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Daily Angel Guidance March 4

Archangel Chamuel is here to bring you peace. He is encouraging you to remember infinite Light and Love lives within you. You have full access to every miracle the Universe has to offer. You are unconditionally loved by the angels. 

Archangel Chamuel: “Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.”

Look past the surface of this situation and see the underlying truth: that everyone involved is a child of God filled with love. By focusing upon this truth, you elicit loving behavior and solutions. Even though appearances may seem otherwise, trust that a higher wisdom is in charge. Love is the only power that exists, and its light shines away any seeming darkness. Hold the intention to look for examples of this light within yourself and others, and you’ll have more light in your mind, heart, thoughts, and life. This knowledge is the foundation of peace.

Working with Archangel Chamuel: When you wish to feel more centered, calm, and peaceful, call upon Chamuel. He is the archangel of personal and global peace. He’s very kind, loving, and sweet, and he’ll evoke a pleasant feeling of excitement when he works with you. Know that Chamuel sees your true qualities and loves you unconditionally.

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Wishing you peace and sending gratitude,
Namaste. Loving Light 
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05/31/2016 1:39am

We have to hold our heads high and expect greatness from ourselves! If you expect the worst, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

10/28/2016 5:14am

Its true that love is the only things which lasts in our life and its the only need should be in every humans life.Love of god gets everything possible in this world and becomes the source for peace of life.This post is an inspiration to all of them who are struggling for peace in thier life.


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