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March 27 Happy Easter! 
Deck: Loving Words From Jesus Cards by Doreen Virtue!

Hello Lovely Lightworkers! 

Whether you are celebrating Easter, Ostara, the beginning of spring, or the start of a new week - this is the perfect time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Today is your opportunity to stand in your power and step into your Light. Today is a chance to connect to your higher self and intuition. Dive deep within yourself to discover what thoughts, behaviors, and actions are no longer serving you. It is a great day for you to connect to God, Source, Jesus, Universe, Divine Love or Spirit. Allow yourself to connect to whatever entity or energy you feel aligned with most, the terminology you choose is of little consequence. Allow yourself sometime today to meditate and commune with your higher self energy so you can balance, center, and realign with your soul purpose.

Today I asked Jesus for a specific message for each of us to celebrate this beautiful Easter Sunday! He says “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” This message is a loving confirmation and celebration directly from Jesus Christ. Jesus is full of pride and pure love for you. He is sending you appreciation, respect, and patting you on the back for all the wonderful work you have been doing. Jesus Honors You!

This beautiful message from Jesus is a reminder for us to be gentle and loving towards ourselves. God, Jesus, and the angels love us unconditionally. Therefore they are so happy when we dedicate ourselves to being of service to Divine Love. Our higher self energy is in full alignment with God’s will and the divine plan. Therefore when we allow ourselves to begin each day from a place of service, we become aligned with the vibration of abundance and love.

If you feel resistance to the word “servant,” please know this may be due to worldly definitions of the word. We were raised learning about a history where the terms servant and servitude hold a negative connotation. However, the message for today has a very high vibration and positive connotation. Being of service to our higher self, to others, to the angels, to our family, to our friends, to Source, to God, and Divine Love is a beautiful and holy experience. This pure vibrating energy lives within all of us. God, Divine Love, lives within us. We are not separate from Source. We are Spirit. When we allow ourselves to look past ego thoughts and fear-based illusion, we can begin to stand in the Light and remember we are Love! We are the Light of the world! We can fully align with the pure vibration of unconditional love. We can connect to our inner peace and dwell within this peace throughout our daily lives. We can extend love to others in every situation, no matter the circumstance. We can remember who we are in spiritual truth. We can recognize we are One Love. We are One Light. We are All connected. Namaste.

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Sharing is caring, and thank you for sharing such a good and peaceful message for all of the people out there to bringing peace in each and everyone's life. Advance happy Easter.

11/28/2016 12:28pm

Everyday is an opportunity for us to grow as a person. We can become a better person with God's help and it will come to us as we come to Him. This message moves me as I read it. Even if it is not Easter season anymore, I can still feel the power of it. Kudos to you for blessing us with this post. May you have a beautiful year ahead of you.

01/13/2017 9:58pm

The phrase "Well done, good and faithful servants!", shows that God is applauding and commending us for living according to His plan. Showing the love towards God means loving others as well. This is what I want to hear from God when I enter His kingdom. That's why this is my motivation to truly do a holy living here on earth.


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