highest will. Ariel helps you attract any support you need for your life’s mission. Know that it’s normal and “in-the-light” for miracles to occur in this arena. Ariel’s aura is a pale shade of pink, and if you wear or hold a rose quartz crystal, your heart will open further to Ariel’s magnificent love. Ask her for whatever you need, and she’ll guide you accordingly.
Card 2: Rainbow

It is safe for you to see the energy of love in all of its forms, such as angels, auras, and visions. This card comes to you in response to your questions about your future. You have visions about yourself, and you are wondering whether they are real or mere imagination. Well, the angels assure you that you are having accurate insights, and they wish to encourage your visual spiritual gifts.

You have natural clairvoyant tendencies, governed by the energy center located between your two physical eyes, which is known as the third-eye chakra. The angels send clairvoyant messages that you perceive in your mind’s eye as shapes, colors, mental movies, dreams, and so forth. Or you may receive their messages via your physical sight, such as in recurring number sequences (111,444, and so on); lights and moving objects; or through signs and symbols, including feathers, rainbows, clouds, and coins.

The angels wish to help you fully awaken your third eye and understand your psychic visions. They are guiding you to notice and trust all that you see with your inner and outer vision.

Action Steps: Sit quietly and say: “Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Clairvoyance, I call upon you now to surround my head with your healing energy. Please clear my third eye of any old fear energies, entities, or other blocks or intrusions.”

Inhale and exhale deeply while the angels perform their ‘psychic surgery’ to adjust your spiritual sight. Keep a journal of your visions, and ask your angels for help in interpreting them.
Card 3: King of the Unicorns

“You are a lightworker who has come to Earth to teach about love.”

This card comes to you in response to your question about your life’s purpose. The answer is: teach about love. You fulfill this task whenever you are centered, serene, and loving, as that is when you are a role model of Divine peace. You need not say a word, write a book, or work as a healer in order to positively affect others. You merely need to be loving and compassionate in your interactions with others. Those who are peaceful teach about peace, which is the expression of Divine love on Earth.

You also received this card to help you cope with alienation issues, which means feeling different from others or that you do not belong. As an Earth angel, this may be one of your first human incarnations. But do now worry, for you are never truly alone. The angels are always with you, guiding, loving and unconditionally accepting you as you are. There are also other Earth angels living among you, who have similar backgrounds and experiences to your own. Ask your guardian angels to connect you with like-minded friends, and they will.

Action Steps

The key to teaching about love is to first feel it for yourself and your life. Take a pad of paper or open a blank word processing document on your computer, and write down everything you can think of under the heading: “What I Like About Myself.”

Include every major and minor trait you can think of that you find positive about yourself. It is a private list, so admit characteristics that you might normally feel shy about revealing.

Then erase or cross out the word Like in the paper’s headline and replace it with the word Love. Frequently review and add to this list of reasons why you love yourself. It will help you teach others to love themselves as well, through the process of self-acceptance.

Gratitude comes from the heart, and starts with unconditional love and self-acceptance. Writing down the things that you like and love about yourself will help you to focus on these things, shining your light brightly on the world. Too many of us get caught up in our self-perceived inadequacies; particularly physical ones, focusing on them until they begin to hold us back from the lives we should be living and giving us constant feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth.

Being happy is beauty personified; joy, peacefulness, bliss and harmony all create stunning beauty, radiating out from within. Joy and happiness are the cornerstones for high vibrational energy, which attracts positivity and beauty to the one experiencing it and those around them. We all know people who are more beautiful due to their radiance, positive attitude and inner beauty. These people may not be supermodels (and we know now that even supermodels are not really supermodels, but computer generated artificial beauties) but there is just something about them that leaves an impression; we want more of that energy around us and look forward to spending time with them. The reverse is also true, we all know someone who has dedicated their lives to how they look on the outside and are not the happiest, friendliest or most joyful people we know.

So dig deep, get out that pen and paper and ask Archangel Jophiel to help you see the beauty in yourself. Write down every single aspect, inside and out. Know that you are beautiful, know that you are worthy and know that you are, as always, completely and unconditionally loved and supported by your Angels, the Ascended Masters, and the Divine. Even though we are all connected, there is no one else out there quite like you.
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11/11/2016 8:28am

There are many books that guides us about many aspects that are useful for us about the messages of God and his messenger. We knows many things that are unknown for us before reading those books. This post is also very informative.

03/07/2017 7:23pm

I like the second card which is the rainbow. There is the rainbow beyond the clouds. Rainbow symbolizes hope. There is hope in every challenge. There is light after the darkness. There is good inside the veil. And there is love in the heart. Just don't lose hope and you will see the rainbow waiting for you.


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