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 April 8: Daily Angel Guidance with Archangel Gabriel

❣ Happy Angel Week! Each day this week we will be connecting to one of the Archangels! Yippee

❣ Today’s Date is 4/8/16! 48 in Angel Numbers Indicates: Your prayers about money have been heard and answered by the angels.

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Connecting with Archangel Gabriel
Gabriel, the angel of revelation
Name meaning: "Messenger of God"
Halo Color: copper
Light Ray:  White (representing the purity and harmony of holiness)
Crystal: Copper, Citrine
Day: Friday
Today's Chakra Focus: Sacral Chakra
Chakra Color: Orange

Known as the angel of revelation, she delivers important messages from the divine, including prophetic guidance about your future. She is also the communication angel, and helps you gain clarity about your decisions, express your emotions, communicate clearly and effectively, and share your unique message with the world. She also assists in raising children with clear guidance.

Gabriel and Mother Mary work closely together to minister to sensitive children. They guide conceptions, adoptions, pregnancies, births, and the raising of children. Because Gabriel is deeply concerned about children’s welfare, the archangel mentors responsible and loving adults who wish to help the young. If you feel called to work with children in any capacity, please ask Gabriel to help you.Gabriel helps earthly messengers such as teachers, counselors, writers, artists, and actors. This archangel acts like a Heavenly agent and manager who motivates you to polish your skills. Gabriel then opens the door of opportunity for you to work in your chosen career, and gives you a loving push through it if you hesitate.

Gabriel’s halo is copper colored, like the angel’s symbolic trumpet. If you see flashes or sparkles of copper light, or if you find yourself suddenly attracted to this metal, this is a sign that you’re working with Archangel Gabriel.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel when you need help with: Creativity, clarity, communication, expression, art creative projects, writing, speaking singing, decision making, raising children.

Card 1: Nurture

Archangel Gabriel: “As you nurture a child, you nurture your own inner child. Both activities are important for you right now.”

Additional Message: “One reason why it’s important for you to help children is because you’re also helping your own inner child in the process. You’re teaching what you need to learn, so pay particular attention to the messages you deliver to children and their parents. Know that those messages are for you as well. Take time to play, laugh, and to be silly and carefree. Nurture your inner child with as much love and attention as possible.”

Working with Archangel Gabriel: Gabriel works with mothers and children during all phases of conception, childbirth, adoption, and parenting. She helps grown-up children as well. If your heart longs for some play time, call upon Gabriel to make all of the arrangements. She’ll guide you along as you nurture your inner child. If you ask her, Gabriel will also assist with your own parenting desires and needs.

Archangel Michael would like to add a message on why its so important for you to nurture your inner child: "Beloveds, I am smiling as today has been a joyful day for me! Children have wonderful gifts to share with you ~ their innocence and unconditional love. It is these gifts that will help you gain entry instant access to the Kingdom of God, as it were. Be as innocent and loving as a child, and you shall inherit the earth. Children have a way of noticing the small things that have little meaning for adults. It is the little things Beloveds that you are not noticing that will bring you the most Joy! As adults when you honor and cherish your inner child, you are able to heal the wounds of the past. Loving and nurturing your inner child allows you to accept the past for what it showed you, and allows you to see the gift it had for you. Children have a natural tendency to be joyful, and when you honor your inner child, you unleash your own inner joy!"
Card 2: Creative Writing

Archangel Gabriel: “Make time to write down your thoughts in a journal, or pen an article or book.”

Additional Message: “Your soul longs for creative expression through writing. I can help you schedule this activity. Honor any inner nudges that guide you to write. The writing may be for your own enjoyment, or may be a cathartic experience of self-expression in a private journal. As you work with your connection to the written word, you may receive Divine guidance to write articles or books for publication. Call upon me at any time to guide you through this process.”

Working with Archangel Gabriel: As the messenger angel, Gabriel loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages. Like a loving coach, she’ll urge you to delegate your time and energy toward writing. Gabriel can also open doors that allow for publication of your articles and books, if you’ll ask for her assistance. Most of all, she’ll help you enjoy writing.
Card 3: Leadership

Archangel Gabriel: “It’s time for you to assume your leadership power and position, and lovingly guide others.”

Additional Message: “Embrace your power in a loving way, and use it for the greater good. I’ll guide your actions so they inspire and motivate others. I’ll also replace any self-doubt about your qualifications with an increased desire to serve, help, and teach. When your focus is more on ‘How may I serve?,’ then you won’t worry what others may think about you. Focus upon your strengths, the many lessons you’ve learned, and how good it feels to be a living example of following one’s Divine guidance.”

Working with Archangel Gabriel: Gabriel’s name means “God is My Strength,” and this phrase describes you as well. Regardless of your background, you have God’s strength pouring through you at all times. Gabriel can help you fearlessly tap in to this power. She’ll reassure you that it’s safe for you to be powerful, and protect you in all ways. Gabriel’s aura is copper, like her trumpet. When you wear the crystal stone citrine, or the precious metal copper, you readily connect with her energy.
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06/07/2016 2:25am

I am truly satisfied with your efforts as well as truly delighted to see this article.

08/22/2016 8:33am

Thank you so much. I choose Card 2. I have always believed in angels. They have been our guides for so long. I think it is easier to talk to them if we quiet ourselves from technology. Like if we need to make a decision or answer a question, sometimes we call a friend. But when phone was not yet invented, we just listen to our inner self.

02/01/2017 6:33pm

I choose Card 2:Creative Writing. This is actually what I need right now. I need to have this drive and motivation to pursue my passion. At the very beginning, I am really fond of writing down random stuffs. Sometimes when I jot them down, I created a poem or a story out of it. I don't know if it is coincidental or it is really within me. But upon reading your post, I now know that I am destined to be an illustrious author in the world. Thank you so much!


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