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♡ Daily Angel Guidance June 17 

Deck:  The Spirit Messages by John Holland

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Card 1: Seek

The power of Spirit exists in all things. Everything is made of energy, and every single thing in your physical world contains a fragment of Spirit – including you. We are all one with Spirit and always will be connected to one another.

The Spirit World is sending you this card because we feel you may be forgetting that you are a multidimensional being, so we want to remind you that you are a spiritual being as well as a physical being. Now is the time to stop seeing everything on a limited physical level, and to seek out the spiritual in all things.

Learn to see from your heart and soul. Seek out the spiritual beauty in all things, as well as in the people around you. If you are having difficulty understanding some, try looking beyond what you are seeing in front of you. Layer upon layer of life issues may be disguising the goodness that is inside that person, and making him or her see me, resentful, or spiteful. Equally, some individuals may appear aloof or distant, which is a form of protective armor, often due to a past hurt. It may be hard at first, but know that a Divine spirit exists within those people. Pray that the goodness in you honors the goodness in them – and at the goodness in them honors the goodness in you.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 2: New Beginnings

Everything in life is constantly vibrating and moving, and therefore continuously changing and evolving. Be aware that a new beginning is on the horizon. Have courage and faith, because right now life is trying to nudge you forward and move you in a new direction.

This powerful card comes forward and its message is simple, yet it could have a profound effect on your future. It is about the process of how to start over and see the opportunity to create new beginnings. You may be saying, “I can’t do this,” “it’s not the right time,” or “I’m too old to start over again,” but the Spirit World is giving you this card for a specific reason. We know that you need to make changes, discard some limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and choose what you want moving forward. We know that doing nothing is not really an option.

New beginnings can be orchestrated at any time in your life, and it is a beautiful way of resetting your own private stage.  You can choose the props you want, and the backdrop you want to create the perfect set for the next stage of your life. This is a great visual way of starting the process of change. During this time, do not be alarmed if you feel lost or even confused. Sometimes it does take a drastic life change to truly begin living!

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 3: Embrace the Moment

Embrace this day, this very moment! Think positively today and repel those negative thoughts. Try not to judge yourself or others. This may be harder than you think. What is actually happening is that you are changing your energy.

We’re placing this card in your hand, for we can feel the negative thoughts you’re having about yourself and others. We understand that life can get you down, and all the hard work you do every day to support yourself and others can be challenging. Do not let the outside world tarnish or dilute your brilliance.

Remember, all thoughts create reality and the situations in your life. Even thoughts are made up of energy, whether they are positive or negative. When you think of thought, your aura will amplify it with energy and put it out into the universe. By monitoring your thoughts, you will have a conscious control in sharpening your day as well as your future.

Learn to embrace the moment. If you are having a cup of tea, just drink your tea. If you’re enjoying a meal, than just eat your meal. If you’re walking, then just walk. Appreciate, focus, and be in the moment of what you are doing. By doing so will remain in the powerful present.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
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Think decidedly today and repulse those negative contemplations. Do whatever it takes not to judge yourself or others. This might be harder than you might suspect. Is really happening that you are changing your vitality.

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I really found this motivational, amidst of all the chaotic life I am experiencing at the moment. You really provided me wit strength and hope with those words. You are doing a really remarkable job, keep up with it!


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