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April 5: Daily Angel Guidance with Archangel Michael

❣ Happy Angel Week! Each day this week we will be connecting to one of the Archangels! Yippee

❣ Today’s Date is 4/5/16! 45 in Angel Numbers Indicates: The angels are helping you through a positive life change.

❣ If you would like to receive clear communication from Archangel Michael to learn about your life purpose/soul mission/ akashic records, clear negative energy residue, or cut chords to anything no longer serving you,  1-on-1 Angel Guidance Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions available!  I am grateful for the opportunity to present your specific questions/concerns to the archangels and receive accurate messages for you.

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Michael, leader of all the holy angels
Name meaning: "He who is Like God"
Halo Color: royal purple, royal blue, and gold
Light Ray: Blue (power, protection, faith, courage, and strength)
Crystal: Sugilite
Day: Tuesday
Today's Chakra Focus: Throat
Chakra Color: Blue

Known as the guardian of lightworkers and the leader of the Archangels, Michael is your go-to resource for anything. His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of fear and negative energy. He carries a sword which he uses to cut away emotional entanglements, and remove negative energy and entities. He guides you toward your life purpose while empowering you with the courage and confidence to be a light in the world. He guards and protects you from negativity from others and your environment by surrounding you with love.

Call upon Archangel Michael when you need help with: Protection, life purpose, confidence, courage, strength, vitality, self-esteem, space clearing, negative entity removal, releasing emotional entanglements.

Archangel Michael has been overseeing God’s mission on Earth since before people populated the planet, and he lovingly oversees our human Divine life missions. Michael is a record keeper and manager, helping you, and everyone else, know the purpose of your life. He also guides your next step and helps you make important life changes.

“Dear Archangel Michael, please surround me, my loved ones, and my home with your royal purple light to dissipate and ward off any lower energies. Please guide me clearly so that I may only interact with people who are living in truth and integrity.”

Card 1: Vacuum Away Fear

“Call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael to lift fear-based energy from you, your surroundings, this situation, and everyone involved.”

You chose this card today because you, or someone close to you, may have absorbed some energies of fear. They could have been self generated from your own foreboding or may have come from being with fearful people.

Whenever you feel tired or have been subjected to substance abuse, (such as spending time in a pub or bar), take the time to cleanse away residual energies. You can conduct this process anytime or anywhere, even when other people are nearby. You can also conduct this “vacuuming” for other people – in person or remotely (just be sure to ask their Higher Self's permission first).

Action Steps:
To vacuum yourself or another person, just say:
“Archangels Michael and Raphael, I call upon you and your healing Band Of Mercy Angels to come now with your spiritual vacuum cleaner. Please deposit the vacuum hose through the crown chakra and suction away any toxic, fear based or entity energy.” 

See and feel the vacuum hose completely cleaning the entire inside of the body (including organs, muscles, and bones) from head to toe. Shudders and other physical reactions are a normal and positive sign that the process is working. Continue until the body feels quiet, and then say:

“Thank you, Michael and Raphael, for this healing. Please now fill the body with your diamond-bright white light to heal and protect me”

Requesting energy clearing or vacuuming by the Archangels is an invaluable trick that can be used anywhere and anytime to assist you in releasing negative, low vibrational or dense energies which have been picked up throughout your day. You may experience someone with road rage, a rude or offhanded service employee, an angry spouse, partner, or family member, or a traumatic event. There are many ways to come into contact with negative energies, and many times the person responsible for the energy may either be unaware of the effect it could have on you, or may be trying to hide it from you without realizing that you can still feel and be effected by it. You can also ask that any hooks or cords be removed between you and the person who’s dense energy has been effecting you. Request your aura to be healed and sealed against any further energy drains.

There may be an accumulation of energy over time, or you may suddenly feel overwhelmed, stressed, irritable or melancholy for no apparent reason. Regardless of whether you realize where the energies came from, they must be safely released and disposed of and the Archangels are more than willing to help you with this, all you have to do is ask. Be sure to breathe deeply when undergoing an energy cleanse or vacuum, and also drink plenty of water to flush out energies through the physical body.

