Healing Angel Guidance

♡Daily Angel Guidance April 3rd♡ 

Deck: Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

‪❣Namaste Loving Light

Card 1: Flowing River

Card meaning: Everything is falling into place because you are not resisting the drift of the great river of life. It is time to let go. You are entering a period of gracious ease and flow. All is unfolding perfectly and with good timing. When you’re in a state of flow, you are not pushing the river to go faster, and you are not swimming against it. Let go of the shore and enjoy life.

Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know: Rivers have personalities and carry energy, just like animals and plants too. From the Maoris to the Australian Aborigines, and to other native cultures throughout the world, it is believed that it’s important to listen to the language of the river. If you aren’t feeling the smooth currents of life, it might mean that you are trying to control situations or that you are being self-critical or judgmental. The way to move into flow is through gratitude and appreciation, and by allowing others to support and help you. Heed the Native American saying: “it’s best to ride the horse the direction that it’s going.” This means that when the card flowing river chooses you, you’re being told to let go and go with the flow. If there is something or someone you need to forgive, this is the time. This is also the time to forgive yourself and just let go.

The Journey: Next time you are taking a shower, allow the waters flow off your body. Imagine that everything is flowing freely into your life. Spend time near a river or stream and watch the flowing water; use it as a metaphor to let go and enter the flow.

A river always knows where to go, how to travel and how to be continuous. Flowing River is asking you to become just that. Follow the flow of life. Allow your plans and activities to flourish just as they planned. Accept the day will take you where it’s intended to go and don’t disturb the flow. Don’t try to push or pull your way through today. For example, if you get the urge to take a nap, don’t fight it! Accept that your body may need it. The river will show you exactly what’s best for you today.

A deeper side to the Flowing River is the idea of letting go and forgiving. Allow yourself to let go of whatever is bothering you and allow the river to guide you. Let go of anything you wish to before the New Moon on April 7. For example: bad habits, negative feelings, or even unhealthy relationships that aren’t meaningful to your life anymore or bringing negative energy into your field. Keep in mind, with letting go and releasing may also bring forgiveness. This is great! Begin this spring season fresh and open minded. If you’ve been in a rough patch with someone close to you: find the strength to forgive. Don’t allow the emotional distress to carry into the New Moon. It’s just not worth it. Follow the flow of life, let go and ride the waves.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light
Card 2: Gathering Your Tribe

Card Meaning: you are loved, and you are lovable. You deserve love. Support in all forms is flowing to you. You can relax; there’s so much love around you. Communicate from your heart. Share your truth. You are safe. Diminish your time with those who do not empower you to move them.

Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know: If the Gathering Your Tribe card chooses you, this means that sustenance in all forms is flowing into your life. “Your people” are those who resonate with you. (Your people can include animals, plants, minerals, trees, and people of course). Be willing to ask for what you want in life. This is the time to put your needs before the needs of others. The tribe is waiting to support and nurture you, as you nurture yourself. Sometimes your friends are more your family than blood relatives. Find your people and cherish them. Your vibe attacks your tribe 

The Journey: Spend time with friends and family members who see the best in you. (Don’t spend time with dreams stompers). Take classes. Share meals. Take time to find your people. You will live longer and be happier.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light
Card 3: Sweat Lodge

Card meaning: Cleanse yourself: body, mind, and soul. Purify. Clutter clear. Let go of objects relationships that no longer serving. Purify your body. Go within. Meditate. Talk to the Creator. Give thanks.

Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know: sweat lodges are small dome structures covered with skins, blankets, or mud in which very hot stones are placed in the center. Waters poured over the stones of the hot beam arises from the rocks. Thus, the sweat lodge, with its hot steam, is used for purification ceremonies and relevant place to commune with the Divine. This card chose you to tell you that it’s time to clear out the clutter in your life. Sometimes Connor can be things in your closet that you don’t love for use. Sometimes clutter can be outmoded relationships or habits that no longer serving. The clearer your inner and outer space becomes, the easier it will be to hear the sweet messages from your soul.

The Journey: sometimes this card chooses you when it’s time to do some physical detoxification. Fast for a day. Drink green juices. Clear out some clutter: love it, use it, or get rid of it. Even one small item can make a difference.

A Sweat Lodge is a place to go to detoxify. Release something that is no longer needed. Get rid of clutter, both mentally and physically. It’s called Spring Cleaning for a reason. This is an important time to clear your mind, your body, and your space. Think of it as you have a lot of gifts coming your way and you’ll need to find more room to keep them all! Clean up your desk space, your closet, or anywhere you visit often. Throw out or sell what you don’t need anymore. Begin anew.

The Sweat Lodge message also suggests to have a better diet today. Eat something nutritious, a healthy shake or whatever makes you feel renewed. Take care of your body today. Take a few minutes to exercise or if you have the time and motivation, take a half hour or more. Don’t be afraid to just do something relaxing such as yoga or do something simple such as taking a walk. If you aren’t one for exercising, then mentally detoxify yourself. Meditate. Find a quiet place and clear your thoughts, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Get rid of any thoughts that you no longer need.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light
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This article is somewhat interesting. Is this like a fortune telling cards too? Because I like to know also what will be my future. I need some time to read all of this to fully understand the instructions. The text that in the cards are very deep that you don’t know easily what are the meanings. When I learn how to use this I will try this to my friends, Thanks for sharing this with us.


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