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♡ Daily Angel Guidance May 24 

Deck: Whispers of Love by Angela Hartfield

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Card 1: Demonstrate Love

Find out what is important to the people you love and act on it. Pay attention to what others are saying to understand how to love them better. It could be listening intently when they tell a story, taking a walk together, helping with chores, holding their hand, or maybe planning a vacation. 

Check out what your love language is here. You can then have your family members, partner, or friends take the quiz so you know how to relate to each person and show them love. 
Card 2: New Love + Bonus Card: Ask for Help

Surprise! These two cards were stuck together when I pulled them from the deck. Bonus!

The angels are inviting us to embrace the new opportunity of love that is here. This may pertain to romance, family relationships, work opportunities or spiritual growth. Love is all around us. Love is in everything and apart of every situation. 
For some these cards are indicating the opportunity for a new burst of energy to flow into your romantic partnership. Invite and welcome this change to clear out the stagnation between you and your partner.

The primary message is to focus on balance between giving and receiving. The angels are also asking you to be willing to receive assistance. There is a multitude of support for you. You only need to be willing to ask for the help and you will receive it. Let go of fear and pride as they are not benefiting you and preventing what you desire from entering your life. 

If you are undergoing a transformation period, please be gentle with yourself. This is a clear message from your angels, that you are not alone. We are in this together. You have a team light beings who are ready to work miracles on your behalf. Welcome in this Divine Love into your life. Surrender your worries to the Light. Allow yourself to be aligned with the Creator and watch the miracles unfold before you. 
Card 3: Look at your Pattern in Relationships

It requires inner strength to recognize that you need to change or modify your behavior. 

Take time to look at the pattern that drives you to attract this sort of person into your life, in the first place. You may notice the next person you meet will have very similar qualities to your last partner, as that is what you are energetically attracting.  Once you learn the lesson you will be able to attract a healthy outcome.

The angels are here to assist you in this process. Allow yourself to honestly evaluate your wounds and triggers in all your relationships. 
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05/24/2016 11:15am

"The angels are here to assist us in this process." Wow, I remember my best friend in school, I always consider her as my angel who does assist when I need help. Thank God for giving her, she teaches me assignments and school works and this thing does improve me.


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