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♡ Daily Angel Guidance June 19 

Deck: The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Card 1: Let Go of Control Issues
Allow this situation to unfold naturally

The Romance Angels have heard your prayers about your love life. Now, it’s up to you to allow their help to manifest by stepping out of their way. By trying to control other people or external circumstances, you’ll only frustrate yourself and slow down your answered prayer. There are plenty of times in life that call for you to take charge, but this isn’t one of them.

Of course, it’s fine to have your pref­erences, practice visualizations, and hold intentions. Definitely ask the angels for your desires! This card is a reminder, however, that your prayer may be answered differently from what you had in mind. Be open to all pos­sibilities and trust in God’s infinite wisdom and compassionate love.

Control issues are based upon fears that others (including God) won’t live up to your expectations. This is also called “outlining,” where you hand the universe a script of how you want it and everyone to behave. Outlining could cause you to overlook an even more beautiful way in which your prayers may be answered.

So, please call upon the Romance Angels to elevate your levels of trust so that you can enjoy the creative avenues by which true love comes to you.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 2: Make the Effort
Great love is worth taking the steps you're guided to take

You received this card because some action steps on your part are necessary in order for your prayers about your love life to be answered. The angels have opened the doors for you, and now it’s time for you to walk through them. The first thing that comes to mind with respect to taking action is a good starting place for you.

When you ask for spiritual help, you always receive it. Often this help comes in the form of intuitive guidance, which consists of repetitive feelings and thoughts. You get the sense that you “should” do this or that. You received this card as a nudge to actually take that action. You’ll then receive the next piece of the puzzle, meaning another intui­tive message about what to do.

If you like, you can ask the angels to give you the motivation, courage, time, and energy to take these steps. Know that each one brings you closer upon the pathway to great love.

It is important begin each day with meditation or quiet time to center yourself and open your heart to receive messages from your guardian angels. Your intuitive guidance will lead you to make the right choices and allow miraculous blessings into your life.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 3: Stay Optimistic About Your Love Life

Positive thinking and faith will bring you romance

The Romance Angels send you this card to remind you that you have a strong influence upon your love-life satisfaction. If you’ve been complaining or worrying lately, the angels guide you to shift to a more optimistic perspective. Even if you’ve had your romantic hopes repeatedly dashed, there’s still reason to hold the faith that real love can be yours . . . if you believe it!

Today, take action steps to positively manifest the love life you desire. Whether you’re single or in a partnership, begin by visualizing yourself as romantically happy and satisfied. See and imagine yourself with a wonderful partner who embodies the qualities that are important to you. Imagine that person appreciating and loving you, too.

You can write lists and conduct journaling sessions about your feelings, hopes, desires, and intentions. You can also create a “Dream Board,” with images and phrases related to your love-life goals pasted onto a poster board. Daily, look at this Dream Board with positive intent, and follow any inner guidance to take actions related to your dreams.

Your positive outlook will make you a more physically and energetically attractive person, which will definitely help your relationship with yourself . . . and everyone else, too.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
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06/21/2016 12:10am

Wow this article is explains the good story and mostly people read the horror stories. This is the reason as to why you will see many people playing games on their smart phones as they relax from work.

06/27/2017 9:34pm

I can relate so much with the third card because I am the only one left in my circle of friends that does not have a love life yet but I am optimistic about it. I don't really mind that I have no boyfriend yet because I still have many plans for my family and myself. People often ask if I feel out of place whenever I hang out with my friends and their boyfriends and I just simply answer “no”. I don't see any reason why I would feel left out because I am not rushing into anything. I don't want love to feel like it is a trial and error thing. Love can wait. That's what I believe in.

01/30/2018 10:29pm

I agree with the three pictures above. People need to just go with the flow, not everything in our life we can control. Sometimes, we just need to let go and just let the things happen. In life, when you want something, we need to make extra efforts for the things we want and love that is the basic rule of life. And lastly, being positive not only in your love life but also in your life will help you enjoy your life more.

03/25/2017 6:43pm

I came to this blog and it helped me to add few new points to my knowledge. Thank you.


Thank you for sharing this. I have learned many things about love. I actually picked the third card, which depicts on how I should stay positive about my love life. It really hits me because, my partner and I have had trouble recently and I don't want us to break up. This really helped me to hold on to the love that we have. And just to keep the positivity and never give up.

06/16/2017 5:26am

Love, Smile & Care are the enough words for better humanity.


These cards are so beatiful. Have you made them yourself? That's pretty awesome.

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