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♡ Daily Angel Guidance June 21 

Deck: Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

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Card 1: Gathering Your Tribe
Card Meaning: You are loved, and you are loveable. You deserve love. Support in all forms is flowing to you. You can relax; there is so much love around you. Communicate from your heart. Share your truth. You are safe. Diminish your time with those who do not empower you or believe in you.

Your Native Spirit Wants You To Know: If the “Gathering Your Tribe” card chooses you, this means that sustenance in all forms is flowing into your life. “Your People” are those who resonate with you. (Your people can include animals, plants, minerals, and trees as well as people). Be willing to ask for what you want in life. This is the time to put your needs before the needs of others. Your tribe is waiting to support and nurture you, as you nurture yourself. Sometimes your friends are more your family than blood relatives. Find your people and cherish them. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

The Journey: Spend time with friends and family members who see the best in you. Don’t spend time with dream stompers. Take classes. Share meals. Take time to find your people. You will live longer and be happier.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 2: Storyteller
Card Meaning: Live larger than life. Make the most of every experience. You can choose the meaning that you give events. Find interpretations that empower you, rather than diminish you. Be the storyteller and the hero of your own life. Give your personal story empowering meanings.

Your Native Spirit Wants You To Know: Around the evening campfire, clan members always looked forward to the storyteller recounting events of the daily happenings of the tribe. Even the most mundane events took on a vibrancy in the expert hands of an experienced storyteller. The “Storyteller” card chose you to remind you to be the champion of your own personal myth; be the central character. Don’t live life according to the needs and expectations of others. Don’t be a bit player in your own story.

The Journey: Take an event in your life that you gave a dis-empowering meaning and find a way to re-script it so that the interpretation of this same story is the one which you are the hero.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
Card 3: Shapeshifter
Card meaning: you can be anything you desire. Let go of attachment your identity. See the world around you with new eyes. Be malleable. Experiment with different ways of viewing reality. See the point of view of others. If you have not been able to manifest your dreams, maybe you need to ship the way you see the person or situation.

Your Native Spirit Wants You To Know:  in Earth-based cultures, shape shifters have the mystical ability to transform into other forms of consciousness. It is said that these beings were not imagining that they were changing into a specific animal, plant or stone; they could actually morph into another form. Just because most people today do not think this is possible doesn’t mean that it is not true. This card chose you because it is important for you to know that your past does not need to equal your future. Simply shifting your point of view or your belief system can bring an entirely new destiny into being.

The Journey: to deepen your ability to shape shift, simply imagine that you are an animal, bird, plant or stone. Make it as real as you can. During the steep and your ability to shift your beliefs and limiting decisions that perhaps have held you back from fulfilling your highest destiny.

♡ Namaste. Loving Light 
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08/13/2016 3:06am

I believe that I am more related to the storytellers characteristics. Whenever I am with my friends and loved ones, I always blabber up my mind. I always tell all my experiences, happy and sad. I am the one that is placed in the middle and share my most complicated stories. I believe that a storyteller is someone who always has many feelings stuck in his mind and heart that needs to get it out somehow.

04/24/2017 8:31am

I think that I'm the shape shifter. I just don't like to show my true self to other people. I'm a really anti social person, and I only like to show my true colors with my close friends. I'm not really plastic, it's just that I'm more of myself, if I'm with my loved ones. Maybe if I get closer with other people, I can show them my true sentiments.


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