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 July 8: Daily Angel Guidance with Archangel Gabriel

❣ Happy Angel Week! Each day this week we will be connecting to one of the Archangels! Yippee

❣ Today’s Date is 7/8/16! 78 in Angel Numbers Indicates: Your present focus and actions have tapped into the Universal financial flow of abundance. Stick with your current plans, as they’re right on the money.

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Connecting with Archangel Gabriel
Gabriel, the angel of revelation
Name meaning: "Messenger of God"
Halo Color: copper
Light Ray:  White (representing the purity and harmony of holiness)
Crystal: Copper, Citrine
Day: Friday
Today's Chakra Focus: Sacral Chakra
Chakra Color: Orange

Known as the angel of revelation, she delivers important messages from the divine, including prophetic guidance about your future. She is also the communication angel, and helps you gain clarity about your decisions, express your emotions, communicate clearly and effectively, and share your unique message with the world. She also assists in raising children with clear guidance.

Gabriel and Mother Mary work closely together to minister to sensitive children. They guide conceptions, adoptions, pregnancies, births, and the raising of children. Because Gabriel is deeply concerned about children’s welfare, the archangel mentors responsible and loving adults who wish to help the young. If you feel called to work with children in any capacity, please ask Gabriel to help you.Gabriel helps earthly messengers such as teachers, counselors, writers, artists, and actors. This archangel acts like a Heavenly agent and manager who motivates you to polish your skills. Gabriel then opens the door of opportunity for you to work in your chosen career, and gives you a loving push through it if you hesitate.

Gabriel’s halo is copper colored, like the angel’s symbolic trumpet. If you see flashes or sparkles of copper light, or if you find yourself suddenly attracted to this metal, this is a sign that you’re working with Archangel Gabriel.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel when you need help with: Creativity, clarity, communication, expression, art creative projects, writing, speaking singing, decision making, raising children.

Card 1: Five of Gabriel
A challenge you can resolve. Withdrawal from the drama of others. Have patience with yourself and those around you.

You have what it takes to solve this puzzle! You may not have all the pieces just yet, but working with others in finding compromises the way to come to a peaceful resolution. Some of the interpersonal conflicts and challenges that you are experiencing may very well be reflections of struggles you are having within yourself. Stand back and look at the big picture. Listen carefully to others viewpoints. Healthy competition can make you stronger and be very fulfilling. Keep your intentions of myth and your ethics of the highest caliber.

I love the archangel Gabriel. She can be quite 'in your face' when it comes to raining down wisdom to you.

Archangel Gabriel has noticed many of us are dealing with some drama. Therefore, this message is a recommendation to withdraw from the drama of others if you can do so gracefully.  Some people in your life might be challenging you right now, but this is simply a sign that energy is moving. When you challenge yourself and focus on spiritual growth, it can sometimes cause people around you to look hard at their comfort zones and that might make them uncomfortable. Don’t take it personally. Let them deal with their soul lessons and decide to focus on your own lessons. Let go of petty quarrels and when necessary simply walk away. This is a time of releasing, and sometimes that means letting go of certain relationships in your life that are falling away anyway. Wish them well and let them be. The Universe has big plans for you both. If you’re to reunite, you will. Treat this as a learning experience and a matter for self-reflection and get ready for a massive shift in the tides; and they’re saying in your favor.

Keep breathing and keep praying. Positive change is a little bumpy at times, but remember that you’re never given more than you can handle. And you are never alone, the angels are always here to help. Hang in there and stay focused. You got this!!
Card 2: The Empress - Archangel Gabriel

Time to act upon your plan! Creativity is rewarded. Luxurious or abundant resources Archangel Gabrielle brings you this message to encourage you to create! Your artistic talents, alongside your nurturing instincts, give you the ability to manifest beautiful and amazing works. Think of this card as representing Mother Nature, the Empress of creativity! Your plans will flourish and grow so long as you give them your devoted attention and love. If you focus upon family matters such as relationships, children, or pregnancy, you can be assured of happy outcome. Likewise, your career endeavors will also prove successful. Your interest in beautiful, luxurious, or artful pursuits as well rewarded at this time. Concerns regarding physical or emotional well-being fade away. While your ability to nurture others is wonderful, don't forget to also lovingly care for yourself!

Additional meanings for this card: time to move forward! Prosperity. A gift with growing plants and gardens. Motherhood. Determination to get things done.

Gabrielle is the patron angel for those in the creative arts. Whether its music, poetry, or other artistic endeavors, this Archangel can help inspire your work to new heights. Gabriel is also known for being a loving and helpful motivator if you are having trouble completing your projects, as well as for delivering messages on behalf of God, putting announcement of pregnancy. Call upon Archangel Gabriel for whatever project you are attempting to give birth to.
Card 3: Knight of Gabriel
“Time to take action! Great passion for a cause. Instinctively knowing just what to do.”

Situation: It’s time to take action!   This situation needs full and undivided focus and quick attention. Fortunately, you probably can’t wait to get started! Think things through thoroughly and then act with speed and certainty. You will instinctively know what direction to move in because you feel such great passion for the cause.

People: Someone who has immense self-confidence and is always ready for the next adventure. A person who is loyal generous of spirit. Courageous. Enthusiastic. Charismatic. Impulsive.

The Suit of Gabriel represents the aspects of our lives where we take action. Creativity and passion combine in order to empower us to make our dreams come true. This suit also reflects artistic ability, careers, and the desire to develop and grow. Archangel Gabriel is known to be a patron of creativity, as well as a helpful and supportive guide to accomplishing all our goals. 

When it comes to situations or circumstances that require a decision followed by some form of action, it is easy to put it off or else spend a considerable amount of time thinking it through. This card is telling us that the time to make that decision, and follow up with whatever action is necessary, is now. Not tomorrow or the next day, but today.

If we are still uncertain what the right decision is or what action is necessary, we can trust our intuition to guide us. What feels right to you? What does your heart have to say about it? Again if the answer is not immediately clear, it might require that you take some time to quiet your thoughts and listen to your higher guidance. We can ask the angels to help us. We have so much help and guidance at our disposal that there is no reason why we can’t take action immediately. It’s time to stop procrastinating, we instinctively know what to do, so do it! 
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