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♡ Daily Angel Guidance June 13 

Deck:  Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

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Card 1: Door To Personal Healing and Happiness
“New Beginnings in Your Personal Life.”

This card is a harbinger of positive change. The beautiful, light filled door opens onto a lush, rainbow lit spring filled with vibrant lotus flowers. Whether you are working on some inner healing, such as breaking an addiction, or looking to make some external changes, such as finding a new place to live, this card signals that your life is opening up and new opportunities are about to appear.

The changes you have been working on are ready to blossom with wonderful results, so make sure you see your personal intentions through with continued action and optimistic expectations. Remember that your intentions need to be clear and unconflicted. Whatever you are working on, you need to know that you are capable of achieving it – and that you deserve it. Put your heart into the plans and changes you desire and realize that you are worth your own time and effort. The new beginning you seek will come with your own focus and patient determination.

Affirmations: I am strong, focused, and self-directed. I have the power to create wonderful new realities in my life.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 2: Envy
"Lack, Dissatisfaction"

This card shows a woman holding a huge pearl in one hand and a platter of coins and pearls in the other. She stands in a silver room looking out at a golden city on the horizon. She has a life of value already, but she ignores that and longs for the shiny prosperity she sees elsewhere. Instead of feeling happy and fulfilled, her desire for more only causes a deep sense of lack and dissatisfaction. This energy shows in her dress.

This card upright is telling you to let go of jealousy and acknowledge the blessings you already have in your life. Now is the time to shift your focus. After all, when you envy others, it only attracts more to them – not you.

Notice all that you have, and thank the universe for it. This card was pulled right next to the “Door to Personal Happiness and Healing” card in the spread, therefore the message is doubly important and indicated releasing jealousy is critical for your happiness at this time. Now is the time to move forward from a consciousness of lack to one of value. With this shift, all things will change.

Affirmations: I let go of lack. I look at the blessings in my life with joy and satisfaction. I am glad.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 3: Yin/Yang (reversed)
"Passive/Active Intuitive/Logical"

This card represents energetic life cycles, and its purpose is to help you identify the particular cyclic energy moving into or out of your experience. In its upright position, it heralds a yin cycle, where most of the action seems to be happening under the surface of things. This is a time of great receptivity,intuition, and gestation. External circumstances may be forcing you to go within and examine present activity. It’s an especially good time for completion, so wrap things up.

Yin cycles often call you to be passive, yielding, and reflective, so open up to these sides of your nature. Being  more than action is the intention here.

Reversed this card reveals a yang cycle, which is one of active, outgoing energy. This time calls for a more logical approach to things, but the logic needs to be applied to purposeful action.

This cycle is often marked by creativity and new beginnings, sometimes with significant outer change. Let yourself apply more forceful energy to the task at hand and take advantage of this highly charged yang time.

Affirmations: I am open to understanding the cycle I am in, and I am willing to utilize its energy beneficially. All that I need is already part of me.

Make a commitment to create harmony through balance and acceptance. If you feel disharmony in some area of your life, it may be from judgments you are placing on yourself and others. Every trait or quality you possess serves a worthwhile purpose. Moreover, any trait or quality that you think you lack, you actually have. Make a list of all the things about you that you don’t like. Then think about how each of these things serve you and others in some way. Next make a list of all the things you do like about yourself. It is natural to believe that your positive qualities undoubtedly serve both you and others, however for every perceived positive there is also a negative. Not think about the negative aspects of your perceived positives. This process takes a bit of time and requires an open heart and mind. It is definitely a worthwhile exercise, for in the end you will hopefully see that nothing is actually good or bad. Every aspect of you serves both you and others. Owning, accepting and loving what is, without wanting to change it, will lead you to experience a happier, healthier and more harmonious life.


I love and accept all that I am

There is nothing to change, there is only love

Every aspect of me serves both me and others in some way

I create health, wealth and harmony by loving what is

All I accept and love transforms to ever greater love.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
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07/20/2016 4:54am

very well


This gives me positivity and understanding. It releases my negative vibes and some over thinking of the things around me. I'm really inspired while reading this, it gives realization to me. Overload of understanding as well. The perspective I have everyday changed after reading this. I'm so thankful I found this article.

07/20/2016 4:59am

Very nice for best relationship and i like this post because its all about positive think which make us special. YingYang is good cards and tell us reality of life. This is very good for essay written.


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