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♡ Daily Angel Guidance June 3 

Deck: Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Card 1: Sobriety

My clear mind is easily able to focus and concentrate. 

Mother Mary supports your intention to have a chemical free lifestyle. She can guide you through the detoxification process and support you in choosing sobriety, one day at a time.

A clear and sober mind is better able to concentrate during meditation and prayer, in the same way that a sober driver can better steer an automobile in a straight line. Your prayers for help in this regard can also reduce or even eliminate cravings for unhelpful substance so that sobriety is a pleasant and peaceful choice. Mother Mary’s presence will give you feelings of comfort, bliss, and love that you once looked for in unhealthy substances.

Card 2: Marriage

I make a commitment to a healthy relationship with God, myself, and my partner.

You chose this card because your relationships with yourself and others needs loving attention. You have been out of balance lately, with too much focus upon work and intellectual pursuits. Mother Mary steps in and asks you to stop what you’re doing, and put your energy into your relationships with others. In fact, if you are in a partnership, make a renewed commitment to it and all of your interpersonal relationships. Allow yourself to care about and connect with each person you love.

For unmarried individuals, this card signals a positive and important change in your love life, provided that you open your heart and allow yourself to be authentic and vulnerable others. Commit to developing your relationships at the highest possible levels so they are truly filled with love.

Card 3: Quiet

I go into peaceful silence and I listen.

The answers you seek can be heard with in the stillness. This card counsels you to create some quite alone time so that you can hear the truth. You will recognize the Truth by the way that your body resonates with it. You may have a reaction of “angel bumps” on your skin or a feeling that everything “clicks” into place.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and breathe deeply. Put your entire focus upon the sound of your heartbeat and breath, and notice them slowing down. Then, ask questions and listen to the answers that come to you as thoughts, feelings, and visions. Request that heavens send signs to validate that you have accurately received these messages from above. Take action where guided.

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