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Full Moon May 21

On Saturday, May 21, the full moon appears in Sagittarius and is part of a bigger cycle that will come to completion June 20th. June's Full Moon will also be in Sagittarius (a very rare occurrence).  Sagittarius is a fire sign bringing forward the desire for philosophical truth and a spiritual quest. Continue your quest inward with May's Full Moon by continuing to assess what you need to pay more attention to and release. You will reap the benefits of your efforts as the energy cycle peaks again with June's Full Moon.

If you feel like you have been taking one step forward and two steps back, as if what you have planted is failing to grow, the Universe may present you with an opportunity around this time to either change your strategy or let the idea go altogether. If you are open and willing to surrender, over the next month you will be guided to the perfect path.

Mercury will begin to move direct this weekend as well, leaving only three planets in retrograde. They include Mars (passion, emotion, physical action), Saturn (time, karma, discipline), and Pluto (resources, regeneration, subconscious). Mercury is the planet of communication and when he is retrograde he tends to reveal a truth in our lives that we may not have noticed. Pay attention this weekend as the Full Moon  can activate this retrograde energy and provide you with clarity. This Full Moon will start guiding you in the right direction with the full picture being revealed in June, so open yourself to receiving divine messages.

The Universe is preparing us for this next chapter beginning in August, after the retrograde season. Be willing to releasing that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life, or any aspect of yourself that you have outgrown. While planting and preparing for what manifestations you would like to blossom in this new phase of your life. 

My Gift to You: 

1. Full Moon Cleansing and Releasing Meditation

2. Full Moon Reiki 

7pm Pacific Time on May 20, 21, & 22
Comment on the FB post with your name/loved ones.

I am sending you healing Reiki to help with the releasing process. Dedicate 15 minutes of your day to sit in stillness and embrace this healing. Grant the angels permission to work miracles on your behalf. I have infused the meditation and the photo below with Reiki healing energy so you can receive at any time by simply listening to the audio or focusing on the images.

3. Full Moon Ritual:

Tear a piece of paper in half. 

On one side write down everything hindering your spiritual growth. Anything you would like to release, forgive, and cleanse. 

On the other side of the paper write down everything you plan to manifest and attract into your life. Be specific and positively affirm each statement as if it has already happened. Ex: “I am grateful for the supportive financial abundance flowing into my life every day.”

Spend some time under the moon light and when you feel ready, burn the paper with everything you would like to release. Now state out loud the specific things you would like to manifest and bury this paper in the ground with a few seeds. This act is a physical manifestation of your dreams and a way for you to ground your aspirations into this physical 3D reality. You can water this spot regularly and treat this location as sacred space.

Sending you lots of love and gratitude,
❣ Sara Ann ❣ Loving Light ❣
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Full Moon 1: Archangel Raphael

The healing angel is with you, supporting your healing work.

Your prayers for healing (for yourself or for others) have been heard and answered by Archangel Raphael, the supreme healer within the angelic realm. Raphael (whose name means “god heals”) gives you guidance and ideas about your health, so be sure to follow any intuitive impulses to exercise, eat healthfully, quit drinking or smoking, and so forth. Raphael can help you reduce or eliminate unhealthful cravings if you will ask. He will also increase your motivation to exercise. This Full Moon is an energy gateway providing you with the perfect opportunity to release unhealthful habits and commit to your personal healing.

If you feel called to help with others’ health (loved ones, clients, an/or animals) then ask Raphael to guide your actions and words. Raphael will send God’s healing energy through you so that you are a conduit for Divine light and love. Raphael is also happy to direct you to schooling for healing work, at your request.

Action Steps: Archangel Raphael’s healing energy is emerald green in color. Visualize this emerald green light surrounding anyone in need of healing support. Even if you can’t clearly see this green light, know that you have successfully invoked its healing power. Feel free to join me in sending this healing energy May 20, 21, and 22 at 7pm pacific time. You are the Light of the world. Let us stand together and hold the space for complete healing of every living being and Mother Earth. 

Full Moon 2: Ear Chakras

Notice messages that appear as sounds, music, and words, from both external sources and within your mind. These messages are real answers to your prayers.

You received this message because the angels have been trying to get your attention. They’ve heard your prayers and are giving you information and instructions so that you can take appropriate action. You are hearing the angels’ messages in various ways: repetitive songs, an overheard conversation, a stranger’s out-of-the-blue reassurances, or words that you hear in your mind. The angels’ messages are always loving, positive, trustworthy, and constructive.

The angels would also like to help you clear away any negative effects of fear based thoughts, behaviors, actions, or anything you have heard in the past. These low level vibrations can get block your abundance and divine guidance. Call in Archangel Michael, and grant him permission to cleanse, clear, and delete all harmful effects of fear in your life. The Full Moon energy will amplify this cleansing, and provide you with the opportunity to begin anew.

Action Steps: In a quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed, say the following to Archangel Michael: “I now ask you to vacuum and clear any lower energies in my physical ears or ear chakras. I am willing to release anything painful that I’ve ever heard, in exchange for clarity in my ability to hear the voice of love and the angels."

