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Full Moon April 21

Full moon at 2+ degrees of Scorpio at 10:24 PM PDT: Fertile Moon joining with the magic of Earth Day April 22. With Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, it's an ideal time for shaping things into life -- a perfect time for planting your dreams. Fertile earth (Taurus) and water (Scorpio) engender growth. It is a time to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or any aspect of yourself that you have outgrown. While planting and preparing for what manifestations you would like to blossom in your life.

My Gift to You:

1. Full Moon Cleansing and Releasing Meditation

2. Full Moon Reiki 
7 & 10 pm Pacific Time 
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I am sending you healing Reiki to help with the releasing process. Dedicate 15 minutes of your day to sit in stillness and embrace this healing. Grant the angels permission to work miracles on your behalf. I have infused the meditation and the photo below with Reiki healing energy so you can receive at any time by simply listening to the audio or focusing on the images.

3. Full Moon Ritual:

Tear a piece of paper in half.

On one side write down everything hindering your spiritual growth. Anything you would like to release, forgive, and cleanse. This Full Moon in Scorpio brings forth a lot of buried emotions so be sure to include the causes of any anger, resentments, anxieties, jealously, sadness, bitterness, etc. The Full Moon placed in Scorpio can reveal repressed thoughts and feelings, with the possibility of emotions feeling stronger.

On the other side of the paper write down everything you plan to manifest and attract into your life. Be specific and positively affirm each statement as if it has already happened. Ex: “I am grateful for the supportive financial abundance flowing into my life every day.”

Spend some time under the moon light and when you feel ready, burn the paper with everything you would like to release. Now state out loud the specific things you would like to manifest and bury this paper in the ground with a few seeds. This act is a physical manifestation of your dreams and a way for you to ground your aspirations into this physical 3D reality. You can water this spot regularly and treat this location as sacred space.

Sending you lots of love and gratitude,
❣ Sara Ann ❣ Loving Light ❣
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Full Moon 1:

Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings: “Your body is receiving accurate messages from the Divine.”

Your angels want you to know that you are always receiving Divine messages, even when you are not noticing them. Most of these messages come through your physical and emotional senses, as your body is extremely sensitive to subtle energies. Sometimes you may not understand your feelings, yet they always have accurate, underlying wisdom.

You have received this card because you have asked a question that your body has already answered through your emotional and physical feelings. You are urged to trust your feelings, and act upon them without delay. Ask the angels to protect and guide you, which they do through your intuitive sensations.

Action Steps

Notice any tension in your body, which is a signal that your muscles are reacting to the energies of yours (or other people’s) thoughts and emotions. Close your eyes and imagine having a conversation with a tense muscle group in your body. Ask the muscles, “Why are you tense?” Listen for the answer, which will come to you as a thought, feeling, or even words or visions. Your body will tell you how it is reacting to your job, your relationships, friends, and other life areas of your life. Trust your body’s truthful wisdom!”*

Full Moon 2:

Release & Surrender

The angels bring this message to you because you’ve been trying to fix this situation single-handedly. They’d love to help you and answer your prayers, but first you need to surrender and release the situation. Surrender simply means that you’re tired of struggling. It means emotionally letting go, with faith that the Divine wisdom of Spirit (which includes your higher self) can do a better job. Surrender doesn’t mean that you’re giving up or that you want to be controlled. Through surrender, you’ll be assured of a better outcome. If you need help with surrender, ask the angels to assist you.

You can learn from your past and move forward, or you can be held back by it. This is true in every aspect of life, be it your relationships, career, or health. When an attachment to your personal history blocks you from progress and joy, it’s time to release the past and go forth boldly in an exciting new direction!

Often the changes coming into your life are anticipated or even welcomed by you. Although moving on can be challenging, the fairies want you to know that your future is a bright and magical one. Don’t wait! Take your first steps toward happiness today!

Allow yourself to release any old unforgiveness you may be harboring toward those who seem to have hurt you in a love relationship.