Take a few moments to fill the space left with love and light and ask Archangel Michael to shield  you with his royal purple cloak of protection, and Archangel Raphael to surround you, particularly your heart chakra,  with his bright emerald green healing light.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light❣
Card 2: You Are Safe

Archangel Michael: “I’m protecting you against lower energies, and guarding you, your loved ones, and home.”

Let go of worries, as Archangel Michael is surrounding you, your loved ones, home, and possessions with powerful loving light. This light repels lower energies, and attracts loving experiences. Focus on this light and love—instead of fear—as you’ll attract the object of your focus. With your mind free of fear, you have additional time and energy to devote to your life’s missions. You are free when you are fearless. Know that you are safe at all times, and that Archangel Michael's protection is flawless.

Working with Archangel Michael: Michael’s chief role is to escort away the lower energies of fear. If you become worried or anxious, mentally ask Michael to bring you peace. You can also ask that he clear your home, office, vehicle, or community of toxic energies. After you call upon Michael, you’ll likely notice a warm feeling. That’s because he has a fiery warrior spirit. You can ask Michael to stay with you continuously, as he’s able to be with everyone who calls upon him simultaneously.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light❣
Card 3: Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results 

This situation calls for uplifting thoughts, which are the magic ingredients you have been looking for. Although you may protest that you already have a positive mind-set, Archangel Michael advises you to purge your thoughts and speech of any worries or other negativity that could diminish your manifestations. Michael says that you can tell how constructive your thoughts are by paying attention to recent events in your life, as there is a direct correlation between positive thoughts and positive results He will help to buoy your spirits to a truly beneficial level so that your experiences are happy and welcome ones.

Possible Specific Meanings For This Card: Adopt a daily (or hourly!) practice of saying positive affirmations. Read a book or take a class on positive affirmations. Avoid blaming yourself or others – instead, focus on solutions. Rather than worrying about something, pray and practice a loving, compassionate state of mind.

Prayer: “Divine Love and Wisdom, I call upon you now. I know that my mind and emotions are eternally and continuously connected to you. I ask my Higher Self to be aware and conscious of the love and light that is within every person and situation.

Now that the cosmic veils have been lifted after March’s double eclipse (New Moon Solar Eclipse on 3/8 and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 3/23), there is a clear and unobstructed portal open to the divine. We are coming up to a pivotal point in this year and also in our lives, with the upcoming New Moon on April 7. We are in for a bit of a cosmic ride over the next couple of weeks, so we really want to get ourselves as clear and positively focused as possible! These eclipses help to move us, either smoothly and gracefully, or kicking and screaming… into the next level of our consciousness. Wit the New Moon this week, now is the time to take all responsibility for all that we have created and are creating in our lives, and the only way to do this is to acknowledge the power of our thoughts and intentions.

We are not victims, waking up to circumstances beyond our control. We are creators, manifesting our thoughts and feelings from the ethereal plane to the physical plane. 

Do you choose to carefully construct a reality of joy, peace, abundance and health? Or do you choose low vibrational chaos, fueled by worry, fear, blame and unbalance? Of course the former sounds much more desirable, but you must realize, right here and now, that you are capable of creating either. It is simply a matter of acknowledging your hand in the creation of where you are, what you are doing, and who you choose to spend your time with. All these factors are subject to change at any time, by you, and for you. Limited only by your emotions, belief systems and self worth.

Commit, with absolute unwavering conviction, to mindfulness of thought, effective immediately. Commit to creating the best possible reality for yourself, for the highest good, with laser focus of your positive thoughts and emotions. Starting now. Right now.

‪❣Namaste Loving Light❣
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04/05/2016 9:50am

Ththankat you brilliant advice <3


Guidance is what I really need right now because of the struggles I'm facing with my family. My father is sick and he didn't tell us that he's been sick for a long time, we just knew it recently. I cannot stop over thinking of what might happen if things go wrong. I love my father so much I don't want him to go just yet. He's in severe pain and I hope the doctors will help us to get through it. I hope the Lord will guide me and my family. I have never been this desperate until now. All I need is something to hold on and I thank you for that.

04/05/2016 2:26pm

04/05/2016 7:43pm

Thank you Archangel Michael for this message and guidance wuth my heart full of gratitude Im sending live & light to all

11/07/2016 12:11pm

Everyone is choosing their angels for their good day and good luck, but the reality is that the people are making their good luck and bad luck by themselves.


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