Healing Angel Guidance
♡ Daily Angel Guidance June 27

Deck:  Fairy Tarot Cards by  Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

❣ Please contact me if you are being called to connect with your angelic team for guidance and healing. The angels have encouraged me to assist you with this transitional period in your life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you. (Angel Guidance Sessions & Energy Healing Sessions). 

Sending you lots of love and gratitude,
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Card 1: Six of Summer
Ah, the magic of childhood! When seen through the eyes of a child, the world abounds with joyful and amazing moments. This card asks you to get in touch with that bright outlook that still lives within you. Memories or people from your past can reemerge in your life, bringing enchanting surprises with them!

Experiences from childhood or younger days may unexpectedly provide inspiration for your current situation. Think back to times in your life that are similar to what you’re facing now. Make notes about how you handled those events and how you might apply what you learned to the present. Take special care to see the past accurately, without putting a positive or negative spin on it.

Two young fairies sit together, enjoying the stories they share. Perhaps they are happy memories from years gone by . . . or they could be events that just happened moments ago!

Additional meanings of this card: Children or childhood. Pining for the past. The rekindling of old friendships or romances. Events that bring back memories. Childlike innocence. Becoming fast friends. 
Card 2: Six of Autumn
Sharing the success that you’re blessed with is vitally important. As you give to those in need, Heaven gives back to you! Giving doesn’t have to be in the form of money. There are many who are in need of your time as a volunteer. Perhaps you have excellent advice to provide or could offer instruction or experience to an apprentice.

Be wise in your giving. It’s important to know that the organization you’re supporting is reputable and doing honest, good works. Do your research, orask God, the angels, and the fairies to deliver clear messages about which associations you can trust.

A prosperous fairy shares her wealth with those around her. Her kindness is admirable, so long as she is giving wisely.

Additional meanings of this card: Balance between giving and receiving. Providing what is truly needed. Sharing the wealth. Tithing. Money for college or continuing education. 
Card 3: Balance
Now is the time to be open to compromise and cooperation with others. The perfect resolution is one in which each person’s input is taken into consideration and blended into a win-win that everyone can feel good about.

It’s time to pause, take a few deep breaths, or even go for a quiet walk with the fairies in nature. Ask them to remove any anxieties you’re experiencing so that you can return to a place of peace. This time of reflection can help you become aware of new and creative solutions. Be open to unique ideas that can be mixed together to bring about unanticipated and exciting results.

Our fairy stands before the mighty lion at the mouth of Chalice Well. Blood-red iron ore in the water represents the feminine energy, while the white water represents the masculine force. Together, they are collected into the Chalice, and symbolize the balance of the male and female strengths within each of us. The two energies are equally important for creation, health, success, and happiness.

Additional meanings of this card: Moderation and self-restraint. Merging viewpoints to create a superior opportunity. Taking your time and not rushing. A reaction that’s appropriate to the situation. 
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08/18/2016 7:10am

Guidance prove very beneficial for all the people for any field because guidance like as advice. I also give guidance to our friends and to other people in this way they save from many problems and do our work easily.


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