Become willing to release unforgiveness toward your mother . . . toward your father . . . toward other parental figures . . . toward your siblings . . . toward your childhood friends . . . toward your adolescent friends . . . toward your first love . . . toward those whom you dated and loved . . . toward anyone with whom you lived or married . . . allow all of your hurts and disappointments associated with love to be cleansed and fully carried away. You don't want the hurt, you don't need it, and with another deep breath, it is lifted to the light where it is transmuted and purified. Only the lessons and the pure essence of love contained within each relationship remains, since that is the only thing that was ever eternal and real within each of your relationships.

Now, with another deep breath, allow the light to cleanse you completely. Be willing to release any unforgiveness you may hold toward yourself connected to love. Be willing to forgive yourself for ignoring your intuition, or for not looking out for your highest interests.

Give yourself a hug, either in your mind or with your arms.

Reassure your inner self that you will never again engage in self-betrayal. You now commit to following your intuition and discernment, so that you could never be or stay in any relationship that would hurt you. Fully release the unforgiveness for any mistakes that you think you may have made in any relationship, including your relationship with yourself. And with another very deep cleansing breath, feel yourself healed, whole, and ready to enjoy the love that is the truth about who you really are.

Full Moon 3:

Caffeine Free

This is a message from your angels to detox your physical body. You were attracted to this message because something in your diet is preventing you from aligning with your Higher Self fully. Caffeine from coffee, tea, cola, or chocolate may be exacerbating the health condition you’ve been worried about. Perhaps your consumption of this substance is increasing your anxiety level, which is creating stress-induced body toxins. Anxiety can also block you from feeling sake, happy and connected. If you are addicted to caffeine. Archangel Raphael can certainly help reduce or eliminate cravings. Call upon his Divine healing powers: “Dear Archangel Raphael, I ask that you cut my cords of attachment to caffeine so that I may honor my body’s natural energy rhythms without chemicals.”

Other specific messages: Reduce or eliminate caffeine from your diet. Engage in relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or massage. Notice your tension level prior to and after consuming caffeine, and be honest with yourself about caffeine induced anxiety. Know that God is the source of all the energy you could ever need.

Free Meditation from Doreen Virtue to help you release any additions to caffeine: Angel Therapy to Be Caffeine Free to help you to detox and reduce or eliminate your appetite for caffeine. Note: It says the price is $5, but once you move it into your cart, the price will change to $0 free.


Full Moon 4:

Manifestation Power: “Use your spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcome.”

You have got the power! With this message, the angels remind you of your innate spiritual abilities. Perhaps you have been complaining about something or have been feeling like a victim under the influence of someone else’s will. This message is a reminder that you do have the power to change everything in your life by using your natural spiritual gifts of manifestation.

When you complain, you give away your power to others. Complaints are also negative affirmations that attract more of the same undesirable effects. The angels would like you to replace the old complaining habit with a healthier response of visualizing and intending your desired outcome. It works!

Action Steps:

Think about a situation you would like to improve; and write, draw, or create a collage that describes the preferred scenario. Look at this depiction of your desires daily, and do not worry about “how” they will manifest. Anytime you catch yourself worrying about or doubting your manifestation abilities, say”

“Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, please beautify my thoughts about my desires so that they are completely based in love”

Full Moon Gift for You! Sending you unconditional love and gratitude!

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Drinking wine is normal specially on this kind of events but i want to warn every drinker of wine that he should leave it or be ready to admit in hospital because it is the cause of so many dangerous diseases.

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I have always loved looking at the moon, but it feels special when it's the full moon for it brings such beauty, light, and calmness. Recently, I became interested in meditation to, help me relax and gain positivity. I decided to check some ways to help me while meditating and I found your blog, I will follow the instructions that you put in here. I am already excited to try this out, hoping I can do all what is needed to complete these and avoid doubts in order to get the outcomes that I desire. Keep on posting more about meditation and may the moon guide and help you.


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