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♡Daily Angel Guidance March 8: Happy International Women's Day!

Deck: Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

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Card 1: Taking Action

“I enthusiastically embrace life’s boundless possibilities.”

Don’t hesitate! Whenever you have been putting off, now is the time to act. Then tall, raise your fist of the sky and leap into action. Break out the champagne, for victory is in breach. The universe wants you to know that action creates momentum. Whatever you have been wishing and waiting for, this is the right time to move forward without looking back. Quicken your spirit by taking action now even if you have to face your fears in order to do so, look them in the eye with a common clear gaze and forge ahead. The action you take now will reap immense rewards in the future. If you’re feeling anxious and nervous just call upon your angels to help you. Ask Archangel Uriel to give you courage that you can move forward with confidence and grace. Call upon Archangel Michael to cut any cords or attachments to fear that may be holding you back from pursuing your desires. The angels are here to tell you are being supported and encouraged to take action.

Questions to ask yourself: in what area of my life should I take action now? What blocks me from acting, and how can I overcome this? What is the most direct action that will yield the greatest results?

Card 2: Emerging into Grace

“I open my soul to grace.”

All is well. You can relax and let go, for your path is divinely guided. Gifts from the Creator are pouring into your life. Gratitude abounds. A spirit of grace to softly unfolding in your life. The universe wants you to know in the stillness of retreat, the gifts of Spirit will emerge at your feet. In gratitude and thankfulness, an opening into the deepest spiritual realms is occurring. Simply be ready and be open, as waves of sacred love will pour into your heart. Grace is growing within you so that, more and more, you serve as a safe sanctuary for others. Receiving unconditional love and grace from Source is your divine right. Allow yourself to receive so that you may be a beacon of light and truth and love for other people.

Questions to ask yourself: how does the spirit of grace want to work in my life? What has blocked it from filling my life in the past? If I truly let go and open myself to grace, what will unfold?

Card 3: Proceeding Softly

“My inner power growth in moment of quietude.”

Go forward, slowly and gently. Dr. surrounded the season enjoy the beauty. Love and appreciate what is here right now in this present moment. The universe wants you to help that when you take your time and go slowly, new perceptions blossom. These perceptions are only available to you if you are moving slowly and living in the present moment set up moving quickly and brushing life. Step out of the rapid faith of everyday life, and step into the majesty of stillness. Resist the impulse to go ahead with your person speak, and tune into your deeper intuition. Power is born when you relax into the present moment. All the knowledge, wisdom, and resources to acquire are being presented to you in the present moment. Allow yourself to dissolve the walls of ego based thinking and fear, so that you can embrace a perception of love.

Questions to ask yourself: what is the underlying wisdom for me regarding being cautious? Is there an area of my life where I should slow down? Should I view a certain person or situation my life caution?

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It is important to touch with angels to take some guidance in difficult conditions because we are believe that the whole world create only by one God. So, we should to pray for improve their economics and social issues. Take some effort and get a lot of genuineness from it.


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