Full Moon 3: Heal Away Addictions

This messages has shown up several times this week. The angels are reaching out with love to assist you so you can be free of all addictions blocking your full alignment with Source. 

The Full Moon is the exact perfect time to communicate to your Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Source, God, angels that you are ready and willing to release any and all addictions preventing you for fulling embracing your soul mission and life purpose.

It is time to let go of behaviors that are blocking you from your heart’s desire. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you with this healing.

An addiction may refer to any behavior that is repetitive, unhelpful and feels outside of your control. This doesn’t necessarily refer to the usual addictions of drugs, food, and alcohol. Do you ever fall into the pattern of negative thinking? What about self-sabotage?

Your guardian angels are asking you to take a closer look at your repetitive behaviors that hold you back. What is underlying them? How can you begin to break free from them? Sometimes becoming aware of a habit is enough to dissolve it and other times more work and support is needed. But know that overcoming a destructive habit is certainly within your power. 

Many people are addicted to different things and feel that they cannot get through their lives without their addiction to support them. Some are addicted to alcohol, others are addicted to drugs, and many are addicted to caffeine or chocolate. In some cases the addiction might be to food or perhaps even work! Today the angels are telling you that these addictions are unhealthy and perhaps it is time to seek professional help if you are unable to lift yourself out of your addiction. Call on Archangel Raphael who is the angel of healing and ask him to envelop you in his green cloak of healing and to assist and support you as you deal with your challenge so that you are able to understand it, work with it, and then release it. 

Addiction seriously affects your vibration and stops you rising it to a level that enables you to move forward on your Divine Life Path. Take control of your life now and step properly into your amazing power and gifts enabling you to live and love to your full potential as the Lightworker you truly are!

Full Moon 4: Be Willing to Forgive

Ask the angels to clear your mind and body of past pain in exchange for peacefulness. The Full Moon is a wonderful time to clear any unforgiveness you are holding on to. Here is a Forgiveness Practice to assist you with this process.

The angels are trying to help clear and heal your current relationships by guiding you to release anger related to your past experiences. Heed this advice to grow a more fulfilling and loving relationship with your current partner, family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Old anger or resentment can become a barrier to attracting your desires, as well as a magnet that attracts similar situations to your side. This is a very important message, and your willingness to forgive is all that is required. You do not need to forget the action that occurred in your past. You simply need to be willing to allow the angels to help you clear away the toxic poison of unforgiveness from your heart and mind. In this regard, you are trading pain for peace. The benefits of forgiveness include increased peace of mind, renewed energy, and the ability to focus.

Action Steps

In a quiet location or while falling asleep, say the following either out loud or silently (the angels hear your thoughts):

“Archangel Raphael, I call upon you now. I am willing to forgive (my mother, my father, name of person, or situation) and release all stored-up anger from my physical, mental, and emotional bodies. I am willing to release pain, in exchange for peace.”

Then breathe in and out deeply, which enables you to be open to Archangel Raphael’s loving and powerful cleansing process. Repeat this step as necessary if you ever find yourself ruminating about anger or resentment.

Any negative, low vibrational energy will cause abundance blocks in your life. Releasing people through forgiveness also creates feelings of freedom in your own life. Cutting the cords of past pain, including failed relationships, parents, children and friends is a great place to start. Working with Archangel Michael to help you cut those cords, and Archangel Raphael to help you heal from those past traumas or hurts will create a space of love and light where there were once blockages and stifling low vibration emotions.

Take some time to write down in detail, a letter to whomever you feel that you need to make peace with; don’t worry, they will never see this letter, so be 100% honest and up front. This is an exercise for you, not for them. Take as long as you need, until you feel that everything you needed to express is written down on that paper. You can take minutes/hours to write this, or you can break it up and come back to it when you feel something new. Use your intuition to tell you when you are complete. When everything is written, take some time to contemplate your feelings for this situation or person.

When you feel ready, invoke the help of Archangel Michael to come and cut the cords between you, disengaging you energetically from the person or situation permanently. The cord of pure Love energy that connects us all can never be cut. The archangels will always protect you in this process and shield both parties with loving light. When you feel intuitively that the cords are cut you can call upon Archangel Raphael to send healing green light into the severed cords. This light will fill your body with healing and peace. Ask Archangel Raphael to reconnect your cords to your energetic body. He can also send healing to the other person through the other half of the severed cord. This is an important step often overlooked that can make the biggest difference in the permanent cutting of these energetic cords. Archangel Raphael will help release you from all the old anger that has been blocking you.

Repeat this process with as many people or situations that you can think of. One at a time letting go of your past hurts and allowing for the most amazing present and future life imaginable! Imagine the infinite possibilities open to you now that you are completely free of all these past painful experiences. Now go ahead, with great expectation and positive emotion, and ask the angels to help you manifest your dreams!
Lovely Lightworkers! Thank you for standing in your Truth! Here is my Full Moon Gift to you! I am sending you unconditional love and gratitude ❣

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The Full Moon is the perfect time each month, to pause, and to take inventory of your progress within the present moment. The Full Moon heightens intuition, and brings energy and healing frequency of the Divine and All That Is. The time on and around the Full Moon supports you energetically as you contemplate your path forward.


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