Healing Angel Guidance
♡ Daily Angel Guidance June 29

Deck:  Angels, Gods, And Goddesses by Toni Carmine Solarno

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Card 1: Goddess of Strength
Stand up for what you believe.

There are times in life when it is best to let go and walk away from certain situations. Do so with love and forgiveness. However, today you are being encouraged by the universe to stand up for what you believe in, with regards to a situation you are currently faced with. The universe is providing you with the opportunity to have faith and resolve. Stand firm in your beliefs and convictions, yet do not allow resentment or anger to fester. It is possible to be both loving and strong simultaneously. You will gain much respect from others by standing your ground. At the same time you will have broken a long standing pattern of not stand up for yourself that has affected you life experiences for a long time. Congratulations!
Card 2: Angel of Joyfulness
Something wondrous and magical is about to happen. 

This is a time to be joyful; celebrate and appreciate all that you have achieved to date . Look back on your life and give thanks for all your experiences. Even the setbacks that you have experienced in recent times have served you in some way. Something wonderful and magical is about to emerge as a result of a recent contact or experience that seems rather meaningless at the time. 

The angel of joylessness is here to tell you that you deserve to be joyful and have all that your heart truly desires, and that you life is on the verge of a wondrous transformation.

You deserve joy and happiness for you are a blessed child of the universe. Joyfulness is a state of appreciate and love for the self and for all of life, yet so often we are conditioned not to accept joy in our lives. Close your eyes right now and tell yourself that you deserve to be joyful and that you accept joy  into your life from this  moment on, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.
Card 3: God Of Spiritual Healing
An aspect of you or a situation in your life is in need of healing.

The essence of all healing is ultimately love. A situation in your life or an aspect of you is asking to be healed right now. Regardless of what method, technique or therapy you choose, true healing which stems from the spiritual heart of creation, only occurs through love. The God Of Spiritual Healing has appeared in your reading today to send you light and love. Feel the presence of love all around you. Close your eyes and feel the love which automatically radiates from your heart like crystal pink light. Trust in the power of love to heal you and to heal any situation in your life that is in need of healing. Imagine yourself filled with and bathed in crystal pink light. Visualize yourself, your relationships, and all in your life as being healed right now. Remember, the power that made you, can also heal you.

That power is love.

Archangel Raphael will "reveal" your perfect health and help you remember who you are in spiritual truth. In truth, the essence of "you " is perfectly healthy, whole, and complete. Allow yourself to identify with the spirit instead of the body. You can ask the angels to heal you while you sleep. While you are most open and vulnerable, while you are most peaceful and receptive; you can be healed. The angels wish you to know this, and they wish you to call upon them to heal you with their love and light. There is so much healing available to us, yet we must take the first step towards it by asking to be healed. We must trust that we can be healed, even if the healing looks different than we may imagine. Leaving it up to the Divine to assist us in the best way possible for us at this particular time.
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08/29/2016 12:24am

Guidance play as a good advice therefor we should give suitable advice to our students, clients, and to other people. Because wrong advice decay future and create many problems. Therefor avoid from give wrong habit and get suitable guidance.


Strength is what we need to overcome the obstacles in life. Joy is what we give to make someone feel better. Healing is what we pray for to deliver God's intervention. These significant words: strength, joy and healing serve as a guidance in our everyday life. They are tantamount to the power of God. The strength, joy and healing came from only one source and that is God.

08/04/2017 12:22am

I am exactly like card 2, the angel of joyfulness. I am a very optimistic person, and I am always happy from what I i get, or what blessings that I received. I always thank the Lord for granting me such knowledge, and experiences that made me strong, and made me who I am today. I became like this because I came to the point that I became toxic myself. But, I change for good. I came to realize that I am very blessed, that I am worthy of the Lord's gift to me. After that, I became the happiest person alive, who understand things with an open mind, and see everything with joy.

10/30/2017 6:33pm

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