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 July 7: Daily Angel Guidance with Archangel Uriel

❣ Happy Angel Week! Each day this week we will be connecting to one of the Archangels! Yippee

❣ Today’s Date is 7/7/16! 77 in Angel Numbers Indicates: Keep up the great work! Everything you’re doing right now has the Midas touch!

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Connecting with Archangel Uriel
Uriel, the angel of wisdom
Name meaning: "Light of God”
Halo Color: yellow
Light Ray:  yellow (representing wise service)
Crystal: Amber
Day: Thursday
Today's Chakra Focus: Solar Plexus
Chakra Color: Yellow

Archangel Uriel is your link to the higher realms. He can illuminate your soul’s purpose. lift your burdens, and ignite your intuition. He is often depicted with an open hand holding forth a flame that brings light to all souls. This light can fuel your passion and bring insights and understanding. He can transmute all lower energies and emotions into the higher vibrations of spiritual understanding, love and compassion. He can also elevate your psychic senses and open you to clairvoyance and universal consciousness.

Uriel illuminates our minds with information, ideas, epiphanies, and insights. He’s wonderful to call upon whenever you need a solution, such as at business meetings, when writing, while studying, or when taking a test. He’ll whisper correct and appropriate answers into your ear, which you’ll receive as words or thoughts that are suddenly “downloaded” into your mind.

Call upon Archangel Uriel when you need help with: Intuition, alchemy, clairvoyance, astrology, esoteric wisdom, divine guidance. You can call upon Uriel to guide your intellectual pursuits. He works in tandem with the archangel Zadkiel to help students excel on tests and in school.

Card 1: The Sun - Archangel Uriel
“Happy outcome! Brilliant new ideas that lead to success. Have confidence in yourself!”

Life is wonderful! Thrive through the power of positive thinking. And inspiring success! Life is wonderful! Great things are headed your way, and your plans will succeed beyond your wildest dreams! Keep your thoughts and words positive and you will arrive. Believe in yourself and those around you during this magical time in your life. Archangel Uriel brings brilliant epiphanies to those who ask for his help. Inspiring new ideas lead the way to abundance and happiness. Public recognition of awards are also very possible during this time. 
This card indicates that it is a wonderful time for you! You are succeeding in ways you never dreamed possible. Endeavors that you begin now are blessed with abundance and success. Keep your thoughts positive and everything will turn out beautifully. This is also a time of brilliant new ideas and solutions. Have confidence in yourself!

The work you have done personally and spiritually brings astonishing changes to your life. You are on the right path for your own enlightenment.

This is a very auspicious message from Archangel Uriel! You are on the right path, you are headed towards tremendous success, and your ideas are all coming to fruition, how can it get any better than this? Archangel Uriel’s name means “The Light Of God,” and he is the archangel of information, insights and ideas. He will help inspire you with repetitive “light bulb moments” where you have extraordinary ideas, leaving it up to you to see those ideas as opportunities to shine! Your continuous action steps will be guided by Uriel to the most successful outcome possible, and one far beyond your dreams or expectations, so please allow him to guide you by remaining receptive and open-minded.

The sun  is a symbol of life, without it, our planet and every creature on it wouldn’t survive. The rays of the sun are cleansing, energizing and nurturing to the Earth. The sun can rejuvenate us, improving our mood, cleanse and recharge our energy and improve our health by activating our production of vitamin D; all in moderation of course! The sun in this card is a symbol of power, strength and bright possibility;  Archangel Uriel is here to help you tap into your inner strength and power, igniting your infinite creative potential.

What is it that you love to do? What is your passion? How can you creatively share it with the world? Whatever first pops into your mind is a clue to the answer. You know, deep in your heart where your talents lie, however; you most likely are underestimating yourself. Ask Archangel Uriel to help illuminate your hidden talents and guide you to people, places and opportunities that will take you in the direction you need to go in order to maximize this potential. Watch for signs, messages and synchronicity as Uriel whispers to your higher self. Know that the correct path will feel light and effortless; if you are struggling, you may need to change your course or be open to new ideas.

Keep your thoughts positive and high vibrational, using your powers of manifestation and the Law of Attraction to draw everything you need to you. You have unlimited resources at your disposal, all you need to do it see them.

 Archangel Uriel is the Archangel known for brilliant ideas that can come in Golden flashes of light. He is also associated with emotional healing and understanding. Archangel Uriel is the archangel who helps with mental functioning, including focus and concentration. Call upon Uriel to spark new ideas and solutions, as well as to increase your confidence in your intelligence and wisdom.
Card 2: Claircognizance

Archangel Uriel: “Pay attention to thoughts and ideas that come to you, as they’re answered prayers.”

You’ve prayed for answers, and they’ve come to you in the form of repetitive thoughts telling you to take steps and make healthy changes. Don’t discount your thoughts, or think they’re just dreams or common knowledge. Your thoughts are tuned to high frequencies right now, and are trustworthy inspirations. All great inventions, new businesses, and teachings stem from this same universal source of wisdom. You’re tapped in to that Divine wisdom right now, and it’s important to notice and record your thoughts. Then act upon these answers to your prayers!

Uriel’s name means “The Light of God.” He’s known for his ability to enlighten our minds with Divine inspiration. Anytime you need answers or insights, call upon Uriel. He answers anyone who calls upon him. You’ll know that Uriel has answered when you have repetitive thoughts or ideas that are positive, loving, and helpful. If you need facts in a hurry (such as during a test or important meeting), Uriel will supply you with the information. After you ask him for help, the answer will pop into your mind. Trust the information that he supplies.
Card 3: The Emperor - Archangel Uriel

Stability and efficiency. Taking charge of the situation. Ambitious plans.

Leadership can change everything! This card may mean that it's time for you to be a leader to those around you. Or it might indicate that you would greatly benefit from the Council of the skilled mentor who can give you invaluable advice. Archangel Uri L can provide you with brilliant new ideas on how to best achieve success. Creativity is a wonderful thing but without logic, it can be chaos. What you need right now is a little organization in order. If you guidelines or rules will help you bring your dreams to life in the most efficient and elegant way possible. This is not meant to limit you but to help you feel empowered and in control of the direction of your plans.

Additional meanings of this card: an encouraging and diplomatic leader. Ambitious plans. Stability. A promotion. Protection. Authority figures. Paternal role models.

Archangel Uriel is the Angel of great ideas and epiphanies! His name means "the light of God," and truly, he can help light your way to success. When you can't quite see your way clear to the next step, he is able to give you moments of revelation that seem to come out of nowhere. Ask Archangel Uriel for assistance whenever you have a project or challenge where a creative solution is called for.
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