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♡ Daily Angel Guidance May 31 

Deck: Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue

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Card #1: New Career

This card signals a happy change in your work life, even if that change doesn’t seem to be under your control. Rest assured that your career track is heading in the right direction and you are learning much-needed skills and lessons along the way.

The more you can stay focused on your highest visions, the smoother and faster you’ll travel along your career path. However, do stay flexible, as exciting new doors may open for you unexpectedly. This is a good time for you to make an employment change, provided that you’ve done planning and self-assessment first. Instead of impulsively switching jobs, you’re guided to research, prepare, and then take action.
Card #2: Get Some Rest

This card comes to you because your energy and mood haven’t been as high as you’d like. You’ve been pushing yourself to keep going even when you’re tired. Now it’s time to balance your busy times with some relaxation. This is the natural cycle of all living beings, so there’s no need to feel guilty because you’ll now get some much-needed rest.

During your naps and nocturnal cycle, do pay attention to insights that come to you. After all, when you are asleep, so is your ego . . . making it much easier for Divine messages to reach you. Pay attention to your body’s signals, which may call for changes in your diet, lifestyle, and exercise program if you still feel tired and drained after resting. Sometimes seeing a licensed health-care or mental-health professional is the best path to recovering your energy and your enthusiasm for life.
Card #3: Finances

This card signals a change in your financial situation. Please don’t allow yourself to assume that this is a negative reversal. The only reason why you would feel afraid is because the ego associates change with fear. Yet, this card heralds a reward for the diligent work you’ve done, and are committed to continuing.

Through the spiritual Law of Cause and Effect, efforts always yield corresponding results. This also means that if you haven’t been actively putting in effort, your financial returns will reflect this. Happily, though, you do have the power to change your finances for the better by taking the steps that you are Divinely guided to. Keep your thoughts elevated, because positive thoughts really do create beneficial financial changes.
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06/01/2016 4:13am

I chose number 2 and it was the same card I pulled for myself yesterday....I guess I need to really listen and follow the advice this time! :)

Thank you!

Angel Blessings! <3 <3 <3




All three cards are applicable to my situation right now. After earning my Master's degree in business administration, I would gladly welcome a new career in the business world. At the same time, I also need time to rest because I was so stressed out lately. Lastly, juggling work and graduate school has hurt my pocket. A positive change in my financial status is a great news.

Sherry Brown
06/01/2016 4:45pm

I chose 3 from the summit page...This is what I need. Been workin hard too bukld up my online business! So gratefull for my siccess so far,I know it will soon support me and my husband. Success is coming to me NOW!. This is just a conformation that I am on the right path. Thank You!

06/20/2016 2:56am

Every one can get best points and important tips here about daily angel guidance may happy change in your work life new career. Thank you for your healingangelguidance blog it has been sharing with us.


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