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♡Daily Angel Guidance March 6♡

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Card 1: Synchronicity

Are you noticing the signs of synchronicity that the Spirit World has been sending you at this time? People and situations in your life are not just appearing by coincidence; in reality, they are being guided to you from the Spirit World to help you for a specific reason.

Synchronicities are far more than just coincidence. You received this card as confirmation that you have been experiencing some fascinating and distinctive synchronicities. Pay attention, you may be getting even more of them! These blessings and signs of grace are not just mere coincidences, but are evidence that you are and always will be connected to Spirit. When synchronicity appears in your life, it is usually a sign that you should look beyond the normal limitations of the physical and consider the spiritual meaning of your present situation or what is about to happen in your life.

Synchronicity often puts certain people in your path, or gives you a particular book. Equally, the same name may be repeated several times in a day, or a certain workshop or course keeps popping up. The more you notice and pay attention to these meaningful signs of grace, the easier it is for them to multiply and give you spiritual guidance. Synchronicity doesn’t just happen. It is a sign for you to stop and take a deep look at the direction you are taking and spiritual shift you are making or about to make. Welcome these signs and act accordingly, for Spirit is trying to guide and help you.

“Dear guardian angels, please guide my actions, my words, and my choices as I make the changes that are necessary. Please send me signs that are easy to spot and to understand that will show me not only when to take the appropriate actions but also how to leave in a way that is wise, fair, and brings peace to all.”  

Card 2: Embrace the Moment

Embrace this day, this very moment! Think positively today and repel those negative thoughts and try not to judge yourself or others. This may be harder than you think. What is actually happening is that you are changing your energy.

The angels have sent you this card because they can feel the negative thoughts you’re having about others, as well as yourself. The angels understand that life can get you down, and all the hard work you do every day to support yourself and others can be challenging. Do not let the outside world tarnish or dilute your brilliance.

Remember, all thoughts create reality and the situations in your life. Your thoughts are made up of energy, whether they are positive or negative. When you think of a thought, your aura will amplify it with energy and put it out into the Universe. By monitoring your thoughts, you will have conscious control in shaping your day as well as your future.

Learn to embrace the moment. If you are having a cup of tea, just drink your tea. If you are enjoying a meal, than just eat your meal. If you are walking, then just walk. Appreciate, focus, and be in the moment of what you are doing. By doing so, you will remain in the powerful present.

“Dear Archangel Jophiel, the time has come for me to be happy; to see life as beautiful again.  I am ready to purge my mind of fearful or negative thoughts and experience the joy of life.   I ask that you use your beautiful, pink light to place spiritual rose-colored glasses over my eyes. I do not ask to see things falsely, but I do wish to see things in their most positive and uplifting light! Let me look at the people in my life with smiles of love and appreciation. Help me to remember that life is magic!” 

Card 3: Forgiveness

Holding onto resentment and anger are preventing or even suffocating your spiritual growth. Resentment is one of the strongest the most damaging of human emotions. The act of forgiveness in its own right is equally incredibly powerful, and it has the capacity to heal and transform.

You received this card right now because past hurts need be healed. The Spirit World is trying assist you in stepping out of the stagnant energy wrapped around old wounds so spiritual and life experiences can emerge. Once these past hurts are dispelled, you will feel reawakened, energized, happier, and more connected. Forgiveness is about choice. It is not about absolving someone of their past actions; it’s a matter of releasing the anguish and torment your soul is having to cope with.

Forgiveness requires compassion, insight, kindness, and wisdom. Each time you forgive, it will enable you to release positive energy towards healthier and more productive endeavors. Every time you forgive, you break the cycle of pain. Forgiveness enables you to be less affected and constrained by the suffering, so you can empower yourself to stop feeling like the victim. As those feelings of resentment and hurt melt away, your capacity to love, to trust, and to believe all rise to the surface, so you can get back to loving yourself and vibrating at a higher level. Forgiving is not a sign of weakness – in fact, it is a sign of pure spiritual strength.

Call upon Archangel Raguel to help you forgive yourself, all relationships, and past events. “Dear Archangel Raguel, please clear all negativity and painful emotions between me and [name of the person you wish to forgive]. Let there be no further anxiety in my emotions towards [the person]. Please wash away all fear or negative emotions so that I need no longer worry myself with constant thoughts of them.”
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08/31/2016 2:21am

These applications might be something random, but it can still make a change if their card is given to the person who needs it the most. It could kind of making them have a change of heart from stone to a forgiving heart. As I study about how the people change, I believe that third parties or people that surround them is a big part of the reason of success or failure. I have seen many people that were changed because of something they read on their phone or their friend tried to help him/her change.

10/05/2016 10:48pm

I like the idea of the application. Maybe the owner can build its own brand then print a hard copy of these and I bet many will be fond of this. This seems cute and helpful. I love the statements, and I bet everyone can relate with it. This can be perfect for presents, I bet the receiver will surely appreciate it. Thanks for this wonderful site. Keep it up. I'll be sharing it with my sisters, and friends.


There is no accident in life. I believed that everything is synchronized even before the foundation of the Earth. I am thankful for the gift of life because I was able to experienced the good and bad things of this world. And I choose to embrace every moment and make the most of every opportunities. To laugh, mourn, forgive, learn and live life to its fullest.


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