Healing Angel Guidance
♡Daily Angel Guidance April 2nd♡ 

Deck: Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

‪❣Namaste Loving Light

Card 1: Angel of Balance
Being centered and honoring in your choices.

This loving presence holds a picture of liquid light in front of the pyramids, reminding you that a strong destiny relies on a solid foundation of personal balance and emotional equanimity. Although things may have been out of sync in the past, this card is telling you that a greater equilibrium is now coming into your life.

Remain conscious about how you are balancing your goals and your physical and emotional energy as well. Whenever you feel yourself getting off-center or losing focus, call upon this beautiful angel and bring her attention into your heart center. Your intuition will lead you in the right direction, and the angel will guide you to a peaceful and centered approach.

It’s time to pause, take a few deep breaths, or even go for a quiet walk with the fairies in nature. Ask the angels to remove any anxieties you’re experiencing so that you can return to a place of peace. This time of reflection can help you become aware of new and creative solutions. Be open to unique ideas that can be mixed together to bring about unanticipated and exciting results.

If you are feeling out of balance lately, consider seriously committing to a daily meditation practice. Meditation has been a tremendous gift in my life. Eckhart Tollee explains it beautifully: “It’s the time I give myself each day to listen and to be heard. I listen to my own heart beat and to my lungs draw air, to the birds singing outside my window and to the rain on my rooftop as well as the cars driving by. I listen to the rhythm of the world, and in doing so I become part of everything around me. In finding my inner energy attuned to my own nature and to the nature of what surrounds me, I know that I am part of the whole, and I become whole. In this space, surrender is not only possible, it’s inevitable.” 

“Don’t look for peace,” Eckhart teaches. “Don’t look for any other state than the one you are in now; otherwise, you will set up inner conflict and unconscious resistance. Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept your non- peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will get you there, will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender.” 

Affirmation: I live a balanced and centered life. As I care for myself, the universe cares for me also.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡
Card 2: Fifth Chakra, Archangel Gabriel
Self-expression and speaking your truth

Gabriel holds his trumpet in one hand and a beautiful orb of blue light in the other. He is sending powerful energy to your throat center, acknowledging your power to communicate and your readiness to do so. This angel opens you up to truthful expression – both with yourself and others.

You may have had trouble with expressing emotions and ideas in the past, but Gabriel is here to tell you that your soul longs to take the leap now. Be aware that your communication includes how you speak to yourself, so never deny your profound, integral value. Speak up for yourself; write in your journal; let your words flow! Now is the time to express yourself freely and fully, and the universe always honors your choice to do so.

This card may also indicate a communication project is coming – or a time of heightened communication with Spirit and telepathy with others. Be open to this new experience and be ready to let your Truth be heard.

The angels are helping you lovingly speak your truth.

The angels sent this card to you because of important messages that you need to express, either verbally or in written form. You are encouraged to speak your truth to yourself and others. to yourself, admit our true feelings as well as any revelations you have had. 

The throat chakra is the energy center located in the neck, which governs speech, writing, and creative expression. When you squelch your truth because of fears of disapproval, your throat chakra tightens and darkens. Prior experience (in this life or past lives) of being punished for speaking up can also close this energy center off.

Fortunately, the angels are working to unlock your self expression by sending pure Divine white light and love to you and your throat chakra. As the angels help you speak up for yourself lovingly and assertively, they will guide your words with verve and humor.

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who assists you to eloquently, truthfully, and lovingly express your thoughts and feelings. Take a moment to center yourself, and then say:

Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now. Thank you for guiding me in the expression of my inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you watch over me in all that I say and write so that I may clearly convey my inner messages.

Affirmation: My throat chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state, spinning with the beautiful energy of freedom and self empowerment. I am free to express myself in every way.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡
Card 3: Strategy

This card shows a pen, journal, compass, and a key. When you're see this card upright, it indicates that this is the optimum time for setting up a very specific strategy for achieving your goals.

Write about the direction you want to go in. Consider any potential change in course that may be needed. Be aware of the particulars regarding your goals and have some conscious plan in mind. Structure the short-term goals needed to make your long-term goal a reality.

This card is telling you to spend some time setting things in order. It's time to take full control. Add thought to action, and set your sights on the road ahead.

If you are feeling a stall in progress due to a lack of planning. You may have a goal in mind but no specific ideas about how to achieve it. Or you may have found that your original plans have hit a wall, and now it’s time to reevaluate things. If this is the case, remember that the path of least resistance may be tempting but it rarely leads anywhere new. Don’t let the mundane tasks of life eat up all your time and take you off course. Instead of floundering and wandering around in confusion, put some significant mental effort into starting or renewing a comprehensive plan of attack. This card reversed is warning you to get out of the role of passive observer and become the author and director of your own destiny.

Do you have a strategy in life? Do you have a strategy for getting through your day in the best way you can? Life can throw us curve balls, however, if we aim to have a strategy to move forward we can get up and move on after we have recovered. Having a flexible plan is what it is all about. Allow yourself to make plans with your angels and Higher Self. You are not alone and you do not need to ‘know’ everything. You have full and complete access to the Divine source of love and light holding all universal truth. You have access to this information right now. Call upon your angels to help you make plans and be open to flowing with Divine timing.

Affirmation: I plan the necessary steps to achieve my goals, and I'm willing to take action in that direction. I am flexible, persistent, and prepared.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light ♡
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I found this to be very effective and healing for myself! I have been feeling dejected and lost for a while. This truly gave me guidance and helped me explore my inner spirit.

01/25/2017 7:31pm

This is really comforting. Recently there were some things that did not go on as I expected it to be. I chose card 3 and it really provides me an answer what I will do next. I have been thinking if there is something wrong, because it's like everything is not going as I hope it would be. I think I really need to plan and set things around me in order. Thank you for this blog. It really helps me.

06/30/2017 9:32pm

I think the card that really suits me right now is the Fifth Chakra, Archangel Gabriel - the card of self-expression and speaking your truth. I have troubles in expressing myself these past few days, may it be about my worries, ideas and also, my true feelings for a person. I am really afraid of getting rejections so instead of being honest to him, I tend to keep to myself what I truly feel for him, I am afraid that what we have right now will suddenly disappear and I don't want that to happen. But after seeing this post, I think that I really need to express my true feelings instead of keeping it, I hope that Archangel Gabriel will really give me the courage to do so.


These cards are giving me joy in life. After reading all the meanings of this card and how these suppose to affect your life makes me want to change or do things that will make my life better. This looks like the same with the traditional tarot card, but the images were more light and good in the eyes. I am looking forward to read more of this card and how to use it so that I can share this to my friends. Does it have an actual printed card like the usual tarot cards? If it has, where can I buy a set? How much will it cost me to complete the set? Thank you!


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