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♡ Daily Angel Guidance June 15 

Deck:  Healing With the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Card 1: Magic of Nature

Spend time outdoors, among the flowers, plants and trees. Nature has powerful gifts that she wants to share with you, including ideas, information, and healing energy.

When you are disconnected from Mother Earth, you may feel depressed or lethargic without knowing why. Earth, too, feels distraught when you do not connect with her on a regular basis. She needs you to be amidst her beauty so that she can telegraph information to you. In this way, you will know best how to care for your planet.

By choosing this card, you are being urged to spend time daily (even as little as five minutes) outside in nature. Remove your shoes, socks, or nylons, and connect your bare feet with the soil, sod or sand. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you are surrounded by the magical energy of nature. Mentally ask the fairies to help you with any issues you may have. Then, open your eyes and look for their flitting light, which is the first sign that you are seeing the fairies that surround you.

I love being outside in nature. I feel energized by the sunshine, fresh air, plants and animals. I take excellent care of every living being, including myself.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 2: Body Movement
Your body wants to express itself through movement. Listen to your body, and it will tell you what type of movement it craves.

Your physical body has its own life force and intelligence, and is part of the same elemental kingdom as the fairies. It is both childlike and demanding, as well as mature and insightful. This card indicates your body’s wisdom, and asks that you honor your body’s need for exercising and movement.

Spend a moment asking your body what type of movement desires. Does it want cardiovascular conditioning such as jogging? A peaceful walk in nature? Stretching and meditative activities in a yoga class was dancing to music? Listen to and follow your body’s answer.

Affirmation: I lovingly pay attention to my body needs.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 3: Awakening Your True Self
You are beginning to recover your natural identity, including your old sense of humor, interests, passions, and desires. Trust that any confusion or changes you are currently experiencing are part of your healthful evolution.

As if McLeod has lifted from your mind and heart, you are beginning to see life from the perspective of your old self. You just went through. Where you gave up who you are to please another person. You buried your interests, ignored your friends, and tried to fit into another person’s lifestyle.

Now, your old self is emerging. You are back! As recover your authentic self, your life and your personality are going through big changes. Hold tight, and allow these changes to occur. The fairies ask you to trust that the parts of your life and personality that are falling away are inauthentic and false. Know that you are building a solid foundation of truth, and that everything is working out perfectly right now.

This card may also indicate that you are remembering who you are in spiritual truth. You are learning and growing in order to recover your true identity. This is the perfect time for you to focus on remembering your spirit identity and releasing your body identity. By allowing yourself to investigate your own spirituality, you will strengthen your awareness and connection to Source.

Affirmation: I now give myself permission to be true to myself.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
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09/28/2016 4:37am

Guidance is like good advice therefore we should give good advises to others with our experience. Because a good advice can give many benefits to others rather wrong advise can decay our character. Here i have read about angle guidance that is very interesting information therefore i shall share with others.

02/13/2018 12:03am

Your guides are helpful for improving my inner self and having a nice attitude towards life and to others. I would like to add something to the three key points you have shared. First is the magic in nature. Truly, there is power and provision from Gaea. Peace and refreshment are her specialties. Second is body movement. This helps us to communicate utilizing our actions. Its uniqueness conveys your personality. Last is the awakening your true self. This is the inner you. Humans are also undergoing through the process of evolution. As you venture of your soul, you will determine the genuine you. Thanks for sharing your tactility.


Is that a tarot card for angels? This is the first time I’ve encountered a reading about angel guidance. All I know is stargazers and tarot reading. I am surprised to hear about angel guidance. Although I pray on my own means, I believe that angels are there to guide us each day and all the time. They are there to help us decide on things that confuses us. Most especially, they’re at bay during our tough times.


Of all cards, I am card number 3. I clearly see my old self in this card because before, I really tried fitting in with the cool ones, the famous ones, I tried to fit in with the trend. It came to a point where I need to change my personality so that I can get along with "those" people. But, now I am starting to see some changes. I am becoming more of myself. As I grew older, and became more mature, I see that fitting in doesn't matter. I just need to be my true self so that people would like me.

11/12/2017 12:34am

I remember when I had my greatest heart ache during my college days, the best way for soul searching and having a peace of mind is by getting and receiving the blessing and gift of the nature. Appreciate every detail the world is giving you for free. Leave all the negativity and always look on the brighter side on each situation. Change your life, your body, your mind set and also your life style to a better one. After realizing all the things which were complicated, it will automatically change for the better. Lastly, I have realized that we can only change happily if we did I for ourselves, not because of the others but partly by making them as your inspiration.


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I really love the nature, it relaxes everything in me. It lets me forget the problems in the city, the noise, the pollution, etc. The promising view allures me to become as one with nature, the sunshine that gives me energy to face tomorrow, the fresh air that wipe out the harmful pollution in my body and the plants and animals that made me realize that we should protect and treasure each life in this world. As a payback, I take care of nature simply by throwing out trash properly and planting seedlings and flowers.


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