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Daily Angel Guidance March 9

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Card 1: Loneliness
This card has come to you because you must be reminded that there is a difference between being lonely and being alone. Feelings of loneliness originate from a sense of not appreciating the most important person in your life: you. If solitude seems like an affliction, the angels are encouraging you to work on creating a healthy relationship with yourSelf. Only then will you attract others who will nurture your soul. If you don’t develop a healthy relationship with yourself first, you may find you are drawing unhealthy relationships into your life.

To create a healthy, positive relationship with yourself, begin by cultivating a relationship with the angel, who will remind you that you are worthy of love. The pessimism of this physical dimension may be affecting your self-esteem. Allow yourself to develop a strong conviction that you are valuable and meaningful. Don’t view solitude as a weakness; it is merely your soul telling you that it is time to do some inner work and reevaluate your path before you start to shine. As you sit in the silence of your soul, you will realize that your Spirit family, teachers, and guides are with you. You are never alone. The angels are always by your side, call on them often for company and support.
❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 2: Blame
It is so easy to give away the power to transform your life. Certainly, there have been people along your path who have shaped you into who you are today, but you are solely responsible for your own happiness. The ego can be a very fragile thing, and if it comes under fire, the first instinct is to blame an outside force. Victim consciousness weakens the connection that you have to your soul source. This mind-set says: I don’t have the power inside myself to break free, because someone else’s power is stronger.

This is an illusion. When you believe that someone else is responsible for your problems, that belief is the problem. Personal responsibility can empower you to change your reality. Lasting transformation always begins on the inside and works its way out. There is a difference between a reason and an excuse. A reason is valid and unavoidable; an excuse is an attempt to shift the blame. The angels are encouraging you to stand in your power and reclaim your happiness by taking responsibility. You can do this! The angels are always here to help you along the way. 
❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
Card 3: Judgment
We are all Spirit. We are all the same. It’s only the roles we have chosen to play here on Earth that make us seem different. The biggest lesson you have chosen to learn is to love. There are so many situations in this physical dimension that it is possible to incarnate into, but the core lesson is to look past these illusions and see yourself in everyone. Each soul has chosen its own struggles, and your task is not to judge how someone goes about overcoming these obstacles, but to assist your soul brothers and sisters.

Spirit has given you the tools of compassion and empathy to help you see through the eyes of those who appear different. Your ego has taught you that making other people feel insignificant or inferior will allow you to feel better about yourself. That is an illusion. By diminishing others, you diminish yourself.

Always learn to follow the Golden Rule: I will treat others as I would like to be treated. Because in truth we are all One. Everyone in your life is here to teach you something about yourself. Accept the lesson with love and understanding. The Light in my recognizes the Light in you. The Love in me recognizes the Love in you. We are all connected.
❣Namaste. Loving Light❣ 
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07/13/2016 10:38am

Very interesting writing. I choose card #2, which is Blame. I chose it because most of the time I do not take responsibility of my actions. Often times I say that I acted this way because of the way the other person acted. I hope that soon enough I will learn to take full responsibility of my behavior.

08/23/2016 10:06pm

Thanks a lot for such interesting guidance! I'd like to read more often about such things ;)

02/21/2017 4:00am

04/11/2017 5:10pm

May I translate this into my native language?

06/19/2017 10:06pm

I have chosen the first card which is loneliness. I find it hard to sometimes differentiate loneliness and feeling alone. Whenever I get lonely, I feel as if no one cares about me and that all of the people I love have abandoned me. But this is when I realize I am wrong because like you have said, there is a fine line between being lonely and being alone. Even if sometimes we feel lonely, it does not mean that we are alone. We still have the people we love around us to support us. We just tend to be blinded by our sadness so we forget the fact that they are still there for us.